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The Moderating Effect Policies and Regulations on Business Continuity Management in Private Security Firms in Kenya


With the focus on business continuity management success, there are challenges that recur in the environment and cannot be ignored. Such challenges come in form of risk or threats from the environment; both internal and external. Business disruptions whether natural or human made, can lead to discontinuity and interruptions of normal operations in an organization. This can adversely affect BCM processes if there is lack of effective policy instruments. Delays may impact negatively on realization of business continuity management practices and ultimately the ongoing continuity of the business. Therefore, the objective of this study is to determine the moderating effect of policies and regulations on business continuity management in private security firms in Kenya. The study collected data from 200 respondents using interviews and questionnaires. This data was analyzed and presented in form of averages, percentiles and frequencies. Therefore, the study revealed that effective use of the policies in order to seize opportunities and have the ability to contain possible risks and threats existing in the external business environment.


Policy, strategic and continuity

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