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To Find Out the Influence of Curriculum Materials on the Pupils’ Transition from Mobile Schools to the Established Primary Schools in Turkana Central Division, Turkana Central Sub – County, Turkana County, Kenya


The study investigated factors influencing the pace of transition of pupils from mobile primary schools to be retained in non-mobile or conventional primary schools in Turkana central sub-county. The specific objectives of this study were; to find out the influence of curricular materials on the pupils’ transition from mobile to established, to identify geographical factors affecting transition of pupils from mobile to established schools, and then to determine cultural factors affecting transition of pupils from mobile to established primary schools in Turkana Central sub county. The study used mixed research design composed of case study and ethnographic study to collect data from a target population of 500 respondents that was composed of teachers, education officers, parents, pupils and county education minister. This target population was reduced to a sample by systematic sampling technique, to construct a sample with a size of 50% of the target population.  The study used questionnaires, observations and interview schedules for data collection from the sampled respondents. Collected data was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively using the computer software known as statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 20. The study established that curricular materials had influence on the pupil’s transition from mobile primary schools to established schools; however, physical geography had no effect on transition. Furthermore, majority of the respondents did not believe that the physical geography of Turkana County did support the idea of transition from mobile primary schools to the established schools and, in case of any transition, then the retention is not expected to be good. Lastly, there was absence of consensus among the respondents on the value of culture in education adjustments. The findings of this study are valuable in understanding and improving the education system in Turkana County and ASAL regions of Kenya as well. 


mobile, transition, established primary school

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