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Green Architecture Sustainable on the House Building


Sustainable green development is the construction of homes and buildings that meet the needs of future generations, Sustainable development must pay attention to the use of the environment and environmental sustainability so that environmental quality is maintained. Environment that is not maintained, will cause the environmental carrying capacity is reduced, or even will be lost . Sustainable development implies the achievement of social justice from generation to generation. In view of other meanings, sustainable development as a national development that preserves the function and ability of ecosystems, Green architecture is a scheme process in lessening unfavourable environmental impact, increase comfort of man by increasing efficiency, and reduction of usage of resource, energy, usage of farm, and management of effective garbage in architecture level (Kwok Allison dalam Ming Kok, Cheah, 2008). This research result, that is found some element in houses building which are evidence green architecture. (1) vegetation optimalisation which form out of two yard at house buildings; (2) The many building side which diekspos and mass configuraton in site; (3) Design fasade building, possible to maximize natural atmosphere and illumination; (4) Terrace; core and teritis. Terrace amounting to multiple and teritis the in all heat Create building side to depend and don't coming into house; (5) Draught with crossed ventilation, presentation of from aperture in the form of door, window, roster and other aperture at part of building wall.


Buldings, Construction, ecosystems, Green architecture, house building

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