Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2013

Table of Contents


Risk Management In Banks : Emphasising On Credit Risk As A Major Issue Of Concern In Indian Banking Business  | 
Masooma Qasim Zaidi
Total views: 426
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm: Parameters Effect And Analysis  | 
Vishal A. Rane
Total views: 823
A Case Study Based On Organizational Diagnosis – An Industrial Engineering Approach  | 
Naila Iqbal
Total views: 1251
Conflict Resolution Strategies Adopted By School Managers In Secondary Schools In Nigeria  | 
Clement D. Aigboje, Victor O. Uwaifo
Total views: 383
Comparative Analysis Between Use Of Particle Swarm Optimization And Simulated Annealing Algorithms In Beam/ Null Steering In A Rectangular Array System  | 
Robert Macharia Maina, Kibet Langat, P.K. Kihato
Total views: 422
Students’ Perception On The Development And Eradication Of Cultism In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria: Implications For Educational Managers  | 
Clement Dazumi Aigboje
Total views: 538
Women Entrepreneurship Development In Bangladesh Challenges And Prospects  | 
Issa Ahammad, Syed Moudud-Ul- Huq
Total views: 1120
A Case Of Renal Angiomyolipoma  | 
D.N. Kundra, M. Akhtar, Dr. D. Saxena, M. Zaki, A. Kulkarni
Total views: 798
Difference In Job Satisfaction And Work Motivation Among Government And Private Company Employees  | 
Uzma Rashid, Nisar Ahmad Wani, Fayaz Ahmad Kumar
Total views: 789
Presupposition: A Tool For Communication  | 
Hiranya Jyoti Borah
Total views: 653
Study The Association Of Body Mass Index With Pregnancy Outcome  | 
Kusum Gaur, Anuradha Yadav, Dilip Raj, Dr. Ashish Jain
Total views: 386
Development Of Value Added Bakery Products From Mulberry Fruits (Morus Nigra Sp  | 
Geeta B. Nayak, V. K. Jamuna , R. Chandru
Total views: 772
Sustainable Development And Rural Ho Adivasis Of Jharkhand  | 
Jerome Cutinha
Total views: 507
Assessing Service Quality Of Mobile Money Transfer In Bangladesh:A Case Study On bKash  | 
Md. Mehedi Hasan, Md. Rayhanul Islam
Total views: 797
Combining Raising And Spinning Techniques In Metal Hollow Ware Forming  | 
Cyril Etornam Adala, Emmanuel Mensah, Joe Adu Agyem
Total views: 486
Data Mining: Performance Improvement In Education Sector Using Classification And Clustering Algorithm  | 
Gadde Shravya Sree, Ch. Rupa
Total views: 640
Fast Growth And Its Demerits Associated With Broilers  | 
Patil Ajay Dadaji, Sakharam Balu Patil
Total views: 372
Higher Education Leadership Training For Academic Administrators At The University Of Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria  | 
Nwafor Alfred Uzoma, Okoro Chika Ugonma, Azeke Stephen Ojieriakhi, Nwosu Silver Chimuanya
Total views: 355
Designing Of Facial Cosmeceuticophore (FC)  | 
Tarun Thakur, Luv Kush
Total views: 334
Fast Power Allocation In Wireless Multi Channel Systems  | 
R.Rejin Manuel, S. Boopathi
Total views: 276
Trichophoric Ayurvedicophore  | 
Akshay Negi, Luv Kush
Total views: 439
Saliency Based Human Detection Using The Guided Search System  | 
H. Malavika, Mythili Sukumaran
Total views: 389
Pollination Biology Of Citrus Aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle: A Medicinally Important Fruit Plant  | 
Prakash Karmakar
Total views: 449
Prediction Of Handball Players Playing Ability On The Basis Of Their Anthropometric Measurements And Physical Fitness Components  | 
Kuldeep Singh, Mange Ram
Total views: 579
Ericulture And Growth Of Economy- A Case Study In Some Villages Of Kamrup District  | 
Ruby Bharaty
Total views: 368
Student’s Perception On Educational Service Quality An Empirical Study  | 
Harileela Vemula
Total views: 456
Network Information Driven Cloud Computing  | 
Harsha Narayan Jawale
Total views: 345
Design Of Area Optimized Aes 128 Algorithm Using Mixcolumn Transformation  | 
Anumol Mathai, M. Sathyanarayana
Total views: 575
The Role Of Cultural Practices In Trees Management Practices Among The Qemant Community Chilga Woreda (District) Ethiopia  | 
Yeshambel Mulat
Total views: 379
Usable Embedded System Architectures For Autonomous Robotics  | 
Mohd. Naseer, Mohammed Nasrulla, Muhammed Saad-Ul-Hasan
Total views: 319
Acoustic Emission Method For Selection Of Optimum Cutting Parameters In Turning Using Different Fluids: A Review  | 
Atul Dhale, Fahim khan
Total views: 402
Linear Maps On Ki, And Homomorphic Descriptions Of Infinite Direct Produce Algebras  | 
D.V. Ramalinga Reddy, Dr. G. Srinivasu
Total views: 357
Contamination Of Water By Nitrate: A General Discussion Problems Associated, Causes, Prevention And Effects  | 
Rajesh Bhagwat Jadhao
Total views: 435
Replica Allocation Over MANET Based On The Prediction Of Selfish Behavior  | 
V. A. Lincy , T.K. Adarsh
Total views: 379
A Novel Poly-Phase Architecture For High Performance Discrete Wavelet Transform In FPGA  | 
Rakhee Sanjay Bhojakar, B.G. Patil, Tanaji Umaji Kamble
Total views: 457
Path Based Development Of Connectivity Algorithms  | 
Dr. G. Srinivasu, B.V. Prasad
Total views: 321
Effect Of Selected Yogic Kriya, Bandha And Pranayama On Vital Capacity And Breath Holding Time Of Sai Students Of Pondicherry State  | 
P. Jothipriya, K. Thanigaikoumarane
Total views: 372
Common Reading Errors Of Elementary School Slum Students  | 
S. V. Bhalerao, V. R. Desetty
Total views: 373
Ethno-Medicinal Heritage Of Chandi Devi Hill’s Of Haridwar, Uttarakhand  | 
Ramesh Chandrai Tewar, Dr. Mita Kotecha, Ajay Kumar Sharma, Poonam Sharma
Total views: 418
Crisis And Unrest In The Arab World Problems And Prospects  | 
Tajamul Yousuf
Total views: 381
Moving Object Tracking From A Video Sequence Using Bounding Box Method  | 
Prodip Kumar Sarker, Md. Jamal Uddin
Total views: 663
Performance Comparison Of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation System With And Without Fuzzy Logic Controller  | 
S. V. Sivanagaraju, K. Kumar, K. Rajasekharachari
Total views: 323
The Turnover Intention And Turnover In Indian IT Industry –HR Personnel Perspective  | 
Jindow Joseph, Shailaja Shastri
Total views: 392
Women’s Movement In India  | 
Ghazala Parveen
Total views: 585
Portray Of Female Psyche With Unsatisfied Relationship In Marriage In The Novels Of Nayantara Sahgal’s A Time To Be Happy, Storm In Chandigarh, And Rich Like Us  | 
Dr. Shradha Srivastava, Suvarna Agarwal
Total views: 455
Comparison Of Empathy Quotient Of Prospective Teachers Based On Certain Selected Demographic Variables  | 
Josen George
Total views: 428
New Approach For 6-Pole Stepped Impedance Microstrip Low Pass Filter Using DGS  | 
Kalpana Ramesh Chaturvedi
Total views: 331
Prehistoric Triphthong Alphabet  | 
M. Arulmani, V.R. Hema Latha
Total views: 452
Job Related Factors: It’s Influence On Job Satisfaction Of Middle Level Managers In Public Secondary Schools In Kenya  | 
Dave K. Bowen, Maina Waiganjo, Anne C. Barmao
Total views: 401
Performance Analysis Of Bimodal Biometric Using Face And Fingerprint Recognition  | 
G. Punithavathi, Nirmalkumar S. Benni
Total views: 333
Review: Assessment Of Working Of Spatial Domain Filters Versus Frequencydomain Filters  | 
Susan John, Prof. S. V. Moharil, A.K. Joshi
Total views: 261
Efficacy Of The Cow Milk In The Increasing Of CD4 For People Living With HIV  | 
Sahaha Jean Bosco, Edgar Colon Lancara, Manzi Olivier
Total views: 350
Pattern Recognition Using Graph Theory  | 
Aditya Doshi, Manmohan Jangid
Total views: 491
Effects Of Attitude On Individual Employee Performance In Organization: A Case Study Of Rift Valley Bottlers Limited  | 
Janet Jemutai Rop, Iravo M. Amuhaya
Total views: 331
Influence Of Micro-Finance On Small Scale Wheat Farming Technology In Moiben Division, Uasin-Gishu County, Kenya  | 
Keror Isaac Kipruto, Francis Kipkemboi Sang
Total views: 340
Contribution Of Agricultural Credit Policy To Yam ProductionAmong Small Scale Farmers In Selected Areas Of Kogi State, Nigeria  | 
Josephine Bosede Ayoola
Total views: 356
Influence Of Tool Shape On Mechanical Properties And Microstructure Of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Alloys  | 
Manvir Singh, Hemant Kumar, Parminder Singh
Total views: 375
Issues Of Educational Reforms In Ayurveda  | 
Dr. Shiva kumar, Abhishek Magotra
Total views: 501
An Integral Understanding Of Culture:A Philosopher’s View  | 
Okoye Chuka A
Total views: 380
Morphological Aspects Of Triceps Surae – A Cadaveric Study  | 
J. Nitya, Dr. Mariya
Total views: 367
Effects Of Yoga Practice With Low Volume Circuit ResistanceTraining And High Volume Resistance Training On Muscular Strength Endurance And Skill Performance Of Male Kabaddi Players  | 
K. Shanmuga Sundaram, V. Vallimuragan
Total views: 368
Comprehensive Reporting Of Traffic Management System With Planning & Execution Of Bus Rapid Transit Network In Indore City (M.P), India  | 
Kartikey Tiwari, Anurag Nayak, Chittaranjan Singh Rathore, Arehant S. Bajaj
Total views: 445
Are Demographic Variables Determinants Of Recycling Behaviour In Ghana?  | 
Adu-Tutu Felix, Samuel Yeboah Asuamah, Boamah Darkwa
Total views: 424
A Survey Of Students’ Knowledge Level Of Climate Change In Ghana, West Africa  | 
Boamah Darkwa, Samuel Yeboah Asuamah, Adu-Tutu Felix
Total views: 400
Perception Of Interest In Mathematics Among Female Teachers In Teacher Training Colleges In Ghana  | 
Jacob Baffour Awuah, Ernest Kwarteng, Samuel Yeboah Asuamah
Total views: 369
Analysis And Improving Of 10TPH Briquette Boiler Efficiency  | 
B. Divya, P. Rajani
Total views: 436
Location Of An Air Ambulance Response Unit In The Brong Ahafo Region Of Ghana Using The Planar K-Centra Single-Facility Euclidean Location Algorithm  | 
Ernest Kwarteng, Samuel Acheampong, Baffour Awuah Jacob
Total views: 402
An Optimisation-Based Approach To The Disbursing Of Loan Portfolio  | 
Ernest Kwarteng, Samuel Yeboah Asuamah, Jacob Baffour Awuah
Total views: 341
The Role Of Ethiopian Orthodox Churches And Monasteries In Forest Management Practices In Chilga And Mettema Woredas (Districts), North Gondar Zone  | 
Yeshambel Mulat
Total views: 442
Design And Implementation For Crash Recovery Of Vehicles By Using Arm 7  | 
Subbarao Thotakura
Total views: 318
Attitude And Knowledge Of Midwives Towards Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Positive Patients  | 
Neelam Saleem Punjani
Total views: 422
Managing Tele-Health Virtual Teams: “Making The Move: From Bedside To Camera-Side"  | 
Neelam Saleem Punjani
Total views: 1460
Flower Cultivation In Jessore- A Prospective Field Of Economic Boom  | 
Sal Sabil Islam, Rashadur Rahman
Total views: 449
Globalization Of The U.S. And Chinese Upholstered Furniture Industries  | 
Dan Selle
Total views: 489
Data Security Using RSA Algorithm In MATLAB  | 
Shikha Kuchhal, Ishank Kuchhal
Total views: 1300
Evaluation Of Time Management For Growth And Development In Developing Economies: Nigerian Experience  | 
S. J. Laosebikan, O. B. Oginni , C.F. Ogunlusi
Total views: 585
Validated And Stability Indicating Of Rp-Hplc Method For Simultaneous Estimation Of S(-)Metoprolol Succinate & Clopidogrel Bisulfate In Bulk And Tablet Dosage Form  | 
S.B. Bari, Manisha S. Patil
Total views: 532
A Probabilistic Model Using Graph Based Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm For Money Laundering Identification  | 
G. Krishnapriya, M. Prabakaran
Total views: 465
Budget Preparation, Approval And Implementation In Polytechnic Libraries In Nigeria  | 
Umbur Demekaa
Total views: 366
An Experimental Approach For A Fine Visualisation Real-Time Of The Thermal Boundary Layer To The Top Of A Grooved Disc  | 
T- Boussoukaia, M- Hammouda, B- Draoui
Total views: 378
The Effect Of Adoption Of Improved Yam Production Technologies On Input Cost For Yam Production Among Resource-Poor Farmers In Cross River State, Nigeria  | 
N. Benjamin
Total views: 277
Hierarchical Transformation-Based Image Coding Using Wavelet Shrinkage  | 
K. Praveena, T. ChandraSekhar Rao
Total views: 281
Study Of Cloud Bus Toolkit For Market-Oriented Business Cloud Computing  | 
SK. Saidhbi
Total views: 362