Volume 6, Issue 6, June 2017

Table of Contents


Investigating the Possibilities of Zimbabwe Using Chinese Currency  | 
Sesedzai Nokuthula Mutema
Total views: 516
Remittance, Migration and Development: Investigating African Diaspora in Germany  | 
Awojobi Oladayo Nathaniel, Jonathan Tetteh, Samuel Opoku
Total views: 465
The Role of Culture in Managing the Cancer Crisis in Kenya  | 
Naom Nyarigoti, Quin E. Awuor, Eunice Nyamasyo
Total views: 458
“Breaking the Silence”: Determinants of under-reporting of Intimate-partner Violence (IPV) among Women Survivors in Gweru Urban, Zimbabwe  | 
Neddie Ncube
Total views: 420
Urban Landuse Changes in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Kaduwela Town from 1975 to 2016  | 
D. K. D. A. Ranaweera, R. M. K. Ratnayake
Total views: 392
Business Incubators in the Triple Helix Model: An Example in Brazilian Southeastern  | 
Antônio Honorato de Oliveira, Fernando Augusto Silva Marins, Maurício César Delamaro
Total views: 424
Free Movement of Goods and Capital in the Economic Community of West African States: Myth or Reality?  | 
Michael P. Okom, Jake Otu Enyia, Chidi Lloyd
Total views: 399
Analysis of Factors Affecting Consumer Decisions Buy Motorcycle (Study on City of Surabaya Indonesia)  | 
Didin Fatihudin, Mochamad Mochklas
Total views: 449
The United States Foreign Policy and the UN: Engaging the Benefits of Supranational Framework  | 
Olawale Lawal
Total views: 389
International Protection Laws and Refugees Movements in Africa  | 
Olawale Lawal
Total views: 379
An Empirical Analysis of Demand for GSM Service: A Case of Students of A. B. U, Zaria-Nigeria  | 
Muhammad Bello Abubakar
Total views: 337
Temporal & Spatial Trends of Leptospirosis Casesin Sri Lanka  | 
R. M. S. S. Sanjeewani
Total views: 338
Empowering and Capacitating Women Facing Challenges in the Formation of Income Generating Projects in the Nkayi District of Zimbabwe  | 
Whitehead Zikhali, Esnath Zikhali
Total views: 312
The Nexus between Capital Market and Power (Electricity) Sub-Sector in Nigeria  | 
Israel Ejomafuvwe Kwode, Kenneth O. Osuh, Ogbalubi Linus Nwubuinwe
Total views: 324
Developmental and Implementation of Integrated Information System in Public Administration  | 
Diena Noviarini, Rida Prihatni, Akhmad Yamani
Total views: 244
Legal Approaches and Strategies for Achieving Sustainability in the Use of National Resources for Bio-fuel in Nigeria  | 
Obioma Helen Onyi-Ogelle, Charity Ekwunife
Total views: 258
Institutional Ownership: A Driver of Accounting Conservatism and Reporting Quality  | 
Adekola Adeola Adebayo
Total views: 219
The Effect of Accountability and Transparency on Tax Returns in Nigeria  | 
Adekola Adeola Adebayo
Total views: 239
Effects of Broken Marriages of Children’s Well-being: A Case Study in Nobewam Community – Kumasi, Ghana  | 
Francess Dufie Azumah, John Onzaberigu Nachinaab, Emmanuel Kwakye Adjei
Total views: 261
Influence of Strategic Control on Organizational Performance of Mission Hospitals in Kenya  | 
Peter Gaturu, Esther Waiganjo, Walter Bichang’a, Daniel Oigo
Total views: 215
Influence of Strategic Evaluation on Organizational Performance of Mission Hospitals in Kenya  | 
Peter Gaturu, Esther Waiganjo, Walter Bichang’a, Daniel Oigo
Total views: 215
Utilizing Volcanic Ashes as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete Production  | 
Mwavita Samizi, Jonasia Josephat
Total views: 252
Role of Hepciden in Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma Patients  | 
Essam Abdelwahed Hassan, Gihan Mohammed Kamal, Amro Mohamed Sedky El-Ghammaz, Rasha Fayez Abdel Hafeez
Total views: 222
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Breast Feeding among Married Women of Private Universities of Lahore, Pakistan  | 
Muhammad Shahid Riaz, Nabila Kanwal, Javaria
Total views: 241
Education Marginalization in the Kenyan Conflict-Affected Areas: Human Capital Theory and Rights-based Perspectives  | 
Mutua Meshack Nzesei
Total views: 230
Effects of Individualism and Collectivism on Work-Family Interface in Laos  | 
Soulideth Keoboualapheth, Surena Sabil, Tan Kock Wah
Total views: 245
Implication of Sprayer Types Used by Farmers for Controlling Insect Pests and Diseases of Cocoa in South West Nigeria  | 
Adeleke S. A., Agbongiarhuoyi A. E., Oyedokun A. V., Oluyole K. A., Okeniyi M. O., Oloyede A. A.
Total views: 243
Capital Market Development and Banking Efficiency in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries  | 
Favoured Mogbolu, Anna Nuhu Tizhe
Total views: 236
Assessing the Root Cause of Persistent Floods and Strategic Community-based Interventions in Bunyala, Busia County, Kenya  | 
Margaret Okumu
Total views: 218
Assessing the Effect of Flood Menace on the Community Well-being in Bunyala, Busia County, Kenya  | 
Margaret Okumu
Total views: 226
Characterization of Household Solid Waste in Bauchi Metropolis  | 
Haruna Abdu Usman, Hajara Salihu Bawa
Total views: 172
Challenges of Using Bukusu Dialect on FM Radio Stations in Bungoma County, Kenya  | 
Misiko Wasike, Nathan Ogechi, Mosol Kandagor
Total views: 171
Assessment of the Liquid Waste Management Practice of Condominium Houses in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  | 
Sisay Abebe, Berihus Demoze
Total views: 240
“What a Miracle to Manhood!” Lemba Male Circumcision in Light of Devastating HIV/AIDS Pandemic: A Case Study of Lemba Tribe in Gwanda District, Zimbabwe  | 
Obey Mlauzi
Total views: 20
Participation Skills in Biology Practical per Class Level in Lugari, Kakamega County, Kenya  | 
Joyce Nekesa Ngakhala, W. W. Toili, H. Tsingalia
Total views: 15