Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2014

Table of Contents


A Study on Marketing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)  | 
Shilpy Malhotra
Total views: 1573
Survey on Cooperative Positioning Impact In Vehicular Ad Hoc Network  | 
Priyanka N. Bhende, Pragati Patil
Total views: 653
Correlation and Path Analysis in Certain Inbred Genotypes of Maize (Zea Mays L.) at Varanasi  | 
V. Nataraj, J. P. Shahi, V. Agarwal
Total views: 486
An Overview to SQL Injection Attacks and its Countermeasures  | 
Vishwajit S. Patil, Dr. G. R. Bamnote
Total views: 544
Exploring Menstrual Experiences among Indian Adolescents  | 
Minhas S., Sekhon H.
Total views: 524
Wear Characterization of Aluminium/Sic/Al2O3 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite Using Taguchi Technique  | 
Vinod Kumar, Phool Kumar, Surender Sharma
Total views: 493
Long Term Monitoring of Water Quality in the Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar in the Region around a Thermal Power Plant  | 
Beena Anand, Pankaj Sharma, Dr. S. N. Sharma
Total views: 454
The Influence of Marketing Strategies on the Level of Performance of Co-Operative Societies: A Survey of Farmers’ Co-Operative Societies in Marakwet Sub-Counties, Kenya  | 
James Juma Wekesa, Dr. Margaret Oloko
Total views: 485
Effect on Thermal Boundary Layer, by Roughened Surface of Solar Air Heater Duct  | 
Dilip Gehlot, Ashok Kumar Gupta, Prakash Gawali, Dr. A. C. Tiwari
Total views: 619
Examination of Teachers’ Motivational Skills for Fostering Students’ Interest in Learning Mathematics in Secondary Schools in Jos Metropolis  | 
Dr. Thomas D. Bot
Total views: 453
New Transmission Channel Scheme for MIMO-OFDM System  | 
Shrikant G. Vaidya
Total views: 417
FDI in Education Sector: Issues, Prospects and Future Implications  | 
Viney Narang, Anshu Jain
Total views: 701
16 Bit Microprocessor -Design and Simulations in VHDL  | 
Shaily Goyal
Total views: 1620
Hybrid HVDC Breaker  | 
Ajay G. Gawande, Mangesh K. Wasankar
Total views: 686
Grid Connected Boost-Full-Bridge Photovoltaic Microinverter System Using Phase Opposition Disposition Technique and Maximum Power Point Tracking  | 
M. Nandhini, I. Poovizhi, G. Sundar
Total views: 432
Deciding Optimal Location for Placing FACTS Devices [UPFC, IPQC, DPFC] Using Bang-Bang Control Technique  | 
R. Venkatesh, M. Rekha, G. Sundar
Total views: 611
Rural Market in India as Challenges and Ways Ahead  | 
Babita Saini
Total views: 657
Keystroke Dynamics Authentication System Using Neural Network  | 
Sonali B. Wankhede, Shilpa Verma
Total views: 609
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of Monthly Maximum Temperatures in South Eastern Nigeria  | 
Chisimkwuo John, Uchechukwu George, Okezie Sampson Chukwuemeka
Total views: 527
Hepatitis C Virus Seroprevalence among Blood Donors in a Tertiary Hospital in Manipur  | 
Dr. S. T. Lalhriatpuii, Dr. A. Barindra Sharma, Dr. A. Meina Singh, Dr. K. Rachandra Singh, Dr. Kh. Memtombi Devi, Dr. Pratima Khoyumthem
Total views: 445
Power Consumption in Networks-on-Chip by Encoding Scheme  | 
A. V. Manoj, S. Bhavya Sree, K. Yuva Kumar, V. Purandhar Reddy
Total views: 651
Social Realism in the Short Stories of Om Goswami  | 
Preeti Sharma
Total views: 583
Federated Document Summarization Using Probabilistic Approach for Kannada Language  | 
Ranganatha S., Vinay S. K., Bhargava H. S.
