Volume 5, Issue 7, June 2016

Table of Contents


Modelling and Optimization of Electric Discharge Drilling Using Titanium Alloy Grade-5 by Taguchi Method  | 
Ankit Jain, Ishan Khan
Total views: 640
Summarization and Sentiment Analysis from User Health Posts  | 
Ramya J., Megha K. M., Nishkala Nayak M. N., Sheela G. V.
Total views: 659
Geo-Economic Analysis of Resource Development in Hooghly District, West Bengal, India  | 
Pulak Ghosh
Total views: 562
Challenges and Obstacles in Indian Floriculture Industry  | 
Shilpa Kalmegh, Narpat Sing
Total views: 547
The Relationship between Inventory Management and Productivity in Ghanaian Manufacturing Industries  | 
Benjamin Adu Fosu
Total views: 571
A Study on Evaluating P/E and its Relationship with the Return for NIFTY  | 
Hemendra Gupta
Total views: 578
Influence of Demographic Factors on Women’s Participation in Political Leadership in Rongo Constituency, Migori County, Kenya  | 
Millicent Otieno
Total views: 500
Cardio Metabolic Risk Factors among Adolescents in Rural Kerala, India  | 
Theyamma Joseph Vadasseril
Total views: 480
Psychological Profile of a Consistent Low Performer  | 
Aditya Poonia, Kriti Vashishtha
Total views: 857
Aggressive Estimation of Router Links by Generation of Test Packets  | 
Pavana S. Baligar, Sharada K. S., Arunakumar Joshi
Total views: 454
Nehruvian Commanding Heights of the Economy - A Glimpse of Central Public Sector Enterprises during Second Generation Reform Period (2000 to 2014)  | 
Vijaya Priya S., K. K. Seethamma
Total views: 421
Factors Determining the Efficiency of Information Environment in the Markets for Private Professional Education  | 
N. Maneesha
Total views: 387
Open Innovation a New Paradigm in Innovation Landscape: An Analytical Overview  | 
Saidu Nasiru Sulaiman, Daleep Parimoo, Shradha M. Banga
Total views: 475
A Study on Food Security in Terms of Energy Intake and Malnutrition among Selected Female Young Adults  | 
Vaijayanthi Kanabur, R. P. Lalitha Reddy
Total views: 525
Impact of Enhanced Women Education on Social and Economic Development in India: A State Wise Comparative Study  | 
Rina Seraphim Deen
Total views: 488
Nanda Devi Annual Festival in Uttarakhand: Enactment of Jubilation, Myths and Tradition  | 
Total views: 378
Studies of Schiff Base Metal Complexes Derived from Carbonyl Oximes and Sulphanilic Acid  | 
Mayuri R. Joshi
Total views: 457
Local Government and Rural Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nkanu East Local Government Area (2008 – 2015)  | 
Okibe Hyginus Banko
Total views: 600
A Study of the Growth of Literacy among the People of Srinagar from Socio-economic from Gender Perspective  | 
Parveen Pandit, Waqar ul Nisa
Total views: 510
Psycho-education Programme for Alzheimer’s Caregivers and its Validation  | 
Vijayalakshmi K., C. G. Venkatesha Murthy
Total views: 423
Impact of the Great War in T.S. Eliot’s the Wasteland  | 
Rishika Sharma
Total views: 411
Kinetic Modeling of Adsorption of Remazol Black 5 Dye Using a Low Cost Activated Carbon Obtained from Bauhenia Racemosa Seed Pod Carbon  | 
S. Umadevi, N. Renugadevi
Total views: 324
Beyond Policy to Practice: Interface between School Feeding and Effective Early Childhood Instruction: Ghana’s Experience  | 
Ahmed Abdulai, Justina Adu
Total views: 361
University of Ghana Distance Education Programme and Female Students: Implications for family Well-Being  | 
Isaac Kofi Biney
Total views: 356
Trends in Indian Realty Sector: A CRM Framework for a Real Estate Entities in the Changing Environment  | 
Ramprakash Kona, S. S. Prasada Rao, U. Devi Prasad
Total views: 511
Employees’ Response to Electronic Monitoring: The Relationship between CCTV Surveillance and Employees’ Engagement  | 
John Kimani Gichuhi, James Mark Ngari, Thomas Senaji
Total views: 444
Natural Language Processing on Ambiguous Sentence Using NLP Tools: Core NLP, Apertium and PRAAT  | 
Taranpreet Singh Saini, Priyanka Lokhande, Renuka Deshmukh, Dipali Baviskar
Total views: 452
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Informational Booklet on Postnatal Care among Primi Postnatal Mothers in Krishna Hospital, Karad, India  | 
Nitanjali V. Patil, Vandana Satwe, Vaishali R. Mohite, Jyoti A. Salunkhe, Sheetal Samson, Afsana Mulani
Total views: 317
An Empirical Analysis of January Effect – Evidence from Indian Market  | 
Sitaram Pandey, Amitava Samanta
Total views: 301
Study on the Failures of Leg Lattice Structure When Offshore Drill Rigs Are Being Converted from Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) to Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPU)  | 
Bh. Nagesh, I. N. Niranjan Kumar, Manu Korulla
Total views: 977
Relationship between Self-esteem and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students  | 
Pooja Bhagat
Total views: 452
Emotional Intelligence Inventory: Construction and Standardisation  | 
N. A. Nadeem, Seema Naz
Total views: 311
Planktonic Diversity and Density in Keerat Sagar Pond at Mahoba District of Uttar Pradesh, India  | 
Manoj Gupta, Praveen Kumar, Umesh Kumar Mishra, Dharmendra Kumar
Total views: 356
Guidelines of Educational Video Production for Malaysian Digital Natives  | 
Suras Kanagasabai, Norsiah Abdul Hamid, Sobihatun Nur Abdul Salam
Total views: 303
Design and Fabrication of Metal Table Ware for the Council Chamber  | 
Emmanuel Willie Parker Halm, Samuel Baah Kissi, Peggy Ama Fening, Augustina Mensah
Total views: 322
The Relationship between Laissez-Faire Leadership Style and SMEs Growth in the Top 100 SMEs in Kenya  | 
Teresia Kavoo Linge, Damary Shikalieh, Judith Bijurenda Asiimwe
Total views: 315
Liking Evaluation of Public Relations Programmes to Efficiency of Measurement Approaches Applied  | 
John Mutugi Kabucua, Silas Odongo Oriaso, Kellen Kathuure Kiambati
Total views: 334
Factors Influence Quality of Life -- A Theoretical Proposition  | 
Sivaiah Rachakonda
Total views: 418
Compare the Level of Stress and Coping Strategies Adopted by the Staff Nurses Working in Various Patient Care Settings  | 
Grace Maria Joseph, Jenimol Sosa Chacko, Praisy Mol Baby, Sheela Shenai NA, Renju Sussan Baby
Total views: 295
The Teaching Learning Practices on ‘Teshaye Chora’ Primary School and its Implication of Multicultural Education  | 
Solomon Tadele Jember
Total views: 381
Understanding the Impact of Human Wildlife Conflicts in Conservation Management: The Case of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe  | 
Walter Mzembi
Total views: 275
The Perception of Stakeholders on the Effectiveness of Audit Committees in Nigerian Banks  | 
Mbobo Erasmus Mbobo, Austin Nweze
Total views: 249
Delayed First Antenatal Care Visit by Pregnant Women: Correlates in a Zimbabwean Peri-Urban District  | 
Melody Musendo, Auxilia Chideme Munodawafa, Maxwell Mhlanga, Augustine Ndaimani
Total views: 274
Swot Analysis of SKS Microfinance Limited  | 
Mukti Kumar Nanda
Total views: 310
Studies of Mixing Properties of Binary Mixtures of 1-Propanolwithtoluene, Isomeric Chlorotoluenes and Toluidineat T = (298.15, 303.15, 308.15, and 313.15) K  | 
M. Swetha Swetha, P. Venkateswarlu, P. Bhanuprakash, K. Sivakumar
Total views: 201
Enhancing Pre-Degree Chemistry Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Rates of Chemical Reactions through Cooperative Learning Strategy  | 
Gongden Ephraim Joel, Delmang Tabitha Kamji, Ephraim Esther Godiya
Total views: 283
Bridging the Gender Digital Divide: Challenges in Access and Utilization of ICTs for Development at the Devolved Level in Kenya  | 
Awuor Ponge
Total views: 242
Effect of Growth Regulators and Tuber Weight on Plant Height and Number of Branches in Glory Lily (Gloriosa Superba L.)  | 
K. Kannabiran, Padmanaban
Total views: 269
Japan’s Aid Assistance to Myanmar  | 
Teresa Mili
Total views: 192
The Environment as a Resource for Screen Development in Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana  | 
Bennet Nyante, Robert Ahiabor, Isaac Kofi Awuyah
Total views: 195
Performance Analysis of Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Using SVPWM Switching Techniques: Design Approach  | 
Manish Botkewar, Kunal Sawalakhe, Nikhil Wanjari
Total views: 206
Analysis of Indian Food Industry- a Global Perspective  | 
Rachit Kuchhal, Akanshu Verma
Total views: 260
Empirical and Financial Analysis for Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy: A Holistic Review of Indian Aviation Sector  | 
Rachit Kuchhal, Akanshu Verma, Ankit Mandawat
Total views: 304
Nutritional Status and Morbidity Pattern of Muslim Married Women: A Study of Cachar District in Assam, India  | 
Alfina Khatun Talukdar, Subhrabaran Das
Total views: 228
Extent of Suppliers Bargaining Power Relative to Performance of Oil Industry in South Sudan  | 
Benjamin Bol Mel, Paul Katuse, Juliana Namada
Total views: 200