Volume 4, Issue 9, August 2015

Table of Contents


In-vitro Interaction of αB-Crystallin on Serum Amyloid a and Serum Amyloid a Fibrils with Neuro 2a Cells  | 
Asokan C., Musthapha I.
Total views: 717
Yak Pastoralist (Brokpa) of Arunachal Pradesh: Mobility and Institutional Arrangement Regarding Regulation of Seasonal Use  | 
Tsewang Dorjee
Total views: 924
Impact of Organizational Culture on Organizational Performance: an Empirical Assessment of Banking Sector in Jammu and Kashmir India  | 
Muzaffar Ahmad Sofi, K. Devanadhen
Total views: 777
Effects of Primary Air Pollutants on Human Health and Control Measures-A Review Paper  | 
Lawan Gana Ali, Abubakar Haruna
Total views: 882
Perceived Exertion of Homemakers While Performing Selected Household Activities and Their Attitude towards These Tasks  | 
Madhuri S. Kulkarni, H. L. Sarambekar, Sadhana Umrikar
Total views: 711
Factors Affecting the Use of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) among Married Couples in Anambra State, Nigeria  | 
Nneka Ihuoma Okafor, Peter Ezeah, Obianuju Udeobasi
Total views: 798
Concentration Dependent Physical Behaviour of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide NanoparticleMR Contrast Agents  | 
Bimali Sanjeevani Weerakoon, Toshiaki Osuga
Total views: 679
Clinical Study of Benign Breast Diseases  | 
B. V. Amruthavalli M. S., V. Srihari M. S.
Total views: 644
Labour Mobility and Deconstruction of Kenya Emigration Streams  | 
George Odipo, Alfred O. Agwanda
Total views: 625
Examining Negotiations, Coherence, Contradictions, Conflicts and Resistance in Autobigraphies: A Comparison of Rashsundari Debi’s Amar Jiban, Lalithambika Antherjenam’s Memoir, Kamala Das’s My Story and Nalini Jameela’s The Autobiography of a Sex Worker  | 
Sruthi B.
Total views: 670
Characterization of Gidabo River Sub Basin Wetlands: The Case of Warameda Wetland, Dale Woreda, Southern Ethiopia  | 
Adugna Babu, Bogale Teferi
Total views: 674
Roles of Public Libraries for Socio Economic Developments with Special Reference to Periyar E.V.R. District Central Library of Vellore  | 
Ariefa Basheer, K. Kaliyaperumal
Total views: 546
Dynamics of Deep Sea Currents over Equatorial Indian Ocean (EIO) from Acoustic Doppler Current Meter (ADCP) and Recorded Current Meter (RCM) Observations  | 
M. Anil Kumar
Total views: 571
Efficiency of Selected Private Sector Banks in India: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis  | 
R. Sunitha Shree, P. Suresh Kumar, D. Padmanaban
Total views: 536
Study of Academic Achievement in Mathematics in Relation to Home Environment  | 
Parvinder Singh
Total views: 540
Analysis of Solids from Crude Leaf Extracts of Gongronema Latifolium  | 
Okeke P. I., Ekwe E. O., Chibundu S. N., Emeghara K. C.
Total views: 497
Justice and the State as Care Manager  | 
Mariya T. Cheeran, Saji K. S.
Total views: 478
Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in the Evaluation of Pelvic Adnexal Masses  | 
Honey Gupta, Ashish Gupta, Mohini Paul
Total views: 582
Gaddhegal Stones: An Analysis of Imprecations and Engraved Illustrations  | 
Rupali Mokashi
Total views: 514
The Battle of Jurra and Its Subsequent Implications on the Kutch Water Scene  | 
G. Vijayalakshmi
Total views: 451
A Study to Assess the Awareness Regarding Neutropenia Home Care Needs among Caregivers of Children with Leukemia Attending Oncology Units, at Aims, Kochi  | 
Nikhitha P. M., Laly K. George
Total views: 666
A New Approach on Orderings of Fuzzy Random Variables  | 
D. Rajan, C. Senthil Murugan
Total views: 497
The Level of Efficacy of Christian Faith – Based Organizations in the Management of Relief Food in Kilifi County, Kenya  | 
Pepela M. M., Ombachi N. K., Simiyu R. N.
Total views: 465
Phytochemistry, Antimicrobial Potential and Proximate Evaluation of Marantochloa Cuspidata (Marantaceae)  | 
Igboasoiyi A. C., Ajibola D., Bassey A. E.
Total views: 533
Behavioral Economics: Understanding the Term via a Comparative Study and Economic Analysis of Impact of Various Factors on Consumption Expenditure Done by Students  | 
Amar Srivastava
Total views: 457
Effectiveness of Child to Child Concept on Knowledge of Prevention of Helminthic Infestation  | 
Ansu Maliyakal
Total views: 450
Adequacy of Learning Facilities for Implementing Entrapreneurship Education Programme in Secondary Schools in Anambra State  | 
I. N. Nwankwo, V. N. Nwogbo, P. N. Okorji, P. Egboka
Total views: 476
Maxillary First Permamnent Molar Crossbite Correction- Case Reports  | 
Jalis Fatima, Subrata Saha, Malay Mitra, Nilanjana Saha, Kashika Arora
Total views: 463
Self Help Groups Is the Innovative Achievement for Women Empowerment and Rural Livelihood Development: A Case Study at Gram Panchayat Level in West Bengal  | 
Balai Adhikary
Total views: 762
Review on Working Capital Management  | 
J. Gayathri
Total views: 565
Reconciliation of the Discrepancies in the Speed of Light: A 3D Study on the Intensity of Solar Energy  | 
C. M. Vijay
Total views: 562
A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Nursing Interventions and Relaxation Techniques on Sleep among the Senior Citizens Residing in Old Age Homes at Puducherry  | 
Jayestri S. R., Karaline Karunagiri
Total views: 490
Spatial Analysis of Healthcare Facility: A Block Level Study in Purulia District, West Bengal  | 
Debasis Ghosh, Mrinal Mandal, Biswajit Ghosh
Total views: 476
A Qualitative Study of Career Decision Making and its Associated Difficulties in Indian Adolescents  | 
Shruthi E. Monteiro
Total views: 518
Indian Parole System- A Review of Judicial Stand and Critical Issues  | 
NSSR Murthy, MSV Srinivas
Total views: 481
Contrasting Levels of Financial Capability in India – An Exploratory Study  | 
Taruna ., Mohit Kumar
Total views: 417
MLS of Tamil Children with Hearing and Hearing Impairment  | 
N. Senthamarai, R. Lalitha Raja
Total views: 708
Forecasting the Usage of Flyash in Indian Thermal Power Plants  | 
Farhan Ahmed, Abdul Ahed Khan
Total views: 379
Concepts of Umutara and Imigongo Colour Based Design in the Traditional Arts of Rwandans and Their Applications in Interior and Fashion Technologies  | 
Ndayishimiye Jean Claude, Nyirabuhoro Pascaline
Total views: 1077
Effect of Plastic Mulch Color on Fresh Weight of Leaf Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and Soil Carbon Dioxide  | 
Edmar N. Franquera
Total views: 450
Mixed Methods Research Strategies in Climate Change Adaptation in Mt Darwin District, Zimbabwe  | 
Vincent Itai Tanyanyiwa, Tarisai Kanyepi
Total views: 432
The Role of Rural Female Income Diversifying Associations for Household Food Security in Gondar Zuriya Woreda of North Gondar, North West Ethiopia  | 
Mezgebu Belay
Total views: 433
Assessing the Impact of Computer-Based Programme on Students’ Music Compositional Skills: A Case of Diploma Two Students of UEW Music Education Department  | 
Emmanuel Obed Acquah
Total views: 369
Epistemic Beliefs and their Instructional Practice: Perspective of a Private University in Ghana  | 
Jacob Manu, Robert Osei Bonsu, George Prince Atta
Total views: 366
Adoption and Utilization of Improved Cookstove in Ghana  | 
Emmanuel Sefa Owusu, Joseph X. F. Ribeiro, Edmund Ayesu, Edward Antwi, Julius C. Ahiakpor, Edem C. Bensah
Total views: 376
Household Characteristics and Utilization of Toilet Facilities in Ghana: A Multinomial Logistic Approach  | 
Edmund Ayesu, Emmanuel Sefa Owusu, Celestina Asante
Total views: 450
Key Factors behind the Profitability of Conventional Banks in Bangladesh  | 
Musharof Hossain, Amzad Hossain
Total views: 346
Real Effective Exchange Rate Dynamics in Ghana  | 
Solomon Yemidi, François Mahama, Vincent Tulasi
Total views: 374
Gender- Mix of School and Performance in Written English Language  | 
Nzeagwu Godwin Chidi
Total views: 312
Development of C & I System for Operation of a Gasifier Plant  | 
N. V. Srinivas
Total views: 318
Riding the Horses of Speech in Chika Unigwe’s Night Dancer  | 
Ogbeide O. Victor
Total views: 225
Multivariate QSAR Study of Indole β- Diketo Acid, Diketo Acid and Carboxamide Derivatives as Potent Anti-HIV Agents  | 
Emmanuel Israel Edache, Adamu Uzairu, Stephen Eyije Abechi
Total views: 363
Historical Overview and Philological Analysis of the Abridged Chronicle of Emperor Ləbnä Dəngəl (1508-1540): for Historical and Philological Advancement  | 
Abeselom Nekatibeb
Total views: 276