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Employee’s Perception of Corporate Reputation Management: a Research on a Turkish Leading Housing Firm


Corporate Reputation is the sum of all tangible and intangible values that are formed by the stakeholders’ perceptions of a corporation. The concept of corporate reputation consist of financial strength, long term investment value, use of corporate assets, quality of products/services, innovativeness, quality of management, employee talent, social responsibility. According to the stakeholder’s theory, all stakeholders –customers, employees, investors and shareholders- evaluate the reputation differently. Corporate reputation compounded by the cross relations of the stakeholders. Corporate reputation is considered in terms of its historical context, the long term collective assessment of a corporation’s integrity.

In this study, it was researched how the employees perceived the corporate reputation. Thus, the survey was designed and conducted to measure how the employees of a corporation assess the corporate reputation of it. In this study, the corporation was chosen among the most famous building trade company listed in Fortune Magazine’s ranking of Turkey. The collected data was analyzed to determine how the employees assess the corporate reputation. 


public relations, corporate reputation management, employee perception

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