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A Conceptual Analysis of the Competency of Television Music Reality Show Participants


To live in society, every individual seeks a distinct identity. The perusal of art helps in the creation of this identity, if not on a global scale, at least in one’s immediate social circle and personal space. Right from the beginning of civilization, art forms have been practiced at multiple levels by various communities and have emerged diversely across geographies. Today, due to media intervention, the emergence of this identity faces many challenges. With some opportunities being offered by the media, the viewer is left with one of the two options – to either be a participant or a viewer. Though the television channels try to be interactive, the programmers' end always dominates the choices offered to their viewers. From game shows to music shows, television reality shows have expanded to various genres to offer entertainment. Every program has a set of loosely constructed criteria like proficiency in dance, music, theatre etc. However, these participants, who are a mixed group of different socio-economic backgrounds, are mostly never trained in the respective forms. The present conceptual paper attempts to understand the issues of reality show participants, especially for dance and music shows.


Television, children, reality shows, training, guided learners

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