Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2014

Table of Contents


Efficient Data Transfer in Clouds Using Multideployment  | 
Kalpana R., Bharathi R.
Total views: 551
Best Practices in Universal Logistics  | 
Total views: 484
Smoking Disrupts Lipid Profil  | 
Dr. Anil Batta
Total views: 459
Symbolic and Aesthetical Implications of Precious Metals in Ghana: The Perspective of Akan Culture Untitled
N. A. Tetteh, Dr. J. Adu-Agyem
Total views: 717
Design of a Sustainable Futuristic Home Untitled
Dr. Jessy Rooby, Sundeep Chowdary Daggubati, Dibyendu Biswas, Nazneen
Total views: 670
Synthesis of Artificial Aggregates and the Analysis of Their Suitability for Various Applications Untitled
Dr. Jessy Rooby, Sundeep Chowdary Daggubati, Nazneen
Total views: 617
Analysis of 15 Level Inverter Using Hybrid PWM Strategy  | 
V. Arun, B. Shanthi, K. Raja
Total views: 427
Comparative Analysis of Various Multicarrier PWM Methods for Binary DC Source Inverter  | 
N. Prabaharan, V. Arun, B. Shanthi
Total views: 468
Rethinking History: A Study of Shashi Tharoor’s Riot As a Postmodern Historiographic Metafiction  | 
Shagufta Parween
Total views: 878
Energy Efficient Hierarchical Routing Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey  | 
Mayur Ajmeri, Keyur Upadhyay
Total views: 473
The Mediating Roles of Organization-Based Self-Esteem (OBSE) And Organizational Commitment (OC) in Spirituality At Work and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour  | 
Ogunyemi Ajibola O.
Total views: 596
Green Marketing: “Eco-Friendly Approach”  | 
Mohammad Azam
Total views: 542
Utilization of Indigenous Communication and Promotion of Learning in Rural Communities a Case Study, Nsukka  | 
S. N. Obasi, U. Ebirim
Total views: 423
Poverty Alleviation of Adults and Non-Formal Education of Otukpo People in Benue State Nigeria  | 
Ugomma Ebirim
Total views: 449
Creating Entrepreneurial Environment for Sustainable Development in Nigeria through Adult and Non-Formal Education  | 
Ebirim Ugomma
Total views: 428
Utilization of Internet Services for Distance-Learning Education in Nigeria Universities, It’s Implications on Millennium Development Goals  | 
Ebirim Ugomma
Total views: 422
Microcontroller Based Device for Road Oddity Notification  | 
Akash Alex Paret, Neeharanshu Vilas Vaidya, Satyajeet Arun Gawas, Sriram V.
Total views: 478
Study of Piezoelectric Cantilever Energy Harvesters  | 
Dr. R. S. Bindu, Kushal , M. Potdar
Total views: 508
A Decade’s Observation – Logistics in India  | 
Total views: 546
Creating and Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain  | 
Total views: 380
Optimistic Technique for Smart Grid Infrastructure Using Sensor Network  | 
Y. Emilet Kethsiyal, M. Arul Pugazhendi, V. Kishore Kumar, J. Nerenjana
Total views: 468
Sustainable Management of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus Disease and Its Vector, Bemisia Tabaci through Integration of Physical Barrier with Biopesticides  | 
Nilakshi Kakati, Dr. P. D. Nath
Total views: 586
Analysis of Storage Technologies of Biological Data  | 
H. S. Shashidhara, Krishangee Bora
Total views: 433
Experimental Study of Heat Transfer for Wavy Twisted Tape Insert of Various Pitches Placed in a Circular Tube  | 
N. B. Dhamane, D. B. Nalawade, M. M. Dange
Total views: 468
A Case Report of Plexiform Unicystic Ameloblastoma  | 
Dr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Deepa Das, Dr. Bhagyashri Purandare, Dr. Jaya Mukherjee
Total views: 996
Participation and Joint Consultation  | 
Isaac Chaneta
Total views: 403
Planning and Decision – Making  | 
Isaac Chaneta
Total views: 481
Training in an Organisation  | 
Isaac Chaneta
Total views: 535
Yarn Diameter Measurement Using Morphological Approach  | 
Deepganga I. Dhang, V. Jayashree
Total views: 521
Factors Effecting Pull Out Behavior of Corrugated Steel Fibres in Cementitious Composites  | 
J. D. Rathod
Total views: 446
Geographical Distribution and Pattern of International Capital Flows  | 
Dr. Nazia Jamal
Total views: 314
Independence Auditor in India  | 
Dr. M. Prakash, C. Vetriselvan
Total views: 405
Customer Satisfaction towards the Landline Service Provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Telecom  | 
Dr. M. Prakash, M. Manickam
Total views: 1208
Design and Analysis of Lapping System Using Emery Paper Untitled
Smita Barla
Total views: 447
Event Prediction with Dynamic Knowledge Base on Health Care Data  | 
V. Revathi, K. V. Sreelekha
Total views: 515
Building Court Development Plan & Team Works (Suggested System for District Court Management)  | 
Sanjay Rambhau Salkute
Total views: 400
Mughal Princes and State Formation  | 
Md. Faisal Hussain
Total views: 393
Cholinesterases in animals and Arabidopsis Thaliana  | 
Sunita Malik
Total views: 377
Attitudes of University Students towards Male Circumcision  | 
Maria Tsvere, Constantino Pedzisai
Total views: 632
Consumer Attitude towards Internet Advertising in Kurnool City  | 
Dr. Pagudala Suchitra
Total views: 446
Niger Delta as an Exploited Region: Survival Strategies of IJAW Oil Producing Communities, C 1960S – 2000  | 
Dr. AOY Raji, Dr. Abejide T. S.
