Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2016

Table of Contents


Leadership Styles, Employee Turnover Intentions and Counterproductive Work Behaviours  | 
Albert Puni, Collins B. Agyemang, Emmanuel Selase Asamoah
Total views: 1132
Socio Demographic Profile and Treatment Seeking Behaviour of Koro Patients in an Epidemic Reported from West Bengal, India  | 
Amitava Dan, Aditi Chaudhuri, P. Patra, K. Chakraborty, A. Debnath, S. De, M. Chatterjee
Total views: 406
Precaution for Safety in Building Construction Sites; a Case of Enugu Metropolis, Enugu State, Nigeria  | 
Orji Solomon E., Nwachukwu Lilian N., Agu Eric. E.
Total views: 366
Spatial Distribution and Abundance of Invasive Alien Plant Species in Gamo Gofa Zone, Ethiopia  | 
Belayneh Bufebo, Taye Tessema, Rezene Fisshaie
Total views: 378
Impact of Mechanical and Chemical Weed Control on Yield of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) Var. Nyanda at Rattray Arnold Research Station in Zimbabwe  | 
A. Taruvinga, Z. A. Chiteka, W. Manyangarirwa, C. Souta
Total views: 435
Dwindling Sex Ratio in Jammu & Kashmir: A Case Study  | 
Khadam Hussain, Tazeem Akhter
Total views: 417
Sectoral Distribution of Deposit Money Banks’ Credits and Economic Growth in Nigeria  | 
James Chinedu Ihemeje, Ikwuagwu Henry Chinedu
Total views: 315
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: His ‘Subdued’ Economic Visions  | 
Tazeem Akhter
Total views: 306
Comparative Studies of Microbiological Qualities of Singori (A Type of Sweet) of Kumaon Region  | 
P. K. Singh, V. K. Tanwar, A. K. Upadhyay, Anil Kumar
Total views: 282
Menopause Related Problems among Women in a Rural Community of Kerala  | 
Namitha Subrahmanyam, A. Padmaja
Total views: 334
Attitude of Pupil-Teachers towards Teaching Profession in Relation to Sex and Academic Qualification Variation  | 
Sobhan Banerjee
Total views: 292
What Are the Differently Paired Forms of Adenine (A)-Thymine (T)?  | 
R. P. Deka, J. Basumatary, T. K. Barman, J. Deka, C. Medhi
Total views: 254
Does Health Policies and Infrastructure Ensure a Better Health Status? A Study on Women’s Health of Meghalaya  | 
Mhadeno Y. Humtsoe, Papiya Dutta
Total views: 382
Enhancing Oral Skills in English Language for L2 Learners Using Pictorial Description Technique  | 
Eugini Fatima Mary. L, E. Latha
Total views: 281
Risk Assessment and Handling in Ethiopian Commercial Banks: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sectors  | 
Abdella Kossa, Shaik Abdul Majeeb Pasha
Total views: 301
Agricultural Efficiency and Productivity of Fringe of Raipur City, Chhattisgarh  | 
Shyama Prasanna Mukherjee, Z. T. Khan
Total views: 313
A Study of Achievement Motivation of Scheduled Caste and Non-Scheduled Caste Students  | 
Arun Prakash Krishna Vimal, Smita Jaiswal
Total views: 405
Language Classroom Practices: Interactive Sessions and Activities for English Language Teaching in the Context of Upgrading Speaking Skills for L2 Learners  | 
Eugini Fatima Mary L., E. Latha
Total views: 307
Optimization of Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA) Geometry to Achieve Highest Methane Purity from the Egyptian Biogas Using Aspen HYSYS Simulation  | 
Sameh Tawfik Abd Elfattah, Yehia A. Eldrainy, Abdelhamid Attia
Total views: 404
Does Health Policies and Infrastructure Ensure a Better Health Status? A Study on Women’s Health of Meghalaya  | 
Mhadeno Y. Humtsoe, Papiya Dutta
Total views: 243
Language of Resistance and Aesthetic Appeal: Bama’s Linguistic Activism - An Analysis of the Subaltern Aesthetics in Karukku and Sangati  | 
Amutha Arockiamary P. R., Eugini Fathima Mary L.
Total views: 295
Research and Development Activity and Innovative Advancement of European Enterprises  | 
Karina Sachpazidu Wójcicka
Total views: 254
“And Me Too, Do Not Leave Me Out, Please!” Dynamics and Challenges of Food Aid Targeting and Distribution in Mutare District, Zimbabwe, 2000-2010  | 
Bernard Kusena
Total views: 273
Perception of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Conceding Speech after 2015 Presidential Elections Implication for Democracy in Nigeria  | 
Ifeyinwa Nsude
Total views: 244
Influencer Perspectives on Timber Procurement Policy for the Domestic Timber Market in Ghana  | 
Nkpeebo Yesutanbul Amos, Opoku Mensah Seth
Total views: 334
Transformation and Implementation of a Highly Efficient Fully Implicit Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Method  | 
Goddy Ujagbe Agbeboh, Christopher Aigbedion Esekhaigbe
Total views: 206
Application of Palm Kernel Shells in Costume Jewellery  | 
Harold Awuley Quaye, Kafui Kwesi Agyeman, Joyce Tachie Mensah
Total views: 320
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Partial Maxillectomy by an Obturatorprosthesis : A Case Report  | 
Riddhi Tiwari, S. P. Dange, Arun Khalikar, Smita Khalikar, Sagar Chaudhari
Total views: 236
Fuzzy Neutrosophic Equivalence Relations  | 
J. Martina Jency, I. Arockiarani
Total views: 249
The Need for Change in Management Education in India  | 
C. P. Ramchandani
Total views: 209
The Impact of Information Technology on Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Technology Incubation Center Kano Nigeria  | 
Munir Ahmad K Naisa, Babawuro Usman
Total views: 334
Environmental Dimensions of Global Warming: Ways of Mitigating the Impact  | 
Maton Samuel Mark, Nesla Ruth Asheazi, Olaku Maga Zechariah, Bulus Azi Dusu
Total views: 307
Interim Protection by Arbitral Tribunal and Civil Court – Scanned through the Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Act 2015  | 
Garv Malhotra, Maneesh Kumar
Total views: 197
Impact of Stress among the Clergy in the Indian Orthodox Church: Implications on Stress Management and Orthodox Psychotherapy  | 
Georgy Joseph, N. Rajeev Kumar
Total views: 201
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Students towards Their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Tertiary Institutions: A Case Study of Bulawayo Polytechnic  | 
Chiedza Masanganise, Faith Kurete
Total views: 216
Staff Development Needs at the Colleges of Education in Ghana: Evidence from the Agogo College  | 
Daniel Odoom, Ernest Opoku, Daniel Ntiakoh Ayipah
Total views: 208
Isolation, Epidemiological and Molecular Characterization of Campylobacter from Meat  | 
Monika ., A. K. Upadhyay, S. P. Singh, P. K. Singh, Ipshita ., Anil Kumar
Total views: 296
The Kenaf Fibre Plant and Its Socio-Economic Significance to the Northern Rural Dwellers in Ghana - A Study in Kumbungu District  | 
Lansah Yimbohi Abdulai, Formadi Fafa Patricia, Dzramedo Bernard Edem
Total views: 283
Teacher Motivation and Performance: The Case of Some Selected Early Childhood Care and Education Centres in the Cape Coast Metropolis of Ghana  | 
Daniel Odoom, Ernest Opoku, Daniel Ntiakoh Ayipah
Total views: 252
Transfrontier Conservation Governance, Communal People’s Rights and Value Discourses: Whose Resources and Who Governs?  | 
Darlington Muzeza, De Wet Schutte, Reinette Snyman
Total views: 234
Modeling and Optimization of Heat Treatment Process in Steel Wire Used in the Manufacture of Automotive Springs  | 
Cristie Diego Pimenta, Messias Borges Silva, Fernando Augusto Silva Marins, Aneirson Francisco da Silva, Valério Antonio Pamplona Salomon
Total views: 328
Heat Transfer of Nanofluid Past an Exponentially Permeable Stretching Sheet with Heat Generation and Newtonian Heating in a Porous Medium  | 
M. Lavanya, M. Sreedhar Babu, G. Venkata Ramanaiah
Total views: 233
Export Competitiveness of Indian Rice: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach  | 
Makama S. A., Amrutha T. J., S. S. Patil, V. B. Wali
Total views: 321
A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Mothers of Infants Regarding Weaning from Selected Area of Karad, Taluka  | 
A. V. Katti, Sheetal Kadam, Vaishali R. Mohite, N. R. Kakade
Total views: 303
Extracellular RNase Production and Purification from Streptomyces aureofaciens (2614)  | 
Sweta Kumari, Soniya Pardeshi, Sumedha S. Deshmukh
Total views: 242
Prevalence of Salmonella in Meat of Food Animals  | 
Kiran ., A. K. Upadhyay, Maansi ., Anil Kumar
Total views: 257
Differentiable Multiobjective Fractional Minimax Programming Duality under Vectorη -Convex Functions  | 
G. Sreelatha
Total views: 220
Feeding Habits of the Roan Antelope Hippotragus Equinus (Desmarest, 1804) in Gbele Resource Reserve  | 
George Dery
Total views: 272
Truancy: Threat to Social Studies Pedagogy in Secondary School in Ebonyi State  | 
Igba Daniel Igba
Total views: 211
Underutilization of Healthcare Services among Clients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus  | 
Lucy Amanya Mutuli, Miriam Wepukhulu, Cecilia Mwani, Peter Bukhala
Total views: 192
Influence of Intrapreneurial Strategies on Performance of State Corporations in Kenya  | 
Allan Mugambi Michael, P. Karanja Ngugi
Total views: 274
Competition as a Barrier for Sustainability of Women Owned Small and Medium Owned Enterprises in Kenya (A Pointer to Overcoming Poverty Challenges in Kenya and the Region)  | 
Peter G. Kimathi
Total views: 253
Study on the Interrelationship between Nature and the Female Gender: An Analysis of Ifeoma Okoye’s The Fourth World  | 
Onyemachi Nkiru Doris
Total views: 1245
Effects of Feminine Wash (Soap) on Some Pathogenic Bacteria Causing Urinary Tract Infections (UTIS)  | 
Aliyu M. S., Musa B., Hussaini I. M., Charanchi A. S.
Total views: 359
The Need for a Policy in Ghanaian Polytechnic Education to Cater for Students with Disability  | 
M. D. Ahiamenyo, A. F. Ibrahim, C. Ahiamenyo
Total views: 227
Effect of Brand Image Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Industry in South Sulawesi  | 
Ansir Launtu
Total views: 239
Effect of Thermal Radiation on Steady MHD Thermal Slip Boundary Layer Flow over a Flat Plate with Variable Fluid Properties  | 
B. R. Rout, C. Sahoo
Total views: 173
Distribution, Prevalence and Incidence of Potato Bacterial Wilt in Nakuru County, KENYA  | 
Mwaniki P. K., Birech R., Wagara I. N., Kinyua Z. M., E. Schulte-Geldermann E., Bernhard Freyer
Total views: 233
Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Poverty among Female Gender in Nigeria through Advocacy  | 
Maton Samuel Mark, Nesla Ruth Asheazi
Total views: 446
Impact of Food Advertisement on Childhood Obesity  | 
Samiya Loya, Javed Hussain, Saman Ismail
Total views: 182