Volume 5, Issue 2, January 2016 (Special Issue)

Table of Contents


Prioritization of Supply Chain Flexibility Dimensions Using Topsis: A Case Study of Indian FMCG Sector  | 
Shreyash Bansal, Partha Parmanik, Sounak Mukherje, Natalie Pandit, Rohit Kr. Singh
Total views: 401
Seasonality in Participatory Notes Investments in India: A Cautionary Trend  | 
Deepak R., Bhavya N.
Total views: 350
A Study on HR Accounting Practices in Selected Companies  | 
Ifath Shaheen, Amathun Noor, Asra Sultana
Total views: 444
Generalized Modeling for Multiple Release of Two Dimensional Software Reliability Growth Model  | 
A. K. Shrivastava, Ruchi Sharma
Total views: 294
Cost Optimal Random Path Selection Algorithm for Security in MANETS  | 
P. Suma, O. Nagaraju, Md. Ali Hussain
Total views: 318
A Study on Green Computing: The Future Computing and Eco-Friendly Technology  | 
Asma Sultana, CH. Naga Suvarchala, A. Ramya
Total views: 580
Grouping Based Load Balancing in Cloud Computing  | 
Dipti Ajmire, Mohammad Atique
Total views: 261
E-waste Challenge for Developing Countries  | 
Sanjay Pandey, Viplove Divyasheesh
Total views: 318
Issues and Challenges of Electronic Payment Systems  | 
T. Vasudha Singh, N. Supriya, M. S. P. Joshna
Total views: 1804
Security Model for Cloud Computing by using Data Classification Methodology  | 
Pankaj Pali, Saurabh Sharma
Total views: 320
Detection Mechanism of DDoS Attack in Cloud Computing  | 
Shalini Verma, Saurabh Sharma
Total views: 385
Impact of Merger and Acquisition in Mobile Industry: A Case Study on “Vodafone and Hutch”  | 
K. Pranathi, Amathun Noor, B. Indira Priyadarshini
Total views: 775
Stress Management: A Study on Female Teaching Fraternity  | 
J. P. Bharathi, Mahitha Dawala, J. Saujanya
Total views: 278
A Study on Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing  | 
Asma Sultana, Ch. Nagasuvarchala, K. Pranathi
Total views: 546
Comparison of Stack Implemented AODV (ai-sAODV) with Queue Implemented AODV (ai-dqAODV) for VANET in Signal Fading Scenario  | 
Soumen Saha, Devadutta Sinha, Utpal Roy
Total views: 313
Intrapreneurship Centric Innovation: A Step towards Sustainable Competitive Advantage  | 
Minisha Gupta
Total views: 443
A Shift from Conventional CRM to E-CRM Services in Hotel Industry: A Qualitative Approach to Signify the Importance of I.T. Enabled Business  | 
S. Chitra Nayagam
Total views: 414
Culture as a Mediator between Resilience, Empathy and Commitment  | 
Zuby Hasan
Total views: 273
ERP Solutions Acceptance in Different Business Environments  | 
Samo Bobek, Sameer Rohadia, Simona Sternad
Total views: 328
Banking or IT: The Greatest Contributor to Sustainability through GHRM  | 
Ingrid Sylvia, Sujatha P
Total views: 301
A new Approach to Capture Business Logic from UI with Automatic Code Generation and Database Creation  | 
Sunil D. Rathod, S. D. Joshi
Total views: 370
Emerging Trends in Food Retailing: An Empirical Study on Customer Satisfaction  | 
Sailaja V., Suryanarayana A., Surya Narayana R.
Total views: 316
Corporate Social Responsibility in Insurance Sector in India  | 
N. V. Kavitha, T. Anuradha
Total views: 749
KRI and KPI Prioritization for Life Sciences Industry from Business Intelligence  | 
Mrudula M. Pardeshi
Total views: 342
Performance Evaluation of Various Distance-based Data-Mining Classifiers on Typing Patterns for User Authentication / Identification  | 
Soumen Roy, Utpal Roy, D. D. Sinha
Total views: 329
A Throttled Load Balancing for Cloud Infrastructure  | 
Kashmira Jagtap, P. A. Jadhav, S. D. Joshi
Total views: 235
Two Way Authentication Protocol for Android Based Applications  | 
Subhasis Banerjee, Utpal Roy
Total views: 274
Impact of Network Externalities and Churn Analysis of Indian Telecom Market  | 
Manan Bhatia, Udayan Chanda
Total views: 359
Influence of Operations Management on Other Business Activities in an Organization  | 
Amrit Jena, Rohit Kr. Singh, Rahul Mishra, Parth Gandhi, Hemante Singhal
Total views: 265
Open Source Software for Academic Libraries-The Creative Librarian  | 
Maya Carvalho e Rodrigues
Total views: 328
Trends in ICT E-learning: Challenges and Expectations  | 
Sunita Jacob, Radhai S.
