Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2015

Table of Contents


Vague Ideals and Normal Vague Ideals in Γ-Semirings  | 
Y. Bhargavi, T. Eswarlal
Total views: 1300
A Novel Low Power Pulsed Latch with Increased Reliability  | 
Helen Judy. J., Kavitha D.
Total views: 1177
Structural Study of (1-x) (Bi0.5Na0.5) TiO3 -xLiNbO3 Solid-Ceramics  | 
Varsha Sao
Total views: 1180
Power Generation Using Pressure from Road Side Vehicles and Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer and Inventor  | 
Ambika K.
Total views: 1241
Teacher Autonomy: How Far and to What Extent in ESL Classroom?  | 
K. Jaisingh
Total views: 1238
Costing of Antiretroviral Treatment in Mbagathi District Hospital, Kenya  | 
Elizabeth Anyango Owiti, Martine Odhiambo Oleche
Total views: 1066
Teachers Voices: Challenges of Double-Shift Sessioning in Gweru Urban Primary Schools  | 
Mercy Kurebwa, Abigirl Lumbe
Total views: 1135
Etiological Profile of Pancytopenia  | 
Kondal Reddy Sankepally, Saikrishna K.
Total views: 1097
Conceptualising Poverty in Poverty Reduction Projects: Experience from the South West Region of Cameroon  | 
Dorothy Forsac Tata, Joyce B. Endeley, Fondo Sikod
Total views: 1109
Studies on the Invitro Regenerative Response of Santalum Album  | 
K. Naga Devi, Ch. Madhavi, Balasubramanian Sathyamurthy
Total views: 1008
Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Signature Collection and Validation Using IRS P6-Lissiv and Ground Truth Spectoradiometer  | 
M. Rajamanickam, J. Dinesh, V. Santhosh Raja, D. Muthu
Total views: 937
Students’ Perception of Library Orientation Programme in Benue State University, Makurdi  | 
Bem-Bura Mwuese Doris
Total views: 920
The Effect of Board the Size and Audit Committee the Size on Earnings Management in Nigerian Consumer Industries Companies  | 
Awaisu Adamu Salihi, Rabi’u Saminu Jibril
Total views: 959
Auditory Evoked Potential with Speech and Non-Speech Stimulus  | 
Shivraj Bhimte, R. Rangasayee
Total views: 899
Influence of Physical Training Programme on Selected Skill Related Variables with College Men Cricketers  | 
S. Sivasamy, P. Anbalagan
Total views: 860
Pros and Cons of Migration in Punjab  | 
Kamaljit Rai
Total views: 849
RDH in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room before Encryption  | 
Deepak Godse, Suvarna Lokhande, Madhuri Bhagwat, Suyog Kandekar
Total views: 889
Educational Counselling for Students with Mental Disorders  | 
Sangeeta Kamath, Anuradha Sovani
Total views: 912
Detecting of Routing Misbehaving in Hybrid Wireless Networks Used an Acknowledgment Based Approach  | 
R. Kumaresan, S. Aakasham
Total views: 842
Importance of Expert System Shell in Development of Expert System  | 
Sanjay Kumar, Rajkishore Prasad
Total views: 910
The Role of a Teacher in Moulding the Personality of the Undergraduate Students  | 
M. Joseph Dyvasirvada Rao
Total views: 2496
Internet Hardware Mash-up Using Bluetooth  | 
Ashish Thorat, Juhi Bulani, Swati Porje, Shahwar Shaikh
Total views: 838
Evaluation of the Results of Primary Intramedullary Nailing in Gustilo III B Fracture of Tibia  | 
Dibakar Ray
Total views: 828
Prediction of Process Parameters in Machining of Aluminium Alloy 5083 Using Central Composite Design and Genetic Algorithm  | 
Pragatheeswaran L., Rajesh V., Balamurali S.
Total views: 844
CFD Analysis of Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers  | 
Karthikeyan V., Sundaram K., Balamurali S.
Total views: 835
Hydrodynamic and Electro-Osmotic Studies on Transport through Nylon-66 Membrane Using Aqueous Aluminium Nitrate as Permeant Untitled
Manoj Kumar, Bali Ram
Total views: 901
ICT for Education (ICT4E) – the Problem Zone  | 
Machunwangliu Kamei
Total views: 861
A Cross Sectional Study of Factors Influencing Duration of Untreated Psychosis in a Tertiary Mental Health Care Institute  | 
Nageswar Rao Nallapaneni, Usha V. R. Lanka, Chandra Bhanu Gupta Paritala
Total views: 741
Hidden Currents in the Tea Cup: NGO Intervention in Closed Tea Gardens of Dooars  | 
Karma Yangchen Lhamu
Total views: 720
Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Tezpur Municipal Area, Assam  | 
Dipam Saikia, Manash Jyoti Nath, Charu Saharia Nath
Total views: 801
Automatic Meter Reading and Recognition System without Replacing the Existing Meter  | 
Shanmuga L. Priya
Total views: 741
Modern Restaurant System
Vivek Kamble, Sadashiv Sarwad, Sandeep Singh
Total views: 777
Using Indigenous Symbols to Enhance the Aesthetic Look of Ceramic Facial Tiles  | 
Henrietta Meakoa Barfi-Mensah, Noble Komla Dzegblor, Mokpokpo Adja Koadade
Total views: 718
Employee Performance Appraisal System Using Fuzzy Logic  | 
V. Anbarasu, A. Jenitha, J. Jerin Yulit
Total views: 771
Studies on the Assessment of Storage Stability of Jamun Jam  | 
Sangita Sood
Total views: 684
A Compact Fractal Antennabased on Sierpinski Geomentry for “S” Band Applications  | 
Livya Shree G., Maheswari T., Mubarak Ali K., Priyanka V., Manikandan A.
