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Communication Strategies for Managing Conflicts and Insecurity in Nigeria


Nigeria as a nation has her own share of conflicts which can be described as tribal, religious and socio-cultural. The participants in the conflicts can be grouped into Yorubas-Hausas-Igbos, Christians-Muslims, indigenes-settlers and herdsmen-farmers. Reactive and military approaches used in resolving various conflicts in Nigeria have only promoted pathological hatred among the participants. This paper is an attempt to consider proactive and civil approaches to managing conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria. It discusses communication strategies for managing conflicts and insecurityin Nigeria and argues that adequate security is unattainable where conflicts are not well managed. Unmanaged conflicts pose security challenges. For its theoretical thrust the paper relies on Woods’ Transactional Model of Communication and Kilmann-Thomas’ Conflict Model. The paper concludes by suggesting the application of five communication strategies (avoidance, competition, compromise, accommodation and collaboration)to managing conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria. 


Communication, Conflict, Insecurity, Communication strategies, Conflict management

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