Volume 3, Issue 11, November2014

Table of Contents


The Practice of Internal Marketing Concept A Comparative Study Through The Use of Four Definitions  | 
Kwabena Asamoah Asiedu, Isaac Acheampong
Total views: 695
Tumor Lysis Syndrome  | 
V. J. Binipaul, V. Hemavathy
Total views: 710
Shaken Baby Syndrome Gives Serious Health Effects in Children  | 
V. Hemavathy, S. Geetha
Total views: 635
Empowering Specially Abled Through Rehabilitation- Case Studies  | 
T. Asha Jyothi, L. Uma Devi
Total views: 540
Design and Production of Commemorative Ceramic Mural for Can 2008: Ghana the Host Country  | 
K. Donkor, E. K . Howard
Total views: 596
Designing of Android Mobile Based System Using QR Code  | 
Dumisani Sibanda, Weston D. Govere, Noreen Sarai, Gresham Muradzikwa
Total views: 755
Synthesis and Characterization of Polyamide imides from N-(P-Carboxypheny)l Trimellitimide with Aromatic Diamines  | 
Saswati Phookan
Total views: 496
Central Asia: A New Avenue to India’s Future Energy Needs & Geo-Strategic Challenges  | 
Pranab Kr. Das
Total views: 584
A Negotiation Process between Postmodern Worship Practices and Traditional Worship Practices in Selected Anglican Churches in Muranga County, Kenya  | 
Patrick Maina, Simon Nderitu
Total views: 542
Performance Contracting and Academic Staffers Administrative Work Systems’ for Service Delivery in Selected Kenyan Universities  | 
Samuel Otor, Gorretti Ofafa, Philip Wambua Peter, Cush L. Ngonzo
Total views: 485
Multi-Biometric Personal Authentication with 3d Face and Iris Images Using Sum Rule Based Fusion of Matching Scores  | 
T. Karthikeyan, T. K. Sumathi
Total views: 516
Dynamic Automation System for Semiconductor Manufacturing  | 
Shyam Sunder Padhy
Total views: 442
Amniotic Fluid Index versus Umbilical Artery Doppler Velocimetry in Prediction of Perinatal Outcome  | 
A. A. Rao, A. Suresh, S. Goyal
Total views: 754
Performance of Geometry among the Secondary School Students of Bhurbandha CD Block of Morigaon District, Assam, India  | 
Imdad Ali, Simarekha Bhagawati, Jnanjyoti Sarmah
Total views: 578
Nexus between Narcotic Drugs Trafficking Syndication and other Associated Crimes  | 
Rachael O. Iyanda, Michael I. Ogu, Bukola Alao
Total views: 509
Discovering Fraud in Credit Card by Genetic Programming  | 
Mayuri Agrawal, Sonali Rangdale
Total views: 540
A Study on Attitude of Brokers towards the Mutual Fund Investments  | 
J. Kannan, B. Premsundar
Total views: 623
Ethiopian Ethnic Federalism and its Implications for University Students: The Case of University of Gondar  | 
Bitwoded Admasu Dagnaw
Total views: 576
Buckling Analysis of SSSS Stiffened Rectangular Isotropic Plates using Work Principle Approach  | 
Ibearugbulem, M. O., Ibeabuchi, V. T., Njoku, K. O.
Total views: 511
An Investigation of the Relevance of Biblical Teachings on Church Participation in the Preservation of Environment Resources in Tigania West Sub-County, Meru County, Kenya  | 
Gitonga Timothy Mwambia, Simon Nderitu
Total views: 488
Human Resource Management in the Information Technology Sector - A Study with Reference to Bangalore City  | 
A. Ramasethu
Total views: 519
Constraints to Productivity of Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Women Farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria  | 
K. Olatinwo, M. Muntaka, M. A. Taiwo
Total views: 527
Sustainment of Plant Assets through TPM: An Implementation Strategy  | 
M. C. Bhardwaj, A. K. Parbhakar
Total views: 593
A Critical Examination of Awolowo’s Regime of Mental Magnitude as a Cure to Social Vices  | 
Ogoma Daniel Ebun
Total views: 555
Effect of Borrower’ Characteristics to Government Funded Micro-Credit Initiatives in Murang’a County, Kenya  | 
Mungai John Njangiru, Maingi James, Muathe SMA
Total views: 518
Investigation of Performance Analysis and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel  | 
D. Sivakumar, M. K. Murthi
Total views: 440
MOOCs: Need in Management Education  | 
Gurpreet Singh Tuteja
Total views: 487
Change Detection of Different Natural Resources for Udham Singh Nagar District of Uttarakhand State During Last 24 Years by Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique  | 
Divya Uniyal, V. K. Dhaundiyal, M. M. Kimothi
Total views: 789