Total views: 511
Impact of FDI on Indian Economy  | 
Mamta Sharma, Satinderpal Singh
Total views: 476
Buzz Marketing-SWOT Analysis  | 
N. V. Kavitha, N. Suma Reddy
Total views: 731
Open Source Software (Digital Libraries): With Special Reference to Koha and Dspace  | 
P. Venkateshwar Rao, B. Kumar
Total views: 672
Scope & Deployment of Small Cells in India  | 
Ula Javed, Shirish Patel, Nilesh Tayade
Total views: 284
Innovation for Description Mapping Database Matching Name Domain in E-Media Using Software Design Concept  | 
Pankaj Agarkar, S. D. Joshi
Total views: 293
Student Perspective on Blended Learning in Higher Education  | 
Anil Kumar
Total views: 330
Reverse Mortgage Loan Products as Retirement Income Security Solutions for the Indian Market - Features & Risks  | 
D. N. Panigrahi
Total views: 317
Using Big Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage  | 
Bharat Arora, Zillur Rahman
Total views: 429
CSR Communication – A Study on Scale Development  | 
M. Santhosh, R. Baral
Total views: 333
Food Habits Driven Institutional Mess Recipes: Case of a B-School  | 
Rajnandan Patnaik
Total views: 234
Data in Arts Research: A Conceptual View  | 
Sutapa Patnaik
Total views: 245
Creating Awareness of Tourism Friendly Culture in India  | 
Milind Fadnavis
Total views: 470
Image Hiding Technique Using Wavelet  | 
S. J. Basha
Total views: 240
Edge Detection Techniques: A Survey  | 
U. G. Nevagi, Ashwini Shahapurkar, Sneha Nargundkar
Total views: 432
Federated System - A Technique for Efficient Data Mining  | 
Sweta Vinay Kamat
Total views: 248
Study of Ethernet Technology in IEC61850  | 
Chilton Chilton
Total views: 284
A Survey on Applications of Smart Sensor Networks in Building a Futuristic Smarter World  | 
Pratiksha R. Shetgaonkar
Total views: 311
A New Methodology for Monitoring OSA Patients Based on IoT  | 
K. M. Chaman Kumar
Total views: 382
Reconfigurable Antenna Methodologies and Switch Technologies: A Review  | 
Saneh Surya Phadte
Total views: 221
Determining Students Performance Using the Tool of Artificial Neural Network  | 
Jateen Shet Shirodkar, Viren Pereira
Total views: 246
A Compression Algorithm Using Variable-to-Fixed Block Arithmetic Codes  | 
Anurag Jain
Total views: 277
Reverse Logistics using Genetic Algorithm  | 
Rohit Singh, Ayona Chakraborty, Milind Kosambia, Pooja Shah, Anup Karhade
Total views: 457
Trends of FDI Inflows in Retail in India  | 
Upasana Goyal, Anand Bansal
Total views: 242
Home Automation & Smart Homes……Convenient Living  | 
D. Sarala
Total views: 266
Green Banking – towards Sustainable Development  | 
N. V. Kavitha, Usha Rani
Total views: 511
A Study on Receivables Management in Select Companies of Indian Steel Industry  | 
Pinku Paul, Paroma Mitra Mukherjee
Total views: 541
Offline Vs Online Buying: An Assessment through Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach  | 
Bhawna Anjaly, Veenu Sharma
Total views: 280
A Study on the Acceptance of HR Analytics in Organisations  | 
Lije George, T. J. Kamalanabhan
Total views: 602
TQM in Higher Education: Understanding Customers’ Needs  | 
Jitendra Sharma
Total views: 352
Relevance of Emotional Intelligence and Educational Background on Performance - An Empirical Study in the B-Schools in Pune  | 
Lalit Prasad, Priyanka Mishra, Deepti Mahato
Total views: 353
Classification of Wind Power Plants (WPP)  | 
Viren Pereira, Jateen Shet Shirodkar
Total views: 268
Use of ICT for the Information Services and Smart Librarianship  | 
Nitin Kude
Total views: 243
A Comparative Study of Different Methods for Power System Stability Improvement  | 
Akila E.
Total views: 272
A Digital Watermarking Technique Using Discrete Wavelet Transform  | 
Sneha Nargundkar
Total views: 411
Apprentice vs. Workman’ in Industry- A Managerial Dilemma  | 
Narendra Y. Phadnis
Total views: 187
A Perspective about E- Waste and the Regulations with Special Reference to SME’s  | 
Viraja P. Bhat, Prakash Rao, Yogesh Patil
Total views: 238