Volume 1, Issue 8, October 2012

Table of Contents


Application of a Project Planning Methodology in Construction Work  | 
Boskee Sharma, K. N. Labh 1-10
Total views: 531
The Human-Made Religions in Middle Ages to Modern Ages in the Greater District Jessore  | 
Md. Kohinoor Hossain 11-32
Total views: 501
Performance Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Schemes in Cognitive Radio: A Survey  | 
Alok Pratap Singh 33-43
Total views: 510
Magic Graphidal on Product Graphs  | 
A. Nellai Murugan 44-53
Total views: 528
Agricultural Development: Meanings, Modes and Models (A Feasible Model for Sindh-pakistan)  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Syed Roshan Ali Shah 54-75
Total views: 513
Combined Effect of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Selected Explosive Ability of University Vollyball Players  | 
M. Sathish, N. Senthil Kumar 76-81
Total views: 480
Life in Cyberspace: Role of Personality and Loneliness  | 
Soma Parija, Asmita Shukla 82-108
Total views: 588
Use of Textual Compression in Steganography and Cryptography  | 
Kishori Lal Bansal, Amardeep Singh 109-115
Total views: 526
FE Analysis of Reactive Powder Concrete - A Review  | 
M. K. Maroliya 116-124
Total views: 472
Reliability Based Predictive Model for Estimating the Field Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Cement Kiln Dust Treated Black Cotton Soil  | 
G. Moses, J. O. Afolayan, I. Abdullahi 125-141
Total views: 501
Experimental Investigations on Different Surface Geometries of Finned Tube Air Cooled Heat Exchanger  | 
Sushil Kumar Chourey 142-150
Total views: 496
Exploring Experts and Affixed Services in Service Oriented Systems  | 
R. K. Nivetha, A. P. V. Raghavendra 151-162
Total views: 485
A Study of Mental Health in Relation to Gender and Type of School  | 
Ritu Rani, Ajmer Singh 163-176
Total views: 573
Cloud Computing - Rent Infrastructure - Boon for SMB  | 
K. Sreedhar 177-185
Total views: 429
Leasehold Financing: A Recent Evolution  | 
Ajay Kumar Garg 186-197
Total views: 555
A Mapping Heuristic Approach for Scheduling the Tasks on Parallel Multiprocessors  | 
Preeti Gupta 198-206
Total views: 578
Health and Nutritional Status of the Children: a Sociological Observation from Salem District of Tamil Nadu  | 
C. Venkatachalam, K. P. Nagarajan 207-215
Total views: 552
Modelling of Temperature Profile in Metal Cutting Process  | 
Lathiya Dharmesh Kumar, Viswakarma Ajay 216-227
Total views: 538
A Study on Health Insurance Policies with Special Reference to United India Insurance Limited  | 
R. Vasanthi 228-241
Total views: 510
Impact of Public Debt on an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Nigeria (1980 - 2009)  | 
Imimole Benedict, Imoughele Lawrence Ehikioya 242-262
Total views: 556
Economic Background of Ethnic Movement in Cooch Behar  | 
Samapti Saha 263-268
Total views: 471
Study of Plan Irregularity on High-Rise Structures  | 
M. R. Wakchaure, Anantwad Shirish, Rohit Nikam 269-281
Total views: 650
Euro will Replace Dollar as World Currency  | 
Devajit Mahanta 282-288
Total views: 477
Growth and Investigations on the Nucleation Kinetics of Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate Crystal  | 
T. Sathya, S. Sudha, M. B. Jessie Raj 289-294
Total views: 449
'Distressed Seasonal Migration' in India: The 'Problématique' and Paving towards Basic Rights of Seasonal Migrants  | 
Shatabdi Bagchi, Mudit Kumar Singh 295-309
Total views: 1143
Cheaper Electrodes having Higher Efficiency using Salt Water and Salt Vinegar Electrolytes  | 
S. Ramakanth 310-322
Total views: 810
Review and Performance of Select Mutual Funds Operated by Private Sector Banks: Axis Equity and Kotak 50 Funds - Growth Option  | 
B. Raja Manner, B. Ramachandra Reddy 323-333
Total views: 479
PI Controller for Multi-Input Multi-Output Network Systems  | 
G. Preeti Jyotsna, B. S. Malleswari 334-343
Total views: 401
Identifying and Quantifying Flavonoids in Three Medicinal Plants by HPLC  | 
Praveen Annapareddy 344-362
Total views: 550
'Consumer is the King' - A Myth or Reality?  | 
Subina Syal, Menka Goswami 363-373
Total views: 1292
Effect of Chemical Admixtures on Hardened Properties of Ordinary Grade Concrete  | 
M. K. Maroliya 374-382
Total views: 423
Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India-Policy Perspectives  | 
T. Ranganathan 383-399
Total views: 612
Implementation of Network Simulation for Distributed Explicit Rate Schemes in Multi-I/O Network Systems  | 
G. Preeti Jyotsna, B. S. Malleswari 400-409
Total views: 455
Benefits of Aerobic Activities in Adaptation at Daily Life  | 
B. K. Soma Sundara, T. Jayabal 410-413
Total views: 477
Providing Adequate Care, Storage and Preservation Measures for Art Works in Senior High Schools in Ghana  | 
George Brako-Hiapa, Joe Adu-Agyem 414-427
Total views: 471
Achieving Quality Assurance of Polytechnic Education in Ghana: The Role of Stakeholders  | 
Alfred Atakora, Asiamah Yeboah 428-447
Total views: 516
Web Security  | 
S. Katkar Anjali, B. Kulkarni Raj 448-458
Total views: 494
Experimental Investigation on Finned Tube Used in Air Cooled Heat Exchanger under Variable Surrounding Air Condition  | 
Satish Malviya, V. N. Bartaria 459-470
Total views: 483
Factor Affecting the Productivity of an Organization  | 
Vimal Chaudhari, Prashant Pandey 471-485
Total views: 451
Assessment of Environmental Awareness and Attitude among the School Teachers in Bareilly City  | 
Sony Kumari, Ravi Kumar Gangwar, Jaspal Singh, A. P. Singh 486-492
Total views: 621
State of Art-on Development of Reactive Powder Concrete  | 
M. K. Maroliya 493-503
Total views: 630
A Novel Multilevel Inverter Topology for Induction Motor Drive  | 
V. Matthew, G. Balaji 504-519
Total views: 498
Active Power Conditioner for Compensation of Reactive Power, Active Power and Harmonics under Different Loading Condition  | 
K. Lalitha, Md. Rafikhan 520-532
Total views: 437
Power Quality Improvement using Fuzzy Based AC-DC Cuk Converter  | 
V. Satyanarayana Naik, R. V. D. Rmama Rao 533-545
Total views: 489
Modeling and Simulation of Switched Reluctance Motor Double Closed Loop Control System  | 
P. Prasanna Lakshmi, L. Ravisrinivas 546-562
Total views: 487
Grid Interconnection Renewable Energy Source at the Distribution Level for Active, Reactive Power and Harmonics Compensation Using Fuzzy Logic Controller  | 
V. Nikitha, M. Purna Chandra Rao 563-577
Total views: 510
A Single Stage High Voltage Gain Boost Converter Stand-Alone PV Applications  | 
Dilip Kumar Loya, K. Sulochana 578-593
Total views: 480
Two Stage and Isolated Bridgeless AC/DC Converter  | 
P. Swetha, K. Vindhya Smitha 594-608
Total views: 499
Dynamic Performance of STATCOM under Various Faults in Power System  | 
R. K. Sampath, C. Kumar 609-624
Total views: 501
A Multilevel Based Grid Connected High Voltage Gain DC/DC Converter  | 
Islavath Srinu Naik, Amarendra Alluri 625-642
Total views: 526
Modeling & simulation of DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement of Diesel Generator Stand Alone System  | 
K. Bhushana Kumar, Aswani Kumar Eedara, V. L. N. Sastry, V. Ramakrishna 643-657
Total views: 568
Smile Theory of Everything  | 
Satish Gajawada 658-664
Total views: 655