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Parental Influence on the Marital Instability of the Young Couples Aged between Twenty and Thirty-Five Years in Ruiru Sub County, Kiambu County-Kenya


The purpose of this research was to find out whether indeed parents influence the instability of marriages of young couples aged between 20 to 35 years in Ruiru Sub County of the larger County of Kiambu. This study was necessitated by the need to address issues affecting the stability young couples’ marriages. The Location of the study was chosen mainly because of the high rate of divorce and separations which come so soon in marriage relationships. The study sought to achieve the following objectives: (1) to find out the effect of parental philosophy on young couple’s marriage stability, (2) to examine the effect of parental control on the stability of their children’s marriage and (3) to find out the extent to which the young couple’s relocation from home and how it influences parental hostile reaction on the couple’s harmony. Descriptive research design was used. The study also employed probability and non-probability sampling techniques, purposive sampling and simple random sampling procedures respectively to determine the sample size. Using self-administered questionnaires, and interview schedules, primary data was collected and subjected to both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques.  The sample size was 234 arrived at from a population of 238,858 sourced from GoK census (2009). Slovene’s formula was applied and later subjected to Krecje & Morgan. Validity of the instrument was ensured through content validity and reliability tested using Cronbach’s Alpha with a coefficient of 0.7 which was considered acceptable. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 20 while qualitative data was analyzed in their thematic grouping and content summations. A regression model was adopted which determined the relationship between the variables. It was then presented using charts, graphs and frequency tables. The analyzed data was summarized in order to present the findings, draw conclusions, and advance recommendations and to make suggestions concerning the topic of study. The study established that parents indeed influenced on the instability of their children’s marriages. Finally, the study, recommended that various stakeholders in marital matters, the county and the national governments will find the research useful to implement the findings as well as for formulating policies. Further research should be carried out to validate the findings and the conclusions of the study by undertaking related researches in the whole country. In the spirit of reaching out to the wider society, the findings and the conclusions should find their way into the mass media and public barazas to create massive awareness to the general public on the need to enhance marital stability and encourage mutual relationship among couples and their parents. National peace and cohesion begins with marital harmony.


Parental Influence, marital instability parental philosophy, parental control

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