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Appraisal of the Efficiency of Alis in Sustainable Land Administration Policy in Abia State, Nigeria


Land an invaluable asset to mankind, is legally defined as the surface of the earth, all that is above it, and all that may be below. Only recently, the Abia State Government ventured into establishment of Abia Land Information system (ALIS) to help in facilitating the land administration process. The Land Deeds Registry of Abia State is the heart beat of land administration of the State and houses the ALIS project as at now. In this work, the synergy between ALIS and the other departments that are involved in land administration of Abia State is thoroughly examined. Finally, we considered recommendations on how to make ALIS more efficient in the Land Administration Policy of Abia State.


ALIS-Abia Land Information System, Land Registration, Land Reform, Abia State, Computerization

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