Volume 2, Issue 13, December 2013

Table of Contents


Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in Sourcing Micro Finance in Ghana; Evidence from Kumasi and Sunyani Markets  | 
Richard Denanyoh, Kwabena Adjei, Emmanuel Sefa Owus
Total views: 833
Hydrological Studies Using Isotopes  | 
C. P. Kumar
Total views: 679
Multiple Modification Technique in Fabricating Provisional Restoration of Fixed Partial Denture  | 
Dr. N. Tamilkkumaran, Dr. Gururaj Rao
Total views: 786
3G Evolution?... (A New Theory on 3G Matters)  | 
M. Arulmani, V. R. Hema Latha
Total views: 1199
Aspects of the History of Poet Musicians (Azmari) Community In Burbuax, North Gondar, 1974-1991  | 
Ebrahim Damtew Alyou
Total views: 671
The Influence of Retail Chain Structure on Private Label Brand Perception in Zimbabwe: The Effect of Border Towns  | 
Sarah Nyengerai, Douglas Chiguvi, Hope Hogo, Tariro Mukosera
Total views: 727
Health and Educational Status of Scheduled Tribes In Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, India  | 
M. Srinivasa Patrudu, G. Chanti Babu Naidu, D. Pulla Rao
Total views: 1009
Survey on Mining High Utility Itemset from Transactional Database  | 
Smita R. Londhe, Rupali A. Mahajan, Bhagyashree J. Bhoyar
Total views: 742
Plastic Waste and Management: An Environmental Issue  | 
Pawan Malik
Total views: 945
Sustainable Livelihoods through Women Entrepreneurial Activities: Prospects and Challenges  | 
Naveen Kolloju
Total views: 863
Fast Analysis & Storage of Big Data Using HDF5  | 
Dheeraj Joshi, Krima Shah, Harshan Andrews, Lakshmi Kurup
Total views: 565
Review of Performance Analysis of Extended Surfaces (Fins) Under Free and Forced Convection Heat Transfer  | 
Yatendra Singh Tomar, M. M. Sahu
Total views: 823
A Study on Accessory Falx Cerebelli: A Case Report  | 
Narayanan G., Aruna S., Subaananthi , Kannan G., Sathish Kumar K., Prabu S., Venkateshgobi V.
Total views: 499
A Technique for Glass Defect Detection  | 
Kumud Sachdeva, Akshay Girdhar
Total views: 627
Clinical Evaluation of Optic Nerve Head Parameters In A Rural and Urban Population in West Bengal  | 
Dr Subhrangshu Sengupta, Gautam Bhaduri, Himadri Datta
Total views: 420
Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Healing Following Application of Non-Eugenol Periodontal Dressing and Isoamyl 2-Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive after Gingival Depigmentation Procedure: Report of Three Cases  | 
Dr. Ridhima Mahajan, Dr. Rizwan M. Sanadi, Dr. Bansi M. Bhusari, Dr. Asha A. Prabhu
Total views: 628
Indications and Rate of Caesarean Section- Changing Trends  | 
Rakhi Arya, Devendra Benwal, Rashmi Gupta, Ruchi Singh
Total views: 461
Investigation of ICT Tools in Poultry Brooding System  | 
Adewumi I. O., Oluwatoyinbo F. I., Augustus E. O., Oladejo L. F., Aremu D. O.
Total views: 529
Resource Sharing and Networking: An Overview  | 
M. Krishnappa
Total views: 462
Impact of Self Concept on Scholastic Achievement of 10th Class Students  | 
Dr. S. Siddi Raju
Total views: 524
Design of Improved Method of Noise Removal from Digital Image  | 
Dr. A. J. Patil, R. R. Karhe, S. M. Patil
Total views: 360
Analyzing Life, Feminism and Melodrama in Ritwik Ghatak’s Cinema: Meghe Dhaka Taara and Subarnarekha  | 
Aneek Chaudhuri
Total views: 707
Evolution of Wind Rose Diagrams for RTPP, KADAPA, A.P., India  | 
S. Anand Kumar Varma, Dr. M. Srimurali, Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar Varma
Total views: 1046
A Study on Force of Performance Appraisal on Appointment of Employee  | 
Dr. J. S. V. Gopala Sarma
Total views: 428
A Novel Hybrid Approach to Quality Assessment Using No Reference Blur and Blockiness Measure in JPEG Images  | 
Deepa Maria Thomas
Total views: 746
News Commercialization in Nigeria: Undermining Issues in Public Interest for Financial Gains  | 
Chioma Patricia E.
Total views: 772
Does Economic Growth Reduce the Mortality Rate?  | 
Dr. Zulfikar Siddiqui
Total views: 384
An Analytical Tool of Women Entrepreurship: Capital Budgeting  | 
Seema Rani, Dr. Harish Singh
Total views: 591
Lung Tissue Classification for Lung Disease Diagnosis  | 
V. Lakshmi, P. Krisnaveni
Total views: 515
Competitiveness in State University (A Study among the Hostel Boarder P.G. Students Of Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Odisha)  | 
Kishor Kumar Podh, Pravasinee Ratha
Total views: 571
Finite Element Analysis of PVDF Actuated Cantilever Beams  | 
Chetan Byrappa, Dr. Ajay Kumar B. S., Chandrashekar M. V., Karthikeyan A. S.
Total views: 511
Efficient and Robust Pseudonymous Authentication Using NFC  | 
C. L. Vijaikumar, T. S. Sofia, T. S. Valarmathi
Total views: 413
FDI and FII as Drivers of Growth for Indian Economy: A Comparison  | 
Shikha Menani
Total views: 1540
Vibration Signature Analysis of IC Engine  | 
Somashekar V., Dr. K. Satish, Jamuna AB., Ranjitha P.
Total views: 628
Classification of Tissues for Detecting An Inflammatory Disease in Brain MRI  | 
R. Vidhya, P. Raja Rajeswari
Total views: 347
A Tool to Measure the Knowledge of Water Resource Management at Domestic Level  | 
R. Senthil Kumar, Dr. K. Ananda Natarajan
Total views: 380
Discovered Inefficiencies in Material Handling and Alternatives for Their Improvement in a Ginning Machine Manufacturing Company  | 
Dr. S. S. Deshmukh, A. P. Bahale
Total views: 448
Engendered Benefit Incidence Analysis: Case of Blantyre Agricultural Development Division (BLADD) Budget  | 
Joy M. Kiiru
Total views: 432
“J”- House Is A Heaven?... (A New Theory on Model Cosmo Universe)  | 
M. Arulmani, V. R. Hema Latha
Total views: 350
Security Enhancement for Data Transmission in Mobile AD-HOC Networks  | 
K. Jeyalakshmi, C. Prabhu
Total views: 434
Rough Set Theory and Its Applications  | 
Dr. Jyoti
Total views: 379
An Intelligent LZWS Compression Algorithm to Achieve High Compression by Using an Efficient Technique  | 
Sonia Setia, Dr. jyoti
Total views: 475
Implant Imaging  | 
Rachele Vishanti, Dr. Gururaj Rao
Total views: 486
Design and Fabrication of Power Scooter Untitled
Shailesh S. Pachbhai, Laukik P. Raut
Total views: 374
Globalization and Ecclesiastical Architecture in Nigeria  | 
Adeboye Albert Babajide
Total views: 386
Anand’s Genuineness and Indigenous Novelists  | 
Joe George Emmatty
Total views: 419
Oral Tradition, Language and Two Arunachali Writers  | 
Priyanka Kakoti
Total views: 427
Hand Washing…Why Still an Issue  | 
Laila Hussain
Total views: 384
Aerobic Training Schedule for Obese Children  | 
Soma Sundara B. K.
Total views: 404
Impact Crashworthiness of Rear under Run Protection Device In Heavy Vehicle Using Finite Element Analysis  | 
Alok Kumar Khore, Tapan Jain, Dr. Kartikeya Tripathi
Total views: 546
Service Sector Performance Management through Six Sigma  | 
Dr. Shafiq Ahmad
Total views: 386
Reshaping the City Image: Impact of the French Colonial Architecture on the Contemporary Identity of Beirut Central District  | 
Tarek Abdelsalam
Total views: 556
Influence of Periodicity Bias on the Market Efficiency: Empirical Evidences from Indian Stock Markets  | 
Dr. Chander Mukhy
Total views: 397
Worldwide Educational Crisis and Insight of J. Krishnamurti: A Critical Inquiry  | 
Prantika Sarmah
Total views: 429
A Prospective Study of HIV Positive Autopsies Conducted At Bapuji Hospital and Research Center, Davangere  | 
Dr. Santhosh C. S., Dr. Vishwanathan K. G., Dr.Siddesh R. C., Dr. Ashok Gupta
Total views: 434
Influence of Video Film and Video Film with Guidance on Performance of Divergent Thinking Tasks among Vulnerable Orphans  | 
Harry Obi-Nwosu, Oluchi Dike, Ugwu-Oju Anthony
Total views: 431
Coffee Berry Borer, Hypothenemus Hampei (Ferrari): A Review  | 
C. K. Vijayalakshmi, K. Tintumol, U. Saibu
Total views: 499