Total views: 885
A Protection Coordination Index for Evaluating Distributed Generation Impacts on Protection for Meshed Distribution Systems Using Hybrid GA-NLP Approach  | 
Ananta Adhikari, V. Senthil Kumar
Total views: 735
Socio-Economic and Political Implications of the On-Going Port Reform Process in Nigeria  | 
Victor Omoke, A. O. Adigun, Ikechukwu Awam, Joshua I. Ahuama, Shehu U. Gidado
Total views: 514
Android Based Digital Dash Board  | 
Snehal Koparde, Manoj Gambhire, Gaurav Chaudhari, Rahul Gurav
Total views: 599
Iodine, Copper, and Zinc Levels as Indices of Nutritional Status among Residents of Wassa West District, a Mining Impacted Region of Ghana, Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis  | 
B. V. Samlafo
Total views: 652
Entrepreneurship Climate and Its Effect on Entrepreneurial Development in Kenya  | 
Ruth Tubey, Musambayi J. Nandwa, Omboto P. I., Clare M. K. Situma
Total views: 522
Patch Based Image Processing  | 
Silpa E. S., Sreelakshmi K. N., Beena M. V., Slipa V. M., Swapna Lazar
Total views: 589
Existing Materials, Current Style and Ecclesiastical Architecture in Nigeria  | 
Albert Babajide Adeboye
Total views: 537
The Challenges Confront the Developing Countries in Applying Sustainable Urban Development: An Application on Egypt  | 
Sherine El Sakka
Total views: 482
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of an Interactive CD Rom on Technique of Using a Newly Designed Community Health Bag  | 
Kishorekumar P., Jolly Jose
Total views: 805
Dynamic Collage Steganography on Images  | 
Aswathi P. S., Sreedhi Deleepkumar, Maya Mohanan, Swathy M.
Total views: 431
An Exploration of Psalm 23 in the Context of the National Union of Roads Transport Workers of Nigeria (Nurtwn)  | 
Sangotunde Sunday O.
Total views: 495
The Significant of Adiye Irana Ritual in Youruba Traditional Burial Rites  | 
Ojetayo Gabriel Kehinde
Total views: 611
Feminist Leadership Role: Moremi Ajasoro in the Lens of the Camera  | 
Ojetayo Gabriel Kehinde
Total views: 518
Studies on Catalytic Oxidation of Glycollic Acid by PMS  | 
M. Maheswari, S. Shailaja
Total views: 465
Food Odyssey- Mapping Identity and Belonging through Native Cuisine in A House by the Sea by Sikeena Karmali  | 
Pooja Swamy
Total views: 419
Analysis and Comparison of Three Phase VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive by Using Various Pulse Width Modulation Techniques  | 
Pooja Singh, Amita Mahor
Total views: 422
Analysis and Comparison of Three Phase VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive by Using Various Pulse Width Modulation Techniques  | 
Pooja Singh, Amita Mahor
Total views: 392
Assertion of Faith and Optimism in Alfred Tennyson’s ‘Ulysses’  | 
Eliza Zakaria
Total views: 507
The Language of Metaphysical Poetry: Scientific Developments and Ongoing Reformations of the English Language in the Seventeenth Century  | 
Tazir Hussain
Total views: 440
The Dynamics of Change in African Sensibility: Anthills of the Savannah  | 
Pallavi Bhardwaj
Total views: 378
Environmental and Religious Architecture Dynamics in Himachal Pradesh, North West India  | 
Kiran Singh
Total views: 374
Factors Influencing Management of Conflict in Kenya: A Case of Turkana / West Pokot Boundary  | 
Timothy Ptiyos Ng’imor
Total views: 338
Stylistic Diversity in the Musical Compositions of J.H. Nketia  | 
John Francis Annan
Total views: 266
Impact of Gafan Dam Construction and Its Adverse Socio-Economic Effects on Bunkure Local Government Area of Kano State  | 
Aminu Mansur
Total views: 248
India -Pakistan; the Process of Conflict Resolution  | 
Mushtaq Ahmad Mir, Nisar Ahmad Sheikh
Total views: 268