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The Conflict: the Attitudes of the Public Relations and Advertising Agency Employees towards Each Other’s Careers


Public relations agencies and advertising agencies are obliged to work together from time to time to solve the communication problem of an organization. The maintenance of this relationship with no problems and in a way so as to solve the problem of the client in a healthy way depends on the harmonious work between two career organizations. However, the experiences show that the perception of the employees of these two organizations towards each other about their career and the way of working, disrupt such harmony and two communication companies looking for solutions become problem themselves. In the article written by Edd Applegate in 2006 and published in Public Relations Quarterly, with the title What do The Advertising Agency Employees need to Know About Public Relations, has seen this problem and has explained the difference of public relations from advertising and the public relations career to the employees of advertising agency. The solution to this problem is only possible with bringing forward the attitudes towards each other of these two different groups with different education and with different career perception towards themselves. Therefore our research will focus on this subject that the related literature does not handle very much in our work, priority will be given to preparing the question form that measures the “Attitudes towards Public Relations and Advertising Careers” by starting with general career definitions and implementation of public relations and advertising. Later on, these question forms will be implemented in advertising agencies that are members of the Advertisers Association and public relations agencies that are the members of TÜHİD (Turkish Public Relations Association) and the attitudes of two different career groups towards each other will be displayed. At the end of the study, starting with the data received from research, some proposals will be given for to the development of relationship between the employees of advertising and public relations employees. 


public relations, advertising, communication, conflict

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