Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2015

Table of Contents


Barriers Hindering Implementation, Innovation and Adoption of ICT in Primary Schools in Kenya  | 
Langat Andrew Chris
Total views: 1804
GIS And Geostatistical Analysis of Tetrital Grains of Gadilam River Basin, Tamil Nadu India  | 
Muthukrishnan N., R. Neelakandan
Total views: 1467
Analysis of Intensity of Weathering on Detrital Sediments of Gadilam River, Tamil Nadu, India  | 
Muthukrishnan N., R. Neelakandan
Total views: 1412
Extent to Which Saccos Have Invested in Information Technology to Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage over Their Rivals: A Case of KISII County, Kenya  | 
Elias Mabeya Mang’ana, Benjamin Yobes Nyaboga, Charles Momanyi, Samson Manono Makone
Total views: 1529
Effective School Health Program Could Promote Child Health in Pakistan  | 
Shireen Arif
Total views: 1512
Satan in the Poetry of Dr. Iqbal: An Overview  | 
Tanvir Ahmed
Total views: 1466
Foreign Aid and Growth Trajectory in Bhutan: A Time Series Analysis  | 
Anil Kumar Biswas
Total views: 1475
Effect of Exercise on Cardiovascular System in Yoga Trained and Untrained School Going Children  | 
Ashwathy V. T., R. S. Koujalagi, Suresh Y Bondade, Lokesh B. N., Vineeth V. T.
Total views: 1516
Car Security Using A-B-C Analysis  | 
Ashish Dudhale, Sagar Rasal, Akshay Sabale, Nikit Thakkar
Total views: 1404
Embracing Intelligence-Led Policing in the Republic of Zimbabwe  | 
Ishmael Mugari, Martin Maunga, Tiki Chigariro
Total views: 1441
String Monitoring and Control System for Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plants  | 
K. Ajay
Total views: 1432
Dual Meaning in the Title of a Farewell to Arms: Theme of Love and War  | 
Mariya Aslam
Total views: 1548
Genetics Analysis of Yield and Its Component Traits in Mungbean (Vigna Radiata L.Wilczek)  | 
Manoj Katiyar, Amit Kumar
Total views: 1371
Ethos of Todas – Integrating With Sylvan System  | 
B. Karthikeyan
Total views: 1332
The Algeria Agreement of March 1975 Implications in the Middle East  | 
Karwan Salih Waisy
Total views: 1338
Mobility Improvement Plan for Barasat Municipal Area  | 
Ram Krishna Sen
Total views: 10443
Not In My Backyard (NIMBY)? : The Accumulation of Solid Waste in the Avenues Area, Harare, Zimbabwe  | 
Vincent Itai Tanyanyiwa
Total views: 1302
A Review of Entrepreneurship Development in Japan, South Africa and Malaysia: Lessons for Nigeria  | 
Chiekezie Obianuju Mary, Nzewi Hope Ngozi, Ikon Michael A., Chiekezie Chinonye Simon
Total views: 1765
Investigative Journalism in Nigeria: The Press and Responsible Governance  | 
Onyeka Uwakwe
Total views: 1071
Investigative Journalism in Nigeria: The Press and Responsible Governance  | 
Onyeka Uwakwe
Total views: 1041
Investigative Journalism in Nigeria: The Press and Responsible Governance  | 
Onyeka Uwakwe
Total views: 1113
Bamboo and Its Connectivity to the Different Fields of Economics: A Potential Resource of Modern India  | 
Visarg Mishra
Total views: 14140
Representation of Women in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Arranged Marriage  | 
Sarabjit Kaur
Total views: 1257
Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Wash) in Rural Secondary Schools with Special Reference to Girl Children at Tsvingwe High School, Manicaland  | 
Mboto Betty, Mahundi Plaxcediaa
Total views: 1164
Application of Data Self-Destructing System Online  | 
Pravin M. Sonsare, Khushbu R. Khandait
Total views: 1153
Mahasweta Devi’s Dopdi: a Challenge to Patriarchy  | 
Shobha Sharma
Total views: 1179
Teachers Effectiveness in Teaching Economics: Implication for Secondary Education  | 
Cletus Usman Idoko, Agenyi Emmanuel
Total views: 630
RBAM with Constraint Satisfaction Problem in Role Mining  | 
B. Shuriya, S. Thenmozhi
Total views: 653
Freshwater Management: An Approach to Address the 21st Century Water Crisis  | 
Amrisha Pandey
Total views: 751
Integrated Solid Waste Management Model for Developing Country with Special Reference to Tezpur Municipal Area, India  | 
Dipam Saikia, Manash Jyoti Nath
Total views: 848
Use of Information Resources by Marine Scientists in South India: a Study  | 
Maranna O.
