Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2015

Table of Contents


Enhancement of Production and Productivity of Arhar Crop through Front Line Demonstration  | 
N. Bar, S. Das
Total views: 1154
Violence against Nurses at Public Sector Hospital of Peshawar, Pakistan  | 
Awal Khan, Afsha Badshah Said, Bakhtiyar Ali Shah, Aurangzeb , Fakhrul Islam
Total views: 1465
Risk Factors Associated with Ischemic Heart Diseases in Different Age Groups Patients Admitted to Tertiary Care Hospitals of Peshawar  | 
Fakhrul Islam, Awal Khan, Aurangzeb , Sumaira Naz, Afsha Badshah Said
Total views: 1238
A Statistical Analysis of the Stochastic Drift between Sensex & Nifty- an in-Depth Study  | 
Bikramaditya Ghosh, Padma Srinivasan
Total views: 1235
A Study on Effective Utilisation of Green Channel Counter with Special Reference to City Union Bank Pvt. Ltd, Vellore Branch  | 
Vijayasarathi V., G. Velmurugan
Total views: 1178
Tourism Innovations and Their Implementation: A Case Study of Haryana, India  | 
Pardeep Kumar, Pardeep Singh
Total views: 1225
Health and Associated Factors among the Chakhesang Elders  | 
Sezolu Khamu, B. T. Langstieh
Total views: 1106
A Study of Relationship of Waist Circumference and Waist-to-Hip Ratio with Blood Pressure Levels in Young Obese Adults  | 
Mazharul Haque, Wasima Jahan
Total views: 1141
Attitudes towards Sexual Diversity, Perceptions of Specific Problems and Internalization of Myths and Stereotypes about Same-Sex Violence in Social Workers of Social Services  | 
Luis Manuel Rodríguez Otero
Total views: 1175
Sticky Knowledge Externality: An Instrument to Access Innovation  | 
Sukanta Saha
Total views: 2297
Heavy Metals and Aflatoxin Contaminants in Commercial and Desi Poultry Eggs Consumed in District Peshawar-Pakistan  | 
Muhammad Ishaq, Kamal Niaz, Muhammad Mobashar
Total views: 1245
Comparative Study of Ivermectin and Cypermethrin against Sarcoptes Scabiei in Rabbit  | 
Kamal Niaz, Muhammad Shoaib
Total views: 1276
Rumen Degradability of Dry Matter and Crude Protein of Diets Containing Acacia Angustissima, Leucaena Trichandra and Calliandra Calothyrsus  | 
Garikai Mabeza, Irvine Mpofu, Edmore Masama
Total views: 873
Prudent Borrowing Practices and Growth of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies  | 
Rosebella Oruko Adhiambo, Josphat Kwasira
Total views: 850
An Assessment of the Survival Strategies Adopted by Microfinance Institutions in Nakuru Town, Kenya  | 
Joanne Nyasanga Opinya, Josphat Kwasira
Total views: 1007
Design and Implementation of Alias-Locked Loop in 90nm Technology for RF Applications  | 
Sharanappa Shiladhar Dulari, V. Nattarasu
Total views: 1115
Optimization of Existing Plant Layout on the Basis of Backward Movement Minimization of the Product  | 
Manoj Kumar Gupta, Abdul Ahed Khan
Total views: 888
The Influence of Leaders' Power Bases on Academic Staffs' Job Satisfaction: The Case of Wolaita Sodo University  | 
Mengistu Amare Gebreegziabher
Total views: 914
Denial of Service Forwarding Anomalies in Bloom Filter  | 
R. Mary Rifo Nisha, P. Krishna Kumar
Total views: 886
Mother’s Knowledge and Attitude Associated with Diarrhea in an Urban Area in Karachi, Pakistan  | 
Salmanuddin , Ibrahim Shah, Shireen Arif, Adeel Ilyas
Total views: 1000
Growth Analysis and Age Estimation of Human Fetus from Human Fetal Humerus  | 
Dhason Simon, M. M. Baig
Total views: 798
Growth Pattern and Fetal Age Estimation from the Diaphyseal Length of Femur  | 
Dhason Simon, M. M. Baig
Total views: 761
Voice Conversion by Advance Method  | 
Mohit Kumar, Piyush Lotia
Total views: 800
Species Diversity and Abundance of Birds of Chilli Lake, Fatehabad, Haryana  | 
Girish Chopra, Pooja Rani
Total views: 979
Non Profit Marketing: An Emerging Trend  | 
Sunita , Heena Kashyap
Total views: 893
Creativity at Workplace: Proposing Some Contributors  | 
Aneesh V. Appu, Surendra Kumar Sia, Bharat Chandra Sahoo
Total views: 765
Impact of Training Couples on Decision Making and Planning on Food and Income Security: A Case of Cowpeas Farmers in Guruve District, Zimbabwe  | 
Tembachako Deliwe, Chisango Future Fortune T., Pepukai Muchazondida Svinurai
Total views: 732
An Evaluation of Customer Retention Strategies in Enhancing Market Share Growth among Listed Commercial Banks in Nakuru County  | 
Ng’ok Michael Kiprotich, Erustus Thoronjo
Total views: 683
An Effective Malicious Node Detection Scheme for Adaptive Data Fusion under Time-Varying Byzantine Attack  | 
Sachin R. Gulshette, B. R. Prasad Babu
Total views: 636
Analysis of Properties in Bitumen and Asphalt with Partial Replacement of Rubber Tyres  | 
Vijaya Sarathy R., Jose Ravindraraj B., Dhinesh Kumar S.
