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Implication of Sprayer Types Used by Farmers for Controlling Insect Pests and Diseases of Cocoa in South West Nigeria


Cocoa is vital in the economy of Nigeria and it has great potentials in the current economic diversification programme of the government of Nigeria. Pesticide application which involves the use of sprayers has been an important operation in cocoa production in Nigeria to ensure profitable yields. Due to paucity of information on this aspect of farmers’ attitude, a study on what informs the decision of cocoa farmers to select the right sprayers from the various types available for controlling pests and diseases has therefore become imperative because the success of Crop Protection Product (CPP) depends on the effectiveness of its application. This work involves collecting information from farmers on the types of sprayers they used to apply pesticides on cocoa trees and some relevant personal characteristics from two major cocoa producing States (Ondo and Oyo) in South western Nigeria through structured questionnaires. The data from the field survey was further investigated based on the existing sprayers in the market. The results from the analysis of data obtained indicated that though most of the farmers used the right sprayers for pesticide application, the sprayers are inadequate in one way or the other for effectively applying pesticides on cocoa trees. Farmers’ choice was mostly guided by affordability in cost term, and such factors as durability, ability to produce high pressure and weight. Thus, there is need for the improvement or development of sprayers to achieve better suitability for effective and efficient application of pesticides on the local breeds of cacao. It is noteworthy, that more educated youths should be involved in cocoa farming to sustain and boost production. Farmers’ capacity building, subsidized inputs (especially sprayers) and periodic enlightenment programmes such as on-farm demonstration, and evaluation of sprayers for this purpose are also highly recommended.


Sprayers, pesticides, cocoa tree, questionnaire, farmers

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