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The Significance of Introducing Computer Graphics into the Senior High School Visual Arts Programme in Ghana


The computer has become an indispensable tool that is employed in our day to day activities. It makes human beings work with comfort and lessens the time used to calculate, gather, arrange, and store data and retrieve information. In education, learning with the computer at every level provides teachers and students the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace. For the teacher, the computer serves as a powerful and reliable instructional medium whereas students can use it as writing and a drawing tool as well as textbook and a reference material but the Visual Art Graphic Design programme in Ghana does not include the use of computers in designing at the Senior High School level. Five hundred students drawn from ten schools were selected from five regions in Ghana to be trained in computer programmes or software that could be taught in schools. The observation method was used to gather data for this research whiles the purposive sampling technique was employed to select the population for the study. This was generally based on the researcher’s previous knowledge of the schools that motivated his choice of the schools for the training in the selected computer programmes that could be used in schools. As such the researcher used his personal judgment to select the sample population which was Senior High Schools that offer graphic design and had computer laboratories at the same time.The selected students were assigned learning tasks involving the use of computers in designing while the researcher and the Information Technology teachers of the selected schools observed and gave directives. The outcome of the observation showed that the rate at which students could adapt to new learning  techniques of using the computer in designing during the short period of training, attest to the fact that when computer graphics is given ample time on the time table, students will produce marvellous graphic design works .


Software : Instructions that tells the computer what to do. Programmes : Instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task. Software and programs are used interchangeably in this write-up. Vector graphics : The use or display of images on the computer screen with lines . Bitmap (raster) graphics: The display of images on the computer screen with dots. Laser printer : an electrostatic digital printer which produces high quality texts and graphics. DTP : Desktop Publishing. 3ds : Three dimension designs. I.T. : Information Technology SHS : Senior High School

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