Design of Inset-Fed Ceramic Patch Array Antenna for Pseudolite Based Positioning Applications  | 
D. Venkata Ratnam, K. J. Silva Lorraine, K. Rosili Sipora
Total views: 503
Coping Strategies of Child-Headed Households in Bindura Urban of Zimbabwe  | 
Jeffrey Kurebwa, Nyasha Yvonne Gatsi Kurebwa
Total views: 701
Ayurveda Drugs for Management of Respiratory Allergic Disorders: A Short Review  | 
Nisha Kumari Ojha, Satyendra Kumar Tiwari
Total views: 767
Implementing a LAN Video Calling Application (VinceS-Tool) which Minimizes Bandwidth and Network Resources Better than Skype  | 
Prudence M. Mavhemwa, Vincent Chaitezvi
Total views: 594
Review of the Methods for Estimating Hydrocarbon in Place  |   | 
O. A. Omoniyi, T. O. Obafemi
Total views: 492
Review of the Methods for Estimating Hydrocarbon in Place  | 
O. A. Omoniyi, T. O. Obafemi
Total views: 447
Critical Thinking and Decision Making among Head Nurses at Mansoura University  | 
Awatef Hassan Kassam
Total views: 442
Competence Building for Sustainable Post Catastrophe Waste Management  | 
Nitish Bagdi, Ankita Goel
Total views: 502
Competition or Cooperation? Views of Moral Education Teacher Trainees on Peer Teaching at the University of Botswana  | 
Herman T. Mangope, Koketso Jeremiah, Baamphatlha Dinama
Total views: 436
Consumption Preferences for Dairy Products in an Urban Setting: A Study of Sokoto Metropolis  | 
Mohammed K. Abdullahi, Usman B. Kyiogwom, Likita Tanko, Muawiya Jibir
Total views: 465
Characterization and Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste Soil of Open Dump Site of Potiya Durg District in (C.G.) India  | 
Nisha Gupta, Manisha A. Agrawal
Total views: 452
Online Built-In-Self Test Architecture Using SRAM Cells  | 
M. Malarvizhi, M. Saravanan, V. Rajendhiran
Total views: 521
Effect of Dividend Payout on Market Value of Listed Banks in Kenya  | 
Lilian Luvembe, Mungai John Njangiru, Eddie Simiyu Mungami
Total views: 741
Benign Herbal Medicines [BHM] to Treat, Control and Management of Asthma  | 
Ch. Srinivasa Prasadacharyulu
Total views: 488
Bhutia Tribe in Sikkim: A Sociological Study  | 
Zigmee Wongchuk Bhutia, P. K. Mishra
Total views: 439
Markov Models in System Reliability with Applications  | 
M. Reni Sagayaraj, A. Merceline Anita, A. Chandrababu, S. Gowtham Prakash
Total views: 468
Chemistry Teacher-Trainees’ Interpretations of Safety Rules and Symbols- A Case Study in Ghana  | 
Ruby Hanson, Emmanuel Oppong
Total views: 377
Symmetric Key Encryption of Text Documents  | 
Shubham ., Jayati Singh
Total views: 510
A Review on Load Flow Analysis  | 
Nitesh Kumar Lal, Samina Elyas Mubeen
Total views: 482
Online Banking-A Survey on Customers Viewpoint and Satisfaction  | 
M. M. Goyal
Total views: 519
Comparative Analysis of Advanced Encryption Standard, Blowfish and Rivest Cipher 4 Algorithms  | 
Adolf Fenyi, Joseph G. Davis, Kwabena Riverson
Total views: 624
Spectrophotometric Determination of Ciprofloxacin Using Charge-Transfer Complexation Technique  | 
A. C. Igboasoiyi, E. E. Attih, S. I. Ofoefule, E. D. Umoh, O. C. Udoh
Total views: 587
Livelihood Strategies in Ghanaian Slums: The Case of Effiakuma in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis  | 
Fusheini Halawayhi
Total views: 468
Computer Vision Syndrome  | 
Yashi Bansal, Tania Moudgil
Total views: 1432
A Survey on Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Shape of Patch Antenna  | 
Neeraj Nahata, Kanchan S. Bhagat
Total views: 406
A Case for Symmetric Encryption  | 
Himanshu Singh
Total views: 851
Student Centric Learning in Higher Education - A Review  | 
Chinu Agrawal, Shyamlata Juyal
Total views: 471
Potential Use of Schkuhria Pinnata in the Control of Mastitis Pathogens  | 
A. Mupfure, G. H.M. Matondi, V. E. Imbayarwo-Chikosi, G. B. Nyamushamba, T. Marandure, E. Masama
Total views: 496
Randomized Algorithms Considered Harmful  | 
Kritika Rana, Himanshu Singh
Total views: 473
Factors Militating Against Effective Vocational Guidance Programme in Nigerian Secondary Schools  | 
Tina Nweze
Total views: 521
Study of Banking Break Even Point: An Innovative Tool for Banking Industry  | 
Murari Premnath Sharma
Total views: 544
Decline Curve Analysis and Material Balance, as Methods for Estimating Reserves (A Case Study of D4 and E1 Fields)  | 
O. A. Omoniyi, S. Adeolu
Total views: 449