Volume 5, Issue 10, September 2016

Table of Contents


Evolution in the Portrayal of Women Characters (A Select Study of the Novels of Manju Kapur, Anita Desai, Githa Hariharan and Anita Nair)  | 
Premalatha S.
Total views: 610
The Role of Constituency Development Fund in Achieving Equitable Distribution of Resources to Constituencies in Kenya: A Case Study of Baringo Central Constituency  | 
David Chesang, Caroline Ayuma Okello, Baruet John Kimitei
Total views: 1087
Theory of Quantization of Temperature in Linear Harmonic Oscillator  | 
Poora Ram
Total views: 474
Using Benthic Macro-invertebrates to Assess Ecological Status of the Arbuga River in the, Sengiley Mountains, National Park, Russia  | 
Earl Lewis
Total views: 412
Content Specifications and Elements of Instructional Design for the Development of Educational Media Materials  | 
Suras Kanagasabai, Norsiah Abdul Hamid, Sobihatun Nur Abdul Salam
Total views: 425
The Role of Women in Higher Education in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities  | 
Adan Maalim Hussein
Total views: 483
Molecular Characterization and Anticancer Activity of Laccase from Fusant Strain of Pleurotus Ostreatus against HuH7 Hepatocarcinoma Cell Line  | 
L. Aswini, Satarupa Mukherjee, N. Arunagirinathan
Total views: 473
Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping of Wetlands of Anambra River Basin, Nigeria  | 
Ekebuike A. N., J. I. Igbokwe, E. C. Igbokwe
Total views: 355
Investigating the Perceived English Language Need of Information Technology Students of Technical and Vocational Education Training Colleges: The Case of Oromiya, Ethiopia  | 
Yezabwork Merga
Total views: 467
India’s Merchandise Exports  | 
Panchanan Behera
Total views: 345
Analysis and Determinants of Technical Efficiency among Cassava Farmers in Cross River State, Nigeria  | 
Ettah O. I., Nweze N. J.
Total views: 322
Integration Testing with Steganographic Tools  | 
Saugata Dutta, Om Prakash
Total views: 404
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Folic Acid Supplementation for Prevention of Spina Bifida among Women in Selected Urban Area of Indore, India  | 
Gitanjali Pasi
Total views: 364
Leveraging the Power of the Media for Tourism Promotion in India  | 
Okocha Onyemechi Desmond
Total views: 364
Factors Affecting the Performance of Contractors on Building Construction Projects: Central Region, Ghana  | 
Benjamin Boahene Akomah, Emmanuel Nana Jackson
Total views: 384
The Effects of Agro-meteorological Information on Maize Enterprise Management among Smallholder Farmers  | 
Herman Ouko Oyugi, Hillary T. Nyang’anga, Evans Chimoita, Titus O. Magomere, Kenneth O. Tembe
Total views: 334
Youth in Student Politics: A Study on the Factors that Attract the Youth to Join Student Politics  | 
Joy Ullattil
Total views: 323
Evaluation of the Severity of Vicarious Trauma among Students at the Kenya Medical Training College, Nairobi Campus, Kenya  | 
Monica Wawira Kariuki, Dammas Musau Kathuku, Fredrick Owiti, Joash Auka, John Kariri
Total views: 331
Addressing Gender Imbalance in Hausa Society: A Glimpse of Barmani Choge’s Poetic Contributions  | 
Aisha Balarabe Bawa
Total views: 389
Application of GIS for Military Operations: A Case Study of Riyom Local Government Area in Plateau State, Nigeria  | 
Felix Iyiola, Ekpo Effiong, Ayo Ajani, Ben Murphy Iyere
Total views: 501
GIS Approach in Analysis of Crime Mapping in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Nigeria  | 
Ekpo Effiong, Felix Iyiola, Isaac A. Gbiri, Daukere Bitrus Eniyekenimi
Total views: 338
Determinants of Successful Implementation of Government Funded Projects in Kenya: A Case Study of Integrated Financial Management Information System  | 
Aaron Wagoki Kiarie, Daniel Wanyoike
Total views: 280
Socio Demographic Profile of the Intellectually Disabled Children  | 
I. Angel Stella, P. Magdalene Virjini
Total views: 382
Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation upon Stress among Coronary Artery Disease Patients  | 
Kasthuri P., Selmathomas , Latha Venkatesan
Total views: 299
An African Redefinition of Popular Democracy and Development Nomenclature  | 
Raymond A. Atuguba
Total views: 266
Examining the Views of Teachers and Head teachers on Supervision and Collective School Management in Contemporary Ghana  | 
Judith Teebo Zabrina Anyagre
Total views: 256
GIS Solution for Intelligence Led Policing in Part of Atiba Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria  | 
Ayo Ajani, Ekpo Effiong, Felix Iyiola, Mufutau Mana Sadiq
Total views: 250
Exploitation of Subaltern Women – an Analysis of Mahaswetha Devi’s Short Story, Shanichari  | 
Shifa P. M.
Total views: 342
Leadership: A Management Trend  | 
P. S. S. L. Kavya
Total views: 270
Estimation of Biogas Generation by the Use of First-order Kinetic Models for a Landfill Site in Karaj, Iran  | 
Soma Taherian, Mehrdad Adl, Elham Abdollahzadeh Sharghi
Total views: 237
Participatory Design of Correctional Rehabilitation Programmes and Recidivism of Sexual Offenders in Prison in Nairobi County, Kenya  | 
Obondi Christine Achieng’ Okoth, Dorothy Ndunge Kyalo, Angeline Sabina Mulwa
Total views: 239
The Effect of Corporate Governance and Companies’ Characteristic on Tax Payment Efficiency with Managerial Risk as Intervening Variable  | 
Kiswanto , Uli Tamyis S.E., Fachrurrozie , Retnoningrum Hidayah
Total views: 285
Relationship between Resource Distribution along Ilemi Borders and Solutions to the Conflicts  | 
Joseph Melle, Pontian Okoth, Edmund Were, Silvia Vundi
Total views: 248
Impact of Land Tenure Reforms on Gusii Women of Kenya, 1894 to 1991  | 
Peter Omari Nyagwencha
Total views: 217
Microorganisms Associated with Composting of Pycnanthus angolensis with Cow Dung  | 
Olabode O. O., Adegunloye D. V., Akinyele B. J., Akinyosoye F. A.
