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Effects of Individualism and Collectivism on Work-Family Interface in Laos


This research aims to test the relationship between individualism/collectivism and work-family interface among married employees in Laos. A survey approach was conducted by using questionnaires. The questionnaires were distributed to 342 married employees from the different organizations in the Luangprabang province, Lao PDR. Collected data was analyzed by using the structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The findings of this study revealed that individualism was positively related to WFC and negatively related to WFE. However, collectivism was negatively related to WFC and positively related to WFE. This study provided the evidence that individualism and collectivism directly influence WFC as well as WFE. The present research suggested that there were more collectivist employees than individualist employees among married employees in Luangprabang province, Lao PDR. Therefore, organizations should consider the support from the collectivism as behavioral and emotional teamwork in formulating strategies to minimize WFC by integrating WFE experienced by employees.  


Individualism, collectivism, work-family conflict, and work-family enrichment

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