Total views: 584
Work-Life Balance of Working Couples in Organized and Un-Organized Sectors  | 
Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy, Dr. B. Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Mitu Agarwal
Total views: 605
What Ails Jammu and Kashmir Economy Do We Lack Resources, Big Investments or Sound Policies?  | 
Dr. Imtiyaz ul Haq
Total views: 398
To Study the Effectiveness of Yoga Education on Holistic Development of Teacher Trainees  | 
Dr. Sangeeta Yadav, Sunil Kumar
Total views: 443
Assessing the Compatibility of Article 20 and 31 of the African Children’s Charter in Light of the International Standards: Focus on the Girl-Child  | 
Kidus Meskele
Total views: 400
A Novel Concept of MANET Architecture for Location Based Service Using Circular Data Aggregation Technique  | 
Ramya A. R., Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu
Total views: 489
The Waste Crisis: Sources and Remedies  | 
Pawan Malik, Ar Renu Mehta
Total views: 487
Urban Sprawl of Wa, Ghana: Socio-Economic Implications for Small-Holder Farmers  | 
Kenneth Peprah
Total views: 537
Design and Optimization of a Low Power Voltage Reference Generator Circuit in 45nm CMOS Technology  | 
Rohit Singh, Sonal Singhal, Amit Kumar Singh
Total views: 1260
Formulation of Methodological Approach for Sustainable Tourism Using ‘GSTC’ Criteria: A Case Study of Sagar Island, India  | 
Rituparna Hajra, Dr. Tuhin Ghosh
Total views: 500
A Review: Analysis and Optimization of Car Bonnet  | 
Rupesh Y. Bhagat, Amol P. More
Total views: 590
Isometry of Riemannian Manifolds Admitting a Projective Vector Field Using Metric Semi-Symmetric Connection  | 
S. N. Kadlag, Dr. S. B. Gaikwad
Total views: 376
Object Recognition Using Eigen Values  | 
Dheemanth H. N.
Total views: 460
An Evaluation on the Implementation of Environmental Education Program at Mutare Teachers’ College in Zimbabwe  | 
Joshua Risiro
Total views: 500
New Buzz in Marketing: Go Viral  | 
Aarti Kadyan, Chandni Aswal
Total views: 580
The Adoption of Marketing Plans by Micro-Enterprises in Zimbabwe: A Case of Fashion Boutiques in Masvingo  | 
Kossam Dhliwayo
Total views: 472
Analysis of Frauds in Banks: Nigeria’s Experience  | 
Olaoye Clement Olatunji, Dada Raphael Adekola, Adebayo Adesodun Isaac
Total views: 634
An Interpretation of Natural Healing of Ozone Holes  | 
Vasudevan Tachoth
Total views: 734
Psychological Well-Being and Anxiety among Adolescents Analysis along Wellness: Illness Continnum  | 
Jeny Rapheal, Varghese Paul K.
Total views: 789
Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Nitride Thin Film as ARC for Solar Cell Applications  | 
Dr. G. Natarajan, N. Gunaseelan
Total views: 422
Emergence of Multi-Drug Resistant Strains among Bacterial Isolates in a Burn Care Facility  | 
Dr. Shweta Sharma, Dr. L. K. Makhija, Dr. Charoo Hans, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mahajan
Total views: 417
Melittopalynological Analysis of Apis Dorsata Honey of Kotagiri Slopes, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu  | 
Shiny Mariam Rehel, S. Padmavathi
Total views: 474
Financial Inclusion through Microfinance Institutions in India  | 
Sakshi Verma, Khushboo Aggarwal
Total views: 808
Women Empowerment through Micro Finance & Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Indian Scenario  | 
Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi, Susanta Kumar Satapathy
Total views: 794
Segmenting and Recognizing Human Action from Long Video Sequences  | 
Ramya A., Backiyalakshmi R.