Total views: 220
Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom in Comparison with Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Energy Perspective  | 
Otitooluwa Dosumu
Total views: 197
Cropping Pattern in Sivasagar District, Assam, India: A Case Study  | 
Manashi Gogoi
Total views: 202
Biodegradation of Synthetic Phenolic Industrial Waste Water: Batch Study  | 
Mishu Singh
Total views: 216
Unlocking Daily Rainfall Records Held by Volunteer Weather Stations in Western Kenya  | 
James Musyoka, Edgar Otumba
Total views: 207
Assessment of Factors Influencing Employee Engagement in Flower Farms: A Survey of Flower Farms in Naivasha Sub-County, Kenya  | 
George Njoroge Ngure, Elizabeth N. Makokha, Luke A. Orawo
Total views: 237
Impact of Public Relations Expenditure on Corporate Performance of Commercial Banks in Nigeria  | 
Peter A. OtI, Ben E. Odigbo, Agnes Bassey
Total views: 153
Impact of Storm Time Geomagnetic Parameters on Ionosphere during Solar Minimum Period over Visakhapatnam (17.7° N, 83.3° E), a Low Latitude Station  | 
B. V. Rama, K. Niranjan, D. S. V. V. D. Prasad, M. S. S. R. K. N. Sarma
Total views: 255
Performing Colonial and Post-Colonial Parley: A Study of Athol Fugard’s Valley Song  | 
S. Parvathi
Total views: 147
Violations of Citizens Rights in Nigeria; an Impediment to Ultimate Achievement of State Interest  | 
Emmanuel O. C. Obidimma, Uwadineke C. Kalu, Emmanuel C. Okonkwo, Esq
Total views: 146
Effects of Risks on Growth of Small Enterprise Start Ups in Nakuru Town, Kenya  | 
Joan Wambui Wachaga, Nemwel Bosire, Anthony Wahome
Total views: 142
An Assessment of Local Content Act in Nigeria Oil and Gas Industries (2010-2014)  | 
Emina Uli William
Total views: 138
The Relative Significance of Foreign Aid and Domestic Saving Mobilization as a Strategy to Boost Economic Growth in Ethiopia  | 
Dumesaa Olkeba Furi
Total views: 147
Effect of Staff Integrity on Provision of Quality Service Delivery in Universities in Nakuru County, Kenya  | 
Beatrice Wayeta Ombiro, Henry Kombo, Thomas Kipkorir Ronoh
Total views: 137
Amino Acid Profile and Growth Promoting Response of Fermented and Germinated Complementary Foods Based on Maize and Pigeon Pea Flour  | 
Okoronkwo Christopher Uche, Udensi E. A., H. C. Okereke, Ndubuisi N. O.
Total views: 85
Assessment of Percent Body Fat in Relation to Dietary Practices in Non Obese and Obese School Going Children (5-10 Years) from Hyderabad City, India  | 
Humera Banu, A. Jyothi
Total views: 155
Impact of Stock Market Development on Pension Fund Performance  | 
Collade Ngoni Murungu, Mufaro Wilster Marecha, Edson Vengesai
Total views: 118
A Comparison of Water Quality and Ecotoxicity between Von Bach, Swakoppoort and Goreangab Dams  | 
Tiffany Claasen
Total views: 87
Promoting Kitulo National Park as a Wildflower Tourism Destination in Tanzania: Analysis of Media Channels and Gender among Domestic Tourists  | 
Kezia Herman Martin Mkwizu
Total views: 126
On the Fourier Transform of Wavelet Packets on Local Fields of Positive Characteristic  | 
M. Younus Bhat, Bilal A. Khandy
Total views: 90
Risk Factors for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media among Children under the Age of Fifteen Years in Sokoto Metropolis, North-Western Nigeria  | 
Stanley Baba Amutta, Mohammed Abdullahi, Daniel Aliyu, Kufre Robert Iseh, Mfon Ime Inoh
Total views: 117
Prevention of Food Becoming a Scarce Commodity: Reduction of Famine via Education, Achieving Sustainable Consumption: A Case Study of Indian Colleges and Universities  | 
Visarg Mishra, Ayush Pandey
Total views: 2401
Occupational Rectification for Labour Environment from Noises: A Comparative Study between Iraqi’s & Italian Legislation s  | 
D. Saba N. Rashed
Total views: 95
Rethinking Teacher Evaluation in Kenya through Clinical Supervision Lens, Agenda for 21st Century  | 
Sister Mary Theodorah Mabeya, Annplosa Njeri Kinuthia
Total views: 55
Analysis of Human Resource Management Practices and Firm Efficiency of Consumer Goods Manufacturing Firms in Kenya  | 
Bulitia Godrick Mathews, Jairus Boston Amayi
Total views: 154
Supervision-Related Factors Influencing Doctoral Studies Completion Rates in Education at Public Universities in Kenya  | 
Samuel K. Rong’uno, Ursulla Okoth, Winston J. Akala
Total views: 74
The History of Bureaucracy  | 
Roshmi Adhikary
Total views: 126