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Synthesis and Application of Monoazo Acid Dyes Based on 3-[(2-methyl-6-ethoxy-4 quinolinyl) amino] phenol


 Colour has been playing a dominant role in the life of man from time immemorial. Even in the prehistoric times, the ancestors of man must have noticed (perhaps with or without understanding) the abundance of multitude of colours worn by nature. In my work study and synthesize of   3-[(2-methyl-6-ethoxy-4-quinolinyl) amino] phenol (II) used as a coupling component was prepared by the condensation of 2-methyl-6-ethoxy-4-chloroquinoline (I) and 3-aminophenol. Fourteen Acid dyes (III a-n) were prepared by coupling (II) with various diazo components (R= a –n). study of application of acid dyes, determine their absorbance at specified λmax (nm), exhaustion, wash fastness and light fastness of these dyes. These dyes were applied on silk, wool and nylon fabrics


Silk, Wool and Nylon fabrics, diazotization

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