Total views: 577
Modification of Inert Oxy-Acetylene Welding Nozzle  | 
Priya Sharma, Abhishek Panwar, Adarsh Kumar, Mohd. Tahir, Johney Siwas, Md. Ehsan Asgar, S. K. Gupta
Total views: 606
NFC: A New Trend in the Field of Device Communication  | 
Amit kumar, B. R. Prasad Babu, K. Prasada Rao
Total views: 624
Effect of Nutrition Education on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Sports Person with Special Reference to Zinc  | 
Anusha Priyadarsini K., Lalitha Ramaswamy, Sindhu R.
Total views: 610
Studies on Egg Morphology, Availability and Hatching of Four Species of Cephalopods along Vizhinjam Coast, Kerala  | 
Neethu Raj P., M. K. Anil, Rohini Krishna M.V.
Total views: 543
Geophysical Investigation around an Active Landfill Site in Ilokun, Ado-Ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria  | 
Yemisi C. Ajisafe
Total views: 621
Sindh Forestry Resources: Causes of Deforestation and Policy Guideline for Its Conservation (A Case Study of Lower Indus Valley Sindh-Pakistan)  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Andsyed Roshan Ali Shah
Total views: 573
Colour Vision Based Drivable Road Area Estimation  | 
Sabu Kamini, M. H. Nerkar
Total views: 490
Human Resources as Assets: An Overview  | 
Total views: 538
The Simulation Effect of Packet Drop Ratio and End-2-End Delay in AODV using Black Hole Attack in NS-2  | 
Dipika Jain, Sunita Sangwan
Total views: 570
Anxiety, Depression and Burden in Caregivers of Psychotic Patients on Treatment  | 
Prasanna Kumar N., Gireesh Kumar M., Srilakshmi P., Mayurnath Reddy J., Sreekeerthi D.
Total views: 647
Sindh Agro Eco System: Major Obstacles and Remedies  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Andsyed Roshan Ali Shah
Total views: 543
Millennium Development Goals: Reducing Gender Disparity through Educational Incentives (Evidences from Sindh-Pakistan)  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Andsyed Roshan Ali Shah
Total views: 550
Aggression in Relation to Family Climate of Scheduled Caste and Non Scheduled Caste Adolescents of Punjab  | 
Naginder Kaur, Tanveer Kaur Nanda
Total views: 533
Changing Nature of Caste in India: A Historical Perspective  | 
Wajeeha Kamal
Total views: 502
Series Hybrid Filter for Harmonic Compensation in Three Phase System  | 
Nisha Tilwani, Dipesh Sharma
Total views: 501
Coverage of News Related to Women Empowerment in Indian Press: A Content Analysis of Two Famous News Papers of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka  | 
Deekshitha R.
Total views: 581
Influence of Perceptions of Motivating Factors on Students’ Achievement in Secondary School Physics in Tinderet Sub-County, Kenya  | 
Joseck O. Barasa, Mark I. O. Okere, Johnson Changeiywo
Total views: 518
Bayesian Belief Network Based Management Reviews, Using Project Performance Data from Earned Value Analysis  | 
Manoj Tyagi, Rita Shrivastava, Anuja , Nitin Sharma
Total views: 381
Academic Achievement in Mathematics in Relation to Study-Habits  | 
Parvinder Singh
Total views: 505
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Awareness: A Case Study of Unilever Zimbabwe Private Ltd.  | 
Ranga Gilbert Chirimubwe
Total views: 534
Impact of Internal Marketing on Organisational Performance  | 
Mapira Nyasha, Tasiyana Vision, Muzvidziwa Rutendo Faith
Total views: 467
Has Systemic Grand Corruption Shaped Boko Haram’s Terrorist Landscape in Nigeria?  | 
Florence Anaedozie
Total views: 423
Effect of Household Water-User Preference on the Sustainable Supply of Safe Water in Obunga Slums of Kisumu Municipality, Kenya  | 
Elisha Ongere Dickson, Samuel C. J. Otor, Augustine Afullo
Total views: 354
Newly Discovered Gaddhegal Stones from Maharashtra: An Analysis of Imprecations and Engraved Illustrations  | 
Rupali Mokashi
Total views: 332