Total views: 409
Planning & Design of Hydro–Landscape with Special Reference to Zero Discharge in Industrial Setups in Faridabad  | 
Ar. Manavi Suneja, Gauhar Mahmood
Total views: 436
Problems Related to the Financing of Small Firms in India  | 
Jaskaran Singh, Davinder Singh
Total views: 581
Indian Rupee vs. Dollar: A Deep Insight  | 
Viney Narang
Total views: 639
Mentoring: A Tool for Professional Development of Academic Staff in Ghanaian Polytechnics  | 
Korantwi-Barimah Justice Solomon, Sekyere Allan McBright, Ofori Alex
Total views: 427
Factors Determining Mobile Banking Adoption in Mauritius  | 
Vidisha Gunesh Ramlugun, Harsha Issuree
Total views: 760
Protection of Women against Domestic Violence: A Study of Working Women in Udaipur District  | 
Dr. Priyanka Daya Choudhary
Total views: 669
Privatization of Education in Ghana: An International Comparison with the Dutch Educational System  | 
Kwaku Adoma, Stephen Yeboah
Total views: 392
Workplace Democracy and Industrial Harmony in Nigeria  | 
Nwinyokpugi Patrick Nkiinebari
Total views: 484
Graffiti: Communication Strategies for Secondary School Students in Kenya  | 
Kanjuki Agnes, Bowen K. Dave Dave, Ephraim M. Waihiga
Total views: 523
The New World Order and the Prospect of Peace in the Middle East  | 
Anthony Danladi Ali
Total views: 389
Mobilising Pan African News Agency Participation in Global News Flow  | 
Suleiman Hassan Biodun, William Adesoji Johnson, Babatunde Kamaldeen
Total views: 429
Handling Marital Infidelity: The Hosea Example  | 
Esiri Johnson Michael, Chigbu Ismael Okechukwu
Total views: 700
Managing the Educational System for Quality Improvement and Job Creation among Youth in Nigeria  | 
Owolabi Lateef Kuye, Ogunkoya Olufemi A., Lasisi Olukayode J., Shodiya Olayinka A.
Total views: 469
Traditional Hand Embroidery and Simple Hand-Woven Structures as Decorative Crafts for Garment Manufacturing  | 
Bernard Edem Dzramedo, Emmanuel Rexford Kodwo Amissah, Isaac Kofi Awuyah
Total views: 657
Android vs. IOS: An Architectural Perspective  | 
A. J. Singh, Akshay Bhardwaj
Total views: 2742
Predictive Modeling and Detection of Oil Pipeline Leakage Untitled
A. C. Orga, E. E. Effiong, E. Awheme
Total views: 435
Forgery Detection in Digital Images by Illumination Color Classification Using Adaboost Classifier Untitled
Mariamol Boben, J. Ramya
Total views: 417
Do Reputable Companies Have Superior Earnings Quality?  | 
Ibiamke N. Adzor, Abanyam Emmanuel Igbawase
Total views: 463
Finite Element Analysis of PVDF Actuated Cantiliver Beams  | 
Chetan Byrappa, Dr. Ajay Kumar B. S., Chandrashekar M. V., Karthikeyan A. S.
Total views: 385
Data Acquisition and Controlling System Using Cortex M3 Core  | 
Lakshmi Prasanna Boppudi, Dr. R. V. Krishnaiah
Total views: 346
A Study on Awareness of E-Banking Services in College Students of Bhusawal City  | 
Dr. Arvind Chaudhari, Mamata Patil, Dr. Madhulika Sonawane
Total views: 705
A Novel Methodology for Genetic Algorithms in Crossover Operation: Segment Replacement Opeartor  | 
R. Lakshmi, K. Vivekanandan
Total views: 410
Drug Therapy Problems in Patients with Type-2 Diabetes in a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria  | 
Ogbonna B. O., Ezenduka C. C., Opara C. A., Ahara L. G.
Total views: 460
Estimation of Agricultural Blue and Green Water Use in Upper Manair Catchment, Andhra Pradesh  | 
Hari Krishna B., A. Mani, M. Uma Devi, V. Ramulu
Total views: 344
Water Productivity of Agricultural Crops in Upper Manair Catchment  | 
Hari Krishna B., A. Mani, M. Uma Devi, V. Ramulu
Total views: 674
Design and Development of Hand Painted Apparels Using Ecofriendly Dyes  | 
Sandhya Ravi
Total views: 848
Simulation of Impact of Change in Landuse on Water Yield of Upper Manair Catchment  | 
Hari Krishna B., A. Mani, M. Uma Devi, V. Ramulu
Total views: 459