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Structural Behavior of Simply Reinforced LRC Beams in Shear Failure


Structural behaviour of simply reinforced LRC beams in shear failure was studied to compliment other studies on the LRC as suitable material for structural use in the construction industry. A concrete mix of 1:1.35:3.5 at water cement ratio of 0.85 yielding 28days strength of 15N/mm2 was adopted for the study. Four beams were cast with three reinforced with 10mm, 12mm and 16mm bars while one beam plain. The beams were tested to failure and the experimental data were analyzed to obtain a stress-strain and load – deflection relationship of the beams. The results show that the LRC aggregates used in the experiment were well graded with a uniformity coefficient (D60/D10 = 9.63) greater than 7 and a coefficient of curvature of (D30)2/D60/D10 =0.654. It was observed that, failure of the LRC beams started by the development of inclined or diagonal cracks within the point of support and point of loading. The contribution of web reinforcement, LRC concrete and longitudinal/ interface forces were found to be 38.8%, 23.81% and 37.39% respectively in restraining the beams failing in shear.


LRC-laterite rock concrete compressive strength, stress-strain, shear stress-strain, tensile zone, compression zone, steel ratio. Web and longitudinal reinforcement etc.

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