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The Fast Changing Phase of Land Titling and Registration Using GIS Application and Its Benefits in Nasarawa State, Nigeria


 Federation of International Surveyors defined land administration as the process of determining, recording and disseminating information on ownership, value and use of land. Effective and efficient land titling registrations depend on the availability of a good and viable land information system. The need to have a reliable and strong information base is more important in developing and emerging state like Nasarawa as the absence of proper land records creates difficulties in the real estate market. This paper focuses on the process of land titling and registration existing in the state and advocates the need for continuous computerization process through the state established information system (NAGIS). The importance and benefits in fast changing phase of land titling and registration using GIS application are also discussed. Data used for this study were obtained from the State Ministry of Lands and Urban Development and also secondary sources. The paper concludes by recommending the continuous computerization to replace the manual process which will create land market for strong revenue generation and enhance accessibility to credit facilities by individual in the state. GIS application has helped in the creation of a strong land data base where information related to land are analyzed and distributed at ease as against the manual process. 


Land Registration, Land Administration, GIS, NAGIS, Computerization

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