Volume 5, Issue 13, November 2016

Table of Contents


Detection of Hypertensive Retinopathy in Rural Areas  | 
Aishwarya N. Kumar, T. H. Sreenivas
Total views: 414
Pre-Colonial Political Organization of the Kalenjin of Kenya: An Overview  | 
Florence J. Chelimo, Kiplagat Chelelgo
Total views: 319
Teacher Personality and Effective Classroom Management  | 
Ntu Nuku Nkomo, Enegbe Fakrogha
Total views: 370
Differences of Soil Properties between Planned and Unplanned Grazing Sites in Semi-Arid Pastoral Rangelands of Northern Kenya  | 
Lutta Alphayo, Oliver V. Wasonga, Wilfred O. Odadi, Robinson K. Ngugi
Total views: 297
Role of Religion in Caring the Elderly: Cultural Perspectives  | 
Fr. Thomas Joseph Parathara
Total views: 273
Effective Mode of Communication to the Hearing Impaired in Ghana: The Case of Bechem School for the Deaf, Bechem  | 
Priscilla Appiah, Gordon Kwasi Alekey, Cleveland Edem K. Atiase
Total views: 236
Leather as a Medium for Sculpture  | 
Cleveland Edem K. Atiase, Priscilla Appiah, Gordon Kwasi Alekey
Total views: 256
Assessment of the Tax Stamp Strategies and Income Tax Compliance among Private Enterprises in Ghana  | 
Luu Yin, Safia Wemah, Anafo Solomon Abugre
Total views: 218
Exploring the Risk Exposures of Peasant Farmers in Northern Ghana  | 
Luu Yin, A. V. Boatemaa, Akamba Mathias
Total views: 219
The Impact of Excellence Concepts on Fashion Students in Ghanaian Higher Education  | 
Ninette A. Pongo, Joana Akweley Adotey
Total views: 161
Criminality: The Biological Accident  | 
Lakshana Asthana, Radhika Shourie, Archana L. Mahakalkar
Total views: 403
The Study of Population Dynamics of Sickle Cell Anaemia by Renewal Equation and Markov Chain Process  | 
Akanbi Olumuyiwa O.
Total views: 147
Fit of Brassieres and Influencing Factors in Bra Selection: A Study of the University of Cape Coast Community  | 
Modesta Efua Gavor, Patience Asieduah Danquah
Total views: 311
Libraries Role in Improving Quality Education and Reducing Poverty towards Sustainable Development in Africa  | 
Dang Tihyaunin Luka
Total views: 162
Satisfaction of Travelers about BOT Projects: A Case Study of Pimpalgaon-Nasik-Gonde (PNG) Project  | 
S. N. Tupe, Anuradha Nandurkar
Total views: 133
Ectoparasitic Infestation on Poultry Birds Raised in Gwagwalada Area Council, FCT-Abuja  | 
Malann Y. D., Olatunji B. O., Usman A. M.
Total views: 108
Delegation, a Strategy to Prepare Second Line Nursing Management in Health Care Setting  | 
Amber Hussain Sayani
Total views: 143
Awareness of Professional Skill Requirement among School Counsellors  | 
Julia Punnackapadavil, Hemalatha K.
Total views: 128
Effectiveness of a Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Adolescents in Selected Schools of Kerala, India  | 
Theyamma Joseph, Assuma Beevi T. M.
Total views: 116
Exploring the Honey Supply Chain in Ghana  | 
Seth Boahen, Emmanuel Quansah, Mubarak Kwame Kwota
Total views: 191
Influence of Customer Service Strategies on Firm Competitiveness: a Case of Boresha Savings and Credit Cooperative Society, Baringo County, Kenya  | 
Kimosop Jebichii Daisy, Henry Kiptum Yatich, Evans Mwiti
Total views: 95
Social Assessment for the Refinement of Solid Waste Management System in Port Harcourt Metropolis  | 
Ubleble Benjamin Akamabe, Agomoh Maduabuchi John
Total views: 155
The Role of Effective Communication in the Management of Projects: A Case of Alemu Nigeria Enterprises Limited  | 
Francis N. Ojie
Total views: 97
Structural Equation Modelling in Educational Research  | 
Henry A. Ojating, Bassey A. Bassey
Total views: 93
The Upsurging Waves of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Case for Nigeria’s Development: Institution, Structural Processes, and System  | 
Otu Duke O., Agbaji Dickson David, Etim Emmanuel E.
Total views: 345
Assessment of Physicochemical Properties of Groundwater Sources from Some Selected Areas in Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria  | 
A. Isah, I. Saidu, K. Bello, S. Garba, S. Umar
Total views: 68
The Role of Mediation in Security Management in Nigeria  | 
Mavalla Ayuba Gimba Mavalla, Adenuga Gbeke A., Joan Mbagwu
Total views: 74
Antibacterial Activities of the Fractions of Methanolic Extract of Maytenus Senegalensis (Lam) Excell (Celastracea) Stem Barks against Escherichia coli and salmonella typhi  | 
John Barnabas Nvau, Buba Mamma Wufem, Longji Saleh Gujahar, Mancha Innocent, Hosea Jwan Zumbes, Babalola Olanrewaju Barnabas
Total views: 62
Search for Participatory Leadership in Management of Church Resources in the Roman Catholic Church with Particular Reference to Kaplong Parish of Bomet County, Kenya  | 
Richard Soi, Boaz Onyancha
Total views: 52
Effect of Electronic Supplier Management Practices on the Implementation of Preference Regulations on State Corporations in Kenya  | 
Nurwin Fozia Rajab, G. Namusonge, N. Shaelle
Total views: 63
Effect of Integrated Financial Management Information Systems Practices on the Implementation of Preference Regulations on State Corporations in Kenya  | 
Nurwin Fozia Rajab, G. Namusonge, N. Shaelle
Total views: 64
An Association between Health and Economic Growth in India  | 
Ziba Asl Ghorbani
Total views: 36