Total views: 581
Enhanced Oruta Mechanism for Verifying Shared Data Integrity with Data Freshness and Traceability over the Cloud Data  | 
N. Deivanayaki, J. Amu Bebina
Total views: 637
Denoising Method for Removal of Impulse Noise Present in Images  | 
D. Devasena, A. Yuvaraj, R. Buvnesh, G. K. Shrikanth
Total views: 556
Causes and Consequences of Land Degradation in and around the Brick Kilns of Khejuri CD Blocks over Coastal Medinipur in West Bengal  | 
Rabin Das
Total views: 668
Smart Car System  | 
Vikrant Kate, Amol Karnavat, Tushar Ahirrao, Sadhana Holkar
Total views: 766
Employee Engagement and Workplace Harmony in Nigeria Civil Service  | 
Patrick N. Nwinyokpugi
Total views: 609
Integrated Practices: E – Learning vs. Traditional in ELT  | 
S. Sulekha Rani
Total views: 613
The Use of Computer-Based Tutorial to Augment Teaching and Learning of Computer Software Application: A Case Study of Rhinoceros 3d Software  | 
Samuel Kwame, Noble Komla Dzegblor, John Cantius Lodonu
Total views: 618
Taking India towards Global Quality in Management Education  | 
C. P. Ramchandani
Total views: 541
Prevalence, Perceptions and Effects of Dysmenorrhea in School Going Female Adolescents of Karachi, Pakistan  | 
Saleema Gulzar, Shela Khan, Kashif Abbas, Shireen Arif, Syed Shajee Husain, HIna Imran, Jacoline Sommer
Total views: 760
Acoustical Study of Chalcone in Dioxane: Water Mixture in Different Concentrations  | 
U. A. Pathare, S. D. Thakur
Total views: 563
Evolution of Human Societies  | 
Suniti Ahuja
Total views: 619
Examination of Self-Directed Learning Readiness among Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Peshawar Pakistan  | 
Afsha Badshah Said, Nasreen Ghani, Awal Khan, Musarrat Kiramat
Total views: 664
Staff Perceptions on Motivational Practices and their Implications for Staff Job Satisfaction: the Case of Zimbabwe Open University, Matabeleland North Regional Centre  | 
Douglas Gasva, Wisdom Moyo, Fortune F.T. Chisango
Total views: 644
A Study on Influence of Yoga on Autonomic Variables on Young Adults  | 
Shashikiran H. C., Shivaprasad Shetty, Prashanth Shetty, Chethan Kumar R.
Total views: 732
Design and Analysis of Horizontal Axis Windmill Turbine Blade  | 
Sowdager Moin Ahmed
Total views: 716
Assessment of Storage Stability of Tinosporacordifolia (Giloy) Based Squash  | 
Sangita Sood, Shilpa .
Total views: 631
Challenges Related to Pedagogy in Curriculum  | 
Nasima Salmani
Total views: 520
Towards E-Commerce – A Study of Changing Trends in India  | 
C. P. Ramchandani
Total views: 588
A Study on Interdependent and Asymmetrical Behaviours Associated with Land use and Land Cover at Ruhande, Huye, Rwanda  | 
Ndayishimiye Jean Claude, Nyirabuhoro Pascaline
Total views: 996
Synthesis and Characterization of N-Alkyl Substituted 2-Benzimidazolyl Pyridine  | 
Hamdi Ali Elagab, Elsammani Ali Shokralla
Total views: 342
Rethinking the Role of English in Multilingual Countries: The Case of Ethiopia  | 
Muluken Yohannes Gurmessa
Total views: 485
Effect of First Meetings on Pulse Changes in Relation to Gender, Personality and Communication Type  | 
Agata Kołodziejczyk, Krzysztof Celuch
Total views: 409
A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees of Manufacturing Industry in Puducherry, India  | 
A. Ravichandran, L.J. Soundara Rajan, G. Bala Sendhil Kumar
Total views: 442
A Study on Employee Involvement in SME in Puducherry  | 
Bala Sendhil Kumar G., L. J. Soundararjan
Total views: 425
International Criminal Court: Challenges and Problems  | 
Rajinder Verma
Total views: 453
Mitigating Space and Resource Materials Constraints Using 24/7 Service: A Case Study of Nkumba University Library  | 
Robinah Kalemeera Namuleme
Total views: 385
A Critical Discourse Analysis of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Manifesto  | 
Humaira Sarvat
Total views: 321
Social Impact of Migration in Punjab  | 
Baljit Kaur
Total views: 343