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School Based Management and the Nature of Educational Development of Students: Practical Experiences of Public Schools in Sri Lanka


The main aim of this study is to investigate the experiences of School Development Committee members on education development of students in the government schools in Sri Lanka. According to School Based Management (SBM) policy regulations, the rapid development of education and best quality education are emphasized.  This study is a qualitative inquiry, and multiple case study approach was used to study this research problem. The majority of teachers are not directly involved in decision-making. The parents do not have high-level expectations in educating their children. The teachers face many difficulties in improving the performance of the students. The majority of schools display poor results at the national examinations. The schools, where there are good examination results, have a big demand. The students face difficulties in participating extracurricular activities since schools do not have sufficient facilities. 


School based management, education development, performance of the students, programme for school improvement, empowerment of students

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