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Determinants of Undergraduate Students’ Brand Choice of Banks in Selected South Eastern Nigerian Universities


The research focused on determinants of undergraduate students’ brand choice of banks. Specifically, the study aimed at pursuing the following objectives- to determine the extent of the relationship between  bank proximity  and students’ choice of commercial banks, to determine if there is significant relationship between quality service brand and students’ choice of commercial banks, to ascertain the extent at which peer group/colleagues (referrals) influence the students’ choice of commercial banks, to ascertain the extent at which perceived brand image affect students’ choice of commercial banks, and to ascertain if significant relationship exist between brand awareness and students’ choice of banks. The population of study consists of 12562 students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli and Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe. A sample size of 388 was drawn using Taro Yamane’s formula at 5% error of tolerance and 95% level of confidence. The instruments used for data collection was primary questionnaire. The total number of 388 copies of the questionnaire was administered to the target respondents. While 320 copies were duly completed and returned, 68 copies were not returned. Survey research method was adopted for the study. The formulated hypotheses were tested using Pearson Product Moment correlation coefficient and Simple Linear regression tools. The findings indicate that there is a significant relationship between bank proximity and undergraduate students’ choice of commercial banks (r =.944, P<.05). Quality service brand does not have significant influence on students’ choice of commercial banks (r = 0. 844; t = 6.541; F= 143.525; p < 0.05). Peer group/colleagues (Referrals) do not have significant influence on the student’s choice of commercial banks (r = 0.569; t = 14. 231; F = 99.104; p < 0.05). There is a positive relationship between perceived image of banks and student choice of commercial banks (0. 869; t = 9.531; F= 179.134; p < 0.05). And finally, brand awareness has a significant effect on student choice of commercial banks (r =. 955, P<.05). The study recommends that commercial banks should locate their branches within the campus premises of the tertiary institutions, and/or at least put ATM booths therein. They should also always innovate to improve on their service quality. Students treated with respect and dignity should recommend their peerage to the banks. Moreover, banks must treat their employees as their frontline customers so that they in turn will serve their profitable customers better. And finally, managements should embark on brand awareness creation to educate and sensitize the student customer segment on the uniqueness of their service products.    


Brand choice, service brand quality, bank proximity, brand awareness

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