Volume 4, Issue 11, October 2015

Table of Contents


A Study on the Epidemiology of Urinary Schistosomiasis in Shongom Local Government Area, Gombe State-Nigeria  | 
Daniel Longs Abidan, E. O. Alo, Yusuf Alhaji ISA
Total views: 722
Effect of SO2 on Ascorbic Acid Content in Crop Plants --First Line of Defence against Oxidative Stress  | 
Aprajita Chauhan
Total views: 652
Foliar Epidermal Characteristics of Some Grass Species in Gbele Resource Reserve, Upper West Region, Ghana  | 
George Dery
Total views: 612
Study of Heavy Metal Pollution from Effluent of Orient Paper Mill, Amalai, (Shahdol), M.P.  | 
M. K. Ahirwar, G. S. Gupta, N. Kirar, P. Ahirwar
Total views: 662
Metacognitive Awareness in Academic Reading Strategies among B.Sc. Nursing Students  | 
Sajina T. P., Assuma Beevi T. M.
Total views: 620
Problems Faced by Non- State Universities in Zimbabwe  | 
Stella Muchemwa
Total views: 547
A Comparison Analysis of Information Sharing in Supply Chain: Two Friend Countries  | 
Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Dong Qian Li
Total views: 682
Making the Functional Organisational Assessment Tool Work for Local Governments in Ghana: Evidence from the Central Region  | 
Adom Baisie Ghartey, Benjamin Baisie Ghartey, John Victor Mensah
Total views: 639
Mitigating the Injustice of the Customary Law Relating to Inheritance of Landed Property by Women amongst the Igbo People of Nigeria  | 
Emmanuel O. C. Obidimma, Angela E. Obidimma
Total views: 583
State Police an Imperative for True Federalism in Nigeria  | 
Angela E. Obidimma, Emmanuel O. C. Obidimma
Total views: 521
Operation of State-Local Governments Joint Account and Financial Autonomy of Local Governments in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic  | 
Ngozi Nwogwugwu, Tajudeen Alabi Olusesi
Total views: 573
Decentralization and Inclusiveness in the Governance of Ogun State (2003 – 2011)  | 
Ngozi Nwogwugwu, Kehinde Ohiole Osakede
Total views: 473
Correlation between Education, Employment and Society  | 
Dhananjaya Bhanja
Total views: 461
Resource Sharing and Networking among University Libraries in Northern Nigeria: A Proposal  | 
Abdulrazaq Baba Abdulrahman, Bernard Terngu Awuhe, Eric Agada Ojobo
Total views: 492
The Effectiveness of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival in Chalakudy, Kerala  | 
Sinitha Xavier, Litty P. V.
Total views: 634
Science, Observer Outlook and Failure of the Social Sector Policies in India  | 
Susmita Priyadarshini
Total views: 448
Technology Adaptation and Its Effect on Asante Traditional Textiles  | 
Abraham. Ekow. Asmah, Eric. Appau Asante, Vincentia Okpattah
Total views: 490
Kente Weaving and Tourism in a Cluster of Kente Towns Inashanti  | 
Abraham Ekow Asmah, Isaac Gyasi, Samuel Teye Daitey
Total views: 534
Barriers of ICT Innovation towards Sustainable Growth of SMEs: a Case Study of Ghana  | 
Andy Ohemeng Asare, Shao Yun Fei
Total views: 564
Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Circumference (WC) and Waist to Height Ratio (Whtr) as a Screening Tool for Detection of Cardio Metabolic Risk Factors among Adolescents in Kerala  | 
Theyamma Joseph Vadasseril
Total views: 475
Assessment of Goat Production and Marketing Practices, Constraints and Opportunities in Yabello District of Borana Zone, Southern Ethiopia  | 
Angassa Tesfaye, Berhan Tamir
Total views: 553
Information Retrieval Web Service in a Distributed Environment Using Ontology - a Novel Approach to Semantic Web  | 
S. Meenakshi, R. M. Suresh
Total views: 461
Assessing the Impact of Government Accountability and Parliamentary Oversight Committees: The Parliamentary Investigation Committees in the Iraqi Council of Representatives  | 
Taghreed Abdul_Qadir Ali, Faridah Jalil, Hanan Alqaisi
Total views: 450
Effect of Desiccation on the Isozyme Profile of Antioxidative Enzyme Catalase in Cyanobacterium Lyngbya Arboricola  | 
Alpana Shrivastava, Shivali Kapoor
Total views: 495
School Social Workers in India: Ignored but Crucial Professionals  | 
Arti Mann
Total views: 427
Information Needs and Seeking Behaviour of Medical Students, Benue State University, Makurdi  | 
Samuel S. Nyam, Moses Nyipila Akawe, Nicholas Mfangu Tyonum
Total views: 483
The Application of VoIP Technology on Ship’s Interior Communication System  | 
Tawiwat Veeraklaew, Jiradett Kerdsri, Settapong Malisuwan, Jitti Sampattakul
Total views: 463
Design of a Power Divider with High Output Power Ratio  | 
Jayati Singh, Shubham , Sreejith C. A.
Total views: 378
Buckling and Postbuckling Strength of CSCSTHIN Rectangular Plate  | 
Ibearugbulem M. O., Ezeh J. C., Ettu L. O., Oguaghamba O. A.
Total views: 421
Simulation Based Approach to Improve Competencies in Respiratory Emergencies amongst Interns  | 
Kaza Anupama Murthy, Karthikeyan Ramaraju, B. Nithilavalli Balasubrramanian, Pananghat A. Kumar
Total views: 419
Clinical Application of Nightingale Theory  | 
Hina Nizar Karim
Total views: 897
Girija, an Empowered Woman in Particular Reference to Rajam Krishnan ‘Lamps in the Whirlpool’  | 
V. Yasodha
Total views: 2165
Transport Network Analysis of Rohtak City through Geospatial Technology  | 
Vikas Sihag, Vinod Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Mohit , Savitpal , Ashok Beniwal
Total views: 421
Influence of Physical Disability on Self-Esteem among Adolescents in Kiambu County, Kenya  | 
Hinga Rose Wairimu
Total views: 616
RELIEF: Feature Selection Approach  | 
S. Francisca Rosario, K. Thangadurai
Total views: 435
Green Coffee Bean Extract – Infuse Obesity  | 
Bandana Chatterjee, Tinkal Patel
Total views: 791
Effect of Ksheer/Anuvasan Basti in Ulcerative Colitis (Raktaj/Shokaj Atisar) - A Case Study  | 
Jai Prakash, Uma Shankar Nigam, Shalini Morya, Sandeep Kumar, Smati Sambyal
Total views: 522
Redesign of Bell Mouth Nozzles Used in Converters in Acid Plant  | 
Vipin Kumar R., Ajay Thomas
Total views: 403
Providing Security by HMAC Algorithm in P2P Reputation Management Using Distributed Identities and Decentralized Recommendation Chains  | 
A. Chandrakala, S. Bhaskara Rao
Total views: 421
An Effectiveness of Mooring lines on Spar Platform  | 
Geethu Jose, Vivek Philip
Total views: 474
Risk Management as a Tool for Financial Stability in Rwandan Commercial Banks: Case Study of Bank of Kigali Head Office  | 
Ibrahim Maticha Nyaboga, Yobes Benjamin Nyaboga
Total views: 505
Effect of Motivation Enhancement Programme on Relapse Prevention in Patients Admitted with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome  | 
Rejina C. K., Riaz K. M.
Total views: 417
Investigation of Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite  | 
K. Senthil Kumar, Abilash K. J.
Total views: 438
Comparison of Extent of Participation of Urban, Rural and Tribal Farmwomen in Farming Activities  | 
Chitra M. Bellurkar
Total views: 364
The Dramatist and His Age: Ben Jonson and His Comedies  | 
Olaniyan Modupe Elizabeth
Total views: 412
Attitude of School Children to Storytelling and Reading of Textbooks in Selected Private Schools in Ibadan North Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo State  | 
Osarobu Emmanuel Igudia, Solomon Tosin Ogunsina
Total views: 482
Preparing Students for Higher Education: Zimbabwe Secondary School Teachers’ Perceptions on Research  | 
Sophie Masuku, Stella Muchemwa
Total views: 381
Primary Thyroid Lymphoma- a Close Association with Hashimotto’s Thyroiditis  | 
Meenakshi Kekre, Anant Kekre
Total views: 368
Product Counterfeiting and Survival of Selected Pharmaceutical Firms in Anambra State  | 
Onwuka Ebele Mary, Uzor Ernest Ifeanyi, Dibua Chijioke Emmanuel, Francisca Ogochukwu Ezeigwe
Total views: 325
Total Quality Management and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Study of Selected Small and Medium Scale Industries in Anambra State  | 
Onwuka Ebele Mary, Ogochukwu Sheila Asogwu, Francisca Ogochukwu Ezeigwe, Dibua Emmanuel Chijioke
Total views: 386
Teaching English Poetry through Social Media in the Classroom at Advanced Level in High Schools in Zimbabwe  | 
Bhliwayo Alice
Total views: 386