Total views: 381
Comparison of Macroeconomic Performance of Selected African Countries: An Econometric Analysis of Economic Growth of the Countries  | 
Ajayi Omobola
Total views: 446
Liquidity Analysis of Indian Cross-Border Acquisitions in Developed Nations  | 
Sakshi Mittal
Total views: 407
Sensorless Control of PMSM Using Sliding Mode Technique  | 
Valli G., Jothi T.
Total views: 496
Relativisation in Telugu and English  | 
Satish Kumar Nadimpalli
Total views: 528
Information Communication Technology for Community Development: A Case Study of Hatcliffe High Density Residential Area in Harare, Zimbabwe  | 
Beauty Dondo, Constantino Pedzisai, Maria Tsvere, Luke Munzverengwi
Total views: 559
Design and Development of Quarter Car Suspension Test Rig Model and It’s Simulation  | 
Yogesh Sanjay Pathare, Nimbalkar Sachin R.
Total views: 612
Commercial Sector Energy Consumption Pattern in Madurai and Salem Cities of Tamil Nadu, India  | 
K. Sakthi, K. Muthuchelian
Total views: 422
Healthcare of India: Today and Tomorrow  | 
Jyoti R. Munavalli, Dr. Frits van Merode, Dr. Shyam Vasudeva Rao, Dr. A. Srinivas
Total views: 553
Impact of Diseases on the Biochemical Contents of Tropical Tasar Silkworm Antheraea Mylitta D  | 
Sarfaraz Ali, K. B. Sharma
Total views: 432
Intense Two Photon Green-Red Upconversion in Er3+/Yb3+/KF/BaO Doped Perovskite SrTiO3 Glass Ceramic  | 
Aditya Maheshwari, S. B. Rai, Om Parkash, Devendra Kumar
Total views: 523
Effect on Compressive strength of High Performance Concrete Incorporating Alccofine and Fly Ash  | 
Siddharth P. Upadhyay, M. A. Jamnu
Total views: 1237
Behavioural Studies of Secondary School Teachers towards Family Life Education  | 
Sanjeev Salunke, Narayana Swamy
Total views: 345
Fuzzy Based Fault-Diagnostic Method in Three Level DC-DC Converter  | 
K. Sethuraman, A. Mangaiyarkarasi
Total views: 726
Development of a Mobile Application for Reporting Public Utility Faults in Ruwa Township: Zimbabwe  | 
Luke Buka, Robert Maruziva, Runyararo Brian Chikura
Total views: 496
A Study on Current Status: Asbestos Mining and Health Related Problems in India  | 
R. Venkatesh, Sriram Chandramohan
Total views: 450
Divisive Normalization and Perceptual Rate Distortion Optimization Based Video Codin  | 
Kanimozhi Rajasekaran, S. Arun Kaviarasu, D. Prabhakaran, V. Kishore Kumar
Total views: 335
Efficient Reduction of Area and Delay in Null Convention Logic Design Paradigm  | 
J. Nerenjana, M. Ananthakumar, R. Malar, Y. Emilet Kethsiyal
Total views: 376
A Study on Training and Development with Reference to Selected Power Generated Projects in Krishna DT, AP, India  | 
Sudhamsetti Naveen, Ch. Vijayakumari
Total views: 471
Factors Affecting Level of Implementation of Organizations Projects: A Survey of Secondary Schools in TESO North Sub-County, Kenya  | 
Johnson Wataako, Dr. Amuhaya Iravo Mike
Total views: 434
Leaf Spot Disease of Brinjal: Epidemiological Aspects and Traditional Management in Manipur  | 
A. Premila
Total views: 1356
Supply Chain Management: As A Tool of Optimization of Production System for Bosch Ltd, Nasik, India  | 
Dr. Deepak Khairnar, Agarkar S. B., Kharche V. U.
Total views: 519
Some Characterization of Multi-Fuzzy Group  | 
R. Muthuraj, S. Balamurugan
Total views: 492
“Belonging nowhere and everywhere”: A Shift from First to Second Generation Diaspora in Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises  | 
Indulekha C.
Total views: 765
Cell Therapies-Engineered Cartilage Tissue-New Horizons  | 
Dr. K. Srinivas Rao
Total views: 339
A Review on Remote Android Assistance  | 
Jyothis T. S., Shilpa Manoj, Tesma Thottungal, Jissa Maria V. Tharayil
Total views: 381
Prediction of Shear Strength of Sand-Laterite Blocks  | 
C. E. Okere, D. O. Onwuka, N. N. Osadebe
Total views: 409
Application of Marketing Tools Used by Management Institutes in Nasik  | 
Dr. Deepak Khairnar, Kharche V. U., Agarkar S. B.
Total views: 436
A Study on Synthesis and Characterization Analysis of Metal Ions Doped High Temperature Oxide Y-123  | 
Priyanka Chaturvedi, Dr. Deepak Raj Mehrotra
Total views: 378
Mining Frequent Itemset Using a New Approach Based on Sorting  | 
Madhu Bala Babel
Total views: 383
Population Education as a Separate Subject in Indian School Curricula  | 
Pankaj Kumar Mandal
Total views: 396
Profitability Analysis: An Empirical Study of BSE Oil and Gas Index Companies  | 
Sonia Sharma
Total views: 624
A Novel Hybrid Renewable Resources Constructed with Multilevel Inverter Using SVM Technique  | 
Dr. K. S. Srikanth, Dr. L. V. Narasimha Rao, K. Naresh, V. Ramesh
Total views: 567
Pulmonary Function Test in Non-Hazardous (Mild to Moderate) Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholic  | 
Dr. Vijayabaskar Venkatesan, Dr. Prabavathi K., Dr. Saravanan A., Dr. Venkateshgobi Veerappan, Dr. Kishore Kumar, Dr. Narayanan Gopal
Total views: 635
A New Spatio-Temporal Markov Random Fields for Video Object Tracking in the Compressed Domain  | 
N. Kalidass, C. Jeeva Saravanan, S. Mohamed Nizar
Total views: 678
Religious Authority and Kingly Power in Delhi Sultanate  | 
Md. Faisal Hussain
Total views: 350
Trade in Mughal State: Historian Perspectives  | 
Md. Faisal Hussain
Total views: 342
Simulation and Analysis of a Zeta Converter for Grid Connected AC Module Application  | 
A. Priya, Dr. K. Sami Durai
Total views: 538
Improvement to Deregulated Power System with UPFC by using Bee Colony and Neuro-Fuzzy  | 
R. D’Souza Praveen Kumar, D. Daniel, V. Manivannan
Total views: 387
Influence of In-Memory Analytics on Big Data  | 
Swapna Jain
Total views: 459
A Review of Various Techniques Used for Improvement of Power Quality  | 
Archana Patnaik, R. K. Sharma
Total views: 405
Multi Target Tracking System Using CRLB Method  | 
Gopalan K., Saravanan J.
Total views: 384
Detection of Sink Hole Attacks in MANET  | 
Nisha , Simranjit Kaur, Sandeep Kumar Arora
Total views: 469
Significant SME Advancement in Socio-Economic Reform of Bangladesh  | 
Khan Mohummad Mohiuddin
Total views: 384
Mughal-Maratha Affairs and the Role of Kachavahas Clan  | 
Md. Faisal Hussain
Total views: 325
Comparative Food and Feeding Adaptations of Two Teleosts in Ado-Ekiti Reservoir  | 
Adewumi A. A., Amoo O. A.
Total views: 447
Studies on Some Antifungal Transition Metal Chelates of 2-(2|-5|- Dihydroxy Acetophenonelidene) Aminobenzimidazole  | 
Manika Barar, A. N. Agarwal
Total views: 342
Advocacy of Faith with Good Works: The Nigerian Situation  | 
Dr. Obiorah Mary Jerome
Total views: 297
Human Body Temperature Monitoring System  | 
P. V. Patel, N. P. Joshi
Total views: 357
Driver Fatigue Detection System  | 
Satish Bangal, Snigdha Bangal
Total views: 178
Face and Palmprint Multi-Modal Biometric Recognition Based on Feature Level Fusion  | 
Atish Anil Bhavsar, Varsha Kshirsagar
Total views: 82