Volume 5, Issue 3, February 2016

Table of Contents


A Novel Analytical Approach to Clustering Based GSTEB for Mobile Sink  | 
Gurpreet Kaur, Sandeep Sharma
Total views: 449
Domestic Violence and Its Association with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Zimbabwe: A Descriptive Correlational Study  | 
Moline Dohwe, Clara Haruzivishe, Mathilda Zvinavashe, Maxwell Mhlanga, Gladys Mugadza
Total views: 433
The Impact of Workplace Bullying on Workers’ Psychological and Emotional Well-Being: A Study of 139 University Staff in Ghana  | 
Frederick Doe
Total views: 490
Coping Strategies Used by Cancer Patients to Deal with Physical and Psychological Problems of Chemotherapy  | 
Charmaine Ann D’Souza, Sojan Antony, Bino Thomas, Sushma G. Murthy
Total views: 600
The Impact of Pre-Service Qualification of Teacher Trainees on Quality Education: A Case Study of the Untrained Teachers Diploma in Education (UTDBE) Program  | 
Judith Teebo Zabrina Anyagre
Total views: 409
Advances in Molecular Biomimetics  | 
Sivaprakash Arul
Total views: 372
Minimax Non-differentiable Multiobjective Fractional Programming with Generalized (F, Ρ) – Convexity  | 
G. Sreelatha
Total views: 383
Design of Device for Industrial Safety and Light Energy Optimization Using FPGA  | 
Manisha B. Kamthe
Total views: 346
Authority and Independence of National Bank of Ethiopia:-Assessment of the Parent Act  | 
Kahsay G. Medhn
Total views: 423
Ethiopian Competition Law: Appraisal of Institutional Autonomy  | 
Kahsay G. Medhn
Total views: 355
Police and Human Rights  | 
Prakash D. Haveripeth, S. S. Angadi, J. L. Kalyan
Total views: 421
Patriarchy: A Driving Force for the Abuse of Reproductive Rights of Women in Nigeria  | 
Felicia Anyogu, B. N. Okpalobi
Total views: 375
Dissemination of Personalized Agricultural Knowledge for Farmers in Bangladesh  | 
Mehdi Hasan, Mamoru Ito, Ashir Ahmed
Total views: 334
Characterization of a Polypropylene Filled Composite using Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction  | 
Shuaibu M. A., P. A. P. Mamza
Total views: 368
Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) among Glaucoma and Non Glaucoma Patients in a Hospital Based Population  | 
Sheldon James Goudinho, Navajeevan N. A., Jasmine Mary Jacob
Total views: 380
Utilization of E-Content among Teacher Educators  | 
K. Sumathiral, R. Ravi
Total views: 325
Cognitive Dissonance: A Study of Post Purchase Behavior of Consumers in the Context of Financial Products  | 
Brajesh Bolia, Sumi Jha, Manoj K Jha
Total views: 520
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of High Secondary Schools Students towards Fast Foods in Hail City- Saudi Arabia  | 
Abdel Whab Makki, Hamid Elnourain Hamdan
Total views: 383
The Effect of Cross Border Listing on Volatility of Returns on Shares of Companies Cross - Listed within East Africa  | 
Victor Onyango Omanyo
Total views: 333
Role of Microfinance in Eradication of Poverty: An Empirical Analysis from Uttar Pradesh  | 
Kashif Beg
Total views: 335
Evaluating the Marketing Strategies for Enrolling Students by Professional Institutions: A Study of Gwalior Region  | 
Neetu Singh Yadav
Total views: 313
Perspectives on Cyber Threats to the Retail Sector in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of East Gate Shopping Mall  | 
Ishmael Mugari
Total views: 394
Growth, Yield and Water Productivity of Sorghum Influenced by Saline Water Irrigation and Management Practices  | 
Korla Aditya Chowdary, Makam Umadevi, Veeramalla Ramulu, Kodary Avil Kumar
Total views: 340
Impact of Demographic Transition on Stock Markets - A Review Perspective  | 
Delnaz M. Jokhi, Hemal Pandya
Total views: 373
Double Intake of Students into the University of Cape Coast in 2013/2014 and Its Impact on Existing Academic Facilities, Residential Infrastructure and Students’ Life: A Preliminary Observation  | 
Godwin R. K. Egbenya, Emmanuel Halm, Brain J. K. Egbenya, Eunice Abbam Quaye
Total views: 318
A Comparative Study of Students’ Performance for the Three Year and the Four Year Programmes in Mfantsipim and University of Cape Coast, Practice Senior High Schools in Cape Coast, Ghana  | 
Godwin R. K. Egbenya, Emmanuel Halm, Brain J. K. Egbenya
Total views: 415
A Simple Lag Time Based GIUH Model for Direct Runoff Hydrograph Estimation  | 
S. S. Rawat, P. Kumar, M. K. Jain, S. K. Mishra, B. Nikam
Total views: 322
Assessment of the Effectiveness of Malaria Control Measures in Communities in Abia State, Nigeria  | 
Enwereji E. E., Uwakwe K. A., Eke, R. A., Enukeme K. U., Onyemachi P. EN
Total views: 274
Effectiveness of Educational Group Programme on Sexual Behaviour among B.P.O. Employees  | 
Sojan Antony, D. Muralidhar, Nayana Mariya Kuriyan
Total views: 455
Performance Evaluation by Handoff Analysis in Wireless Local Area and Wide Area Networks  | 
Shivi Saxena, S. Qamar
Total views: 315
Exploring Female Physicians’ Resilience Regarding Post Graduate Residency Program in Afghanistan  | 
Najibullah Safi, Yasmin Parpio, Salima Farooq, Mohammad Nadir Sahak, Bashir Noormal
Total views: 465
Prospect of Ethical Consultancy: Empirical Assessment in Ghana  | 
Akamba Mathias, Luu Yin, Safia Wemah
Total views: 223
A Study of the Differences in Achievement Motivation of the Different Level of Academic Achievers  | 
Ananya Ghosh Roy
Total views: 296
Social Attitude towards Theatre Actresses in 19th Century Bengal  | 
Sushmita Sengupta
Total views: 244
Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention of Air Conditioners in Chennai  | 
S. Lakshmi, V. Kavida
Total views: 312
Current Sub-Saharan African Socio-Economic Strategies Derived from Colonial and Postcolonial Experiences  | 
Enoch K. Beraho
Total views: 225
Has the Emergence of Female Suicide Bombers in Nigeria Depicted the Exploitation of Feminine Vulnerability? A Critical Appraisal of Boko Haram’s Female Suicide Bombers in Nigeria  | 
Florence Anaedozie
Total views: 333
Familiarization of TQM Excellence in the Educational Institutions  | 
Shri S. Ramachandran, I. Manavalan, M. Rajamanickam, G. Victor Rajamanickam
Total views: 277
Geographical Appraisal of Land Reform Process in India: Retrospect’s and Prospects Scenario for the Countryside’s  | 
Madan Mohan
Total views: 249
Antidotal Effect of Activated Charcoal and Selected Saline Cathartics on Simulated Bromazepam Intoxication  | 
Herbert O. C. Mbagwua, Samuel James Offora, Ifiok Okon Udoubaka
Total views: 215
Analysis of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010 in Reconciling Chang’aa Distillation with Climate Change in Vihiga County, Kenya  | 
Ben Musonye Akala, Keith Rono, Herbert Chamwada, Rosemary Owigar
Total views: 220
Design and Implementation of Electronic Medical Records System for Kogi State College of Education’s Clinic Ankpa  | 
Adaji Andrew, Elizabeth Onyeje Akpa, Matthew David Femi, Aboritori Sunday, Idachaba Stephen O.
Total views: 251
A Metagenomes-Based Investigation of the Impact of Natural Run-offs and Anthropogenesis on a Freshwater Ecosystem at Points of Use in Niger Delta, Nigeria  | 
Mbah Edith Ijeego, Gideon Orkwagh Abu, Ibe Stella N.
Total views: 268
The Role of Neighbourhood Watch in the Security of Life and Property in Warri Kingdom, Delta State Nigeria  | 
Wilkie Allah-Dey Jeffrey, William U. Emina, Otu A. Ekpenyong
Total views: 226
Extended Pair of Vague Filters in Residuated Lattices  | 
K. Reena, I. Arockiarani
Total views: 167