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Acceptability of the Belly Fat Reducing (BFR) Puree Sensory Attributes


This survey research determines the extent of acceptability on the four attributes (Looks, smells, tastes and feels) of the Belly Fat Reducing (BFR) Puree among its end users. An affective analysis or consumer’s acceptance survey that utilizes the 9- point hedonic rating scale on the sensory attributes of the BFR Puree is used among the 142 trained and untrained panelists. The data were collated and scrutinized using appropriate statistical tools. Results showed that both panelists’ ratings range closely on “like moderately” and “like slightly” on the four sensory attributes of the BFR Puree. In a .05 margin of error, the ANOVA computation disclosed that there is no significant difference in the panelists’ acceptance of the BFR Puree. The study concluded with suggesting recommendations the most important of which is on the Efficacy of the Therapeutic Claim of the BFR Puree. 


Acceptability, Belly Fat Reducing (BFR) Puree, Sensory Attributes

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