Volume 4, Issue 8, July 2015

Table of Contents


Conservation and New Development in Historic Cities: The Case of Rehabilitation and Rebuilding of Public Offices in Solo, Indonesia  | 
Putu AP Agustiananda
Total views: 733
Financial Assistance to SMEs: An Analysis of Decision-Making Criteria of Commercial Banks in India  | 
Ramakrishna Mishra
Total views: 685
Suitability of Children’s Outdoor Play Environment in City ECD Centers for Their Physical Development  | 
Mary E. Kerich
Total views: 868
Intra-Tester and Inter-Tester Reliability of Measures of Pelvic Inclinometer in Standing Using Hand Held and Mounted Pelvic Inclinometer in Asymptomatic Individuals  | 
Shivani Chowdhury Salian, Suman M. Gupta, Sujata Yardi
Total views: 744
The Resistance for Preeminence and Serenity: A Grain of Wheat  | 
Pallavi Bhardwaj
Total views: 712
Design and Simulation of Die Casting Mould using Robot Paths  | 
K. Venkata Narayana Raju, B. Yeswanth Kumar Reddy
Total views: 630
Oro-Antral Communications - A Review  | 
Arunasree Vadaguru Mallikarjuna
Total views: 645
Biodiesel Production by Transesterification of Used Vegetable Oil  | 
Anayokafor Chinedu Obichukwu, Ayuk Atu Ausaji
Total views: 664
Some Aspects of the Biology of African Electric Fish Mormyrus rume Valenciennes, 1846 (Osteoglossiformes; Mormyridae) in Lower River Niger at Idah, Kogi State, Central Nigeria  | 
Onimisi M. M., Shittu O. A.
Total views: 617
A Study on Consumer Preference of Dwelling Unit in Erode City  | 
K. Gunasundari
Total views: 646
Effects of Combined Formulation of Metformin, Pioglitazone and Aqueous Extract of Delonix Regia on Serum Levels of Gonadal Steroids (Testosterone and Progesterone) of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Male and Female Wistar Albino Rats  | 
Osuji P. O., Anacletus F. C., Monago C. C.
Total views: 630
Swirl Diffuser Design and Performance Characteristics for Air Flow in Air Conditioning of an Automobile-A Review  | 
Dinesh Singh, Pankaj Mishra
Total views: 1064
Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Differential Equation Governing MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Viscous Incompressible Fluid Past a Stretcing Plate  | 
Mohammed Abdullahi, Abba V. Mandara, Shuaibu G. Ngulde, Bassi I. G.
Total views: 616
Water and Sanitation: A Gender Perspective  | 
Sangeeta Poswal, Thushara Roy
Total views: 640
New Discoveries of Astronomical Science in Madras Presidency during Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  | 
Priya Kurian
Total views: 511
Web Application Queuing Model  | 
Jonathan Chukwuemerie Uzoh, Henry Onyebuchi Ossamulu, Hyacinth Chibueze Inyiama
Total views: 518
From the North East of India: The Poet Rajendra Bhandari  | 
Shobha Sharma Basistha
Total views: 669
The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Financial Performance of Banks (A Survey of Commercial Banks in Kenya)  | 
Gwaya Ondieki Joash, Mungai John Njangiru
Total views: 1735
Concept of Probation  | 
Madhusudhan P. S., B. Nagarajamurthy
Total views: 575
Removal of Reactive Blue Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Neem Leaves Powder as an Adsorbent  | 
Sowmyashree V. C., Tejaswini N. Bhagwat, Rashma Shetty, Manjunath N. T.
Total views: 603
Impact of Geomorphic Attributes on Rural Settlement Distribution: A Case Study of Baghmundi Block in Purulia District, West Bengal  | 
Sathi Sampad Roy, N. C. Jana
Total views: 661
Factors Leading to Unsafe Abortions among Females of Reproductive Age at Kangundo District Hospital  | 
Joash Auka, John Kariri Mukui, Rebecca Kanini Mbithi
Total views: 633
Proverbs as Cultural Symbols: An Analysis of Galo Proverbial Symbols  | 
Tunge Lollen
Total views: 606
The Safety of Apprentices in Small and Medium-Sized Dressmaking Enterprises in Ghana  | 
Ninette A. Pongo, Elizabeth Obinnim
Total views: 604
The Educational Implication of Symbols of the Central Ewes of Ghana  | 
Cleveland Edem K. Atiase, Priscilla Appiah
Total views: 589
Formal Education, a Blessing or a Curse: The Literate Woman in Ama Ata Aidoo’s Our Sister Killjoy and Changes  | 
Priscilla Appiah, Cleveland Edem Atiase
Total views: 782
Rajayoga and Hathayoga: A Comparative Study  | 
Sukanta Das
Total views: 549
Glimpses on History in the Development of Neurosis and Depression in the Life of Arthur Miller: With Respect to His Plays  | 
Dinesh A. Gundawar, Abhijeet K. Awari
Total views: 456
Effectiveness of Naturopathic Interventions on Reducing the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate in Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Disorders  | 
Pradeep M. K. Nair, Dhananjay Vijay Arankalle, Sriloy Mohanty, Sathyanath D.
Total views: 716
Depression, Neurotic Weakness: The Main Theme of Arthur Miller’s a Memory of Two Mondays  | 
Abhijeet K. Awari
Total views: 1098
Optical Coherence Tomography Findings and Visual Outcome after Treatment with Intravitreal Bevacizumab in Parafoveal Telangiectasia  | 
K. Pious, Kavitha Cyriac, Jasmine Mary Jacob, Sheldon Goudinho
Total views: 585
Prey Selection and Food Habit of Tiger (Panthera tigris) in Corbett Tiger Reserve, Ramnagar, Uttrakhand, India  | 
Sanjeev Kumar
Total views: 547
Mobile Theatre of Assam: Its Challenges  | 
Ranjan Bhattacharyya
Total views: 2441
Small Business and Non-Institutional Credit: A Study in West Bengal  | 
Santanu Chakraborty
Total views: 551
Effect of Compounding Characteristics on Heat Sensitization of PVME Blended Natural Rubber Latex Compound  | 
Shera Mathew, Siby Varghese
Total views: 442
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) – A Key to Expand the Education Infrastructure of India  | 
Devang Desai
Total views: 537
Ars Longa Vita Brevis: A Critical Study of Dattani’s Brief Candle  | 
Avijit Pramanik
Total views: 467
Effect of Exercise on the Blood Pressure of Cigarette Smokers  | 
O. Obia, P. E. Efone, P. N. Wichendu
Total views: 420
Devolution and Public Sector Reforms in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities  | 
Hellen Kilelo, Moses Beru, Benard Nassiuma
Total views: 634
Designing Architecture for Handling Data Locks in Cloud Computing Environment  | 
Kamini Kanchan, Preeti Thakur
Total views: 548
Gender Difference in Job Satisfaction of Employees Working in Private and Public Sector  | 
Mridula N. Murthy, Shailaja Shastri
Total views: 441
Why Mergers for Zimbabwean Insurance Companies Are Not Attractive  | 
Fainos Makaza, Charity Mhaka, Lilian Nyamwanza, Story Masiyiwa
Total views: 524
The Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Practice among Rural Nursing Mothers at the Gatanga Sub-County of Murang’a County  | 
Gathangu Sabina Wanjiku, John Kariri Mukui, Joash Auka, Kiplangat Korir
Total views: 454
Factors Influencing the Uptake of Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening among Female Patients at Thika Level 5 Hospital, Kiambu County  | 
Catherine Adema Muhonga, Joash Auka, Richard Kikwai
Total views: 606
Rehabilitation of a Hemimandibulectomy Patient with a Guiding Flange Prosthesis - A Clinical Case Report  | 
Sandeep Mahamune, S. A. Khalikar, S. P. Dange, Arun Khalikar
Total views: 420
Aggregate Investment Function  | 
Aakanksha Kaushik
Total views: 376
SDC Members’ Perceptions on the Effectiveness of ODL Degreed Primary School Head Teachers in Managerial Leadership in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe  | 
Constance Gutuza, Leonorah T. Nyaruwata
Total views: 443
Revisiting Climate Change as a Matter of Domestic and International Security  | 
Agada Fakumo Timikoru, Anyigor Chukwuma Nwankwo
Total views: 408
‘Fascism, Confrontation and Appeasement in Three Flashbacks’ in Miss Lillian Hellman’s The Searching Wind  | 
Pankaj Kumar Singh
Total views: 471
Technical Media Competence of Propsective Teachers  | 
Ampili Aravind, Sandhya Kumar
Total views: 427
The Adolescent Consumption Pattern and Its Susceptibility to Peer Pressure and Communication – An Empirical Study Conducted in Hyderabad  | 
B. V., V. V. Krishna Reddy
Total views: 376
Understanding Children with Specific Learning Disability and Comorbid Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Retrospective Analysis of Case Records  | 
Srilakshmi P., Jayanti Sundararajan
Total views: 487
Exploring the Implementation of 3-Dimensional (3D) Technologies in Clothing Manufacturing Industries in Zimbabwe  | 
Dzikite C., Muza D., Dandira T.
Total views: 520
Learning Theories and Curriculum: Analysis of Kenya Secondary School English Syllabus  | 
Clement Mulumbi Eyinda
Total views: 375
MGNREGA: A New Hope to Reduce Rural Poverty  | 
Basharat Bashir Bhat, P. Mariyappan
Total views: 460
Scintimetric Evaluation in the Assessment of Delayed Union of Skeletal Fractures  | 
Rahul Namdeo, V. Sivasubramaniyan, N. Vijaya Sai, K. Venkataramaniah
Total views: 438
Value of Sociology in the Domain of Nursing and Its Application  | 
Subhasish Chatterjee, Dipali Chatterjee
Total views: 519
Determinants of Agricultural Export Earnings in Nigeria, 1980-2011  | 
Adama Joseph Ibrahim, Ohwofasa Bright Onoriode
Total views: 336
Insights on Application of Johnson and Johnson’s Five Elements of Cooperative Learning to Health Education Curriculum Delivery  | 
Olibie Eyiuche Ifeoma, Orajekwe Veronica Ngozi, Ezenwanne Dorothy Nkem
Total views: 541
Evaluation of Pelvic Pain by Clinical Examination, Ultrasonography and Diagnostic Laparoscopy  | 
Gangwal Himanshi, Rajoria Lata
Total views: 386
Ogbogbo Funeral Rite: The Metaphor for Continuity in Discontinuity among the Ogu People of Badagry  | 
Adeyemi Olusola Smith, Williams Vinuyon Anthony
Total views: 336
Synthesis and Characterization of Schiff Base from 3, 5-Di Chloro Salicylaldehyde with 4-Bromoaniline and 4-Aminobenzoic Acid and Its 1st Row Transition Metal Complexes  | 
A. Xavier, P. Gopu, B. Akila, K. Suganya
Total views: 531
Multiple Checkpoints; a Band of the Free Movement Protocol of Economic of Community of West African States  | 
Modu Lawan Gana, Mutawalli Alhaji Sule
Total views: 369
Ghana School Feeding Program: A Retrospective Review  | 
George Prince Atta, Jacob Manu
Total views: 483
Role of Arunodoi in the Background of Nineteenth Century’s Colonial Assam  | 
Raktim Jyoti Hazarika
Total views: 375
Impact of Early Intervention on Concept Development of Children with Visual Impairment  | 
P. V. Sreenivasan, I. Prabha
Total views: 444
Psychology of Pathways  | 
Brinda Vargheseand Ar. Ganga Krishnan
Total views: 401
A Short Term Naturopathic Intervention to Improve the Cognitive Functions and Quality of Sleep in University Students- A Preliminary Study  | 
Pranav Khawale, Sriloy Mohanty, Meghnath Verma
Total views: 662
Antibacterial Activity of Five Selected Species of Pteridophytes  | 
Anto P. V., Greeshma K. V., Neenu A. Santhosh
Total views: 476
The Influence of English Language Proficiency on College Students  | 
H. Emilda Josephine, S. Devasahayam Selvakumar
Total views: 436
Medicinal Use of Fauna in the Indigenous Medicine System of Gendewuha and Kumeraaftit Kebeles of Metema Woreda, North West Ethiopia  | 
Mezgebu Belay
Total views: 334
Neo-Narratives in the Third Space: An Attempt at Re-imagining a Post-Spectator Philippine Social Studies Classroom  | 
Donne Jone P. Sodusta, Joel B. Labos
Total views: 401
The Poet as a Visionary: a Reading of Wole Soyinka’s Animistic Spells  | 
Obakanse Lakanse, Anthony V. William
Total views: 319
Role of Microfinance in the Development of Non-Farming Sectors  | 
Sreedhar Maddulapalli